Double Your Pleasure

Posted on January 17th, 2006 in Bucket List, Carnal Confessions, Does All Her Own Stunts, Polyamory

So K came out of the bathroom…

Jack and I were kissing and groping each other and I thought I could hear K come into the bedroom. I had my back to the door and Jack was doing a good job of distracting me. Jack reached down and pulled my shirt up and over my head. I felt K behind me, he unhooked my bra and let it slide off my breasts.

I unbuttoned Jack’s shirt and pulled it off of him before turning my attention to K. He was kind of standing back from us, but I motioned him over and started kissing him, and then unbuttoning his shirt. One of them went after my belt and then pants, stripping me down. I unbuckled K’s belt, and then unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. I turned my attention back to Jack and took of his pants as well. We were all naked and K was sitting on the end of the bed, with his cock in my mouth, and Jack was behind me playing with my pussy.

Once he had me good and wet, Jack got onto the bed and lied down on his back. He beckoned me over to get on top and ride him. I obeyed, straddling him and lowering myself onto his rock hard cock. I moaned and started rocking my hips. We carried on for a moment or two, and then Jack suggested that we try double penetration, since he knew I wanted to at least attempt it. K had no objections to that, so he got onto the bed behind us and positioned himself some way so that he could fuck my ass.

I tried hard not to tense up. I was expecting it to be excruciating, but I really did want to see how it felt. I felt K’s dick nudge against my ass and I held on to Jack. I think that he whispered to me to relax, and I did. K was very gentle (as always) and pushed into me slowly, making sure I was ok before he slid all the way in. Once K was in me, he gave me a moment to adjust to the sensation of being so filled. It wasn’t painful, just very unusual; there isn’t really an accurate way to describe it. K started thrusting, very carefully, to see if I would be able to handle being fucked in both holes at once. I whimpered, and then groaned, and before long I was practically screaming. It felt so good and so dirty, I couldn’t even think straight. Jack encouraged K to fuck me harder and I felt like I might pass out from the pleasure. I didn’t have an orgasm, but it felt so incredible I didn’t even care.

Finally K thrust into me a few more times and came in my ass. He pulled out and got off of me; all I could do was collapse onto the bed beside Jack. Jack asked me if I was ok and I think I mumbles something about being fine, he cuddled me and made sure I was really alright. K lied down on my other side and cuddled me as well. They both stroked my back and my butt and it felt almost better than the fucking. I totally enjoyed being the center of attention, I just lied there and soaked it up.

We were all thirsty, so we went downstairs to get something to drink. It was kind of a strange sight to have two naked men sitting on our couch, but I wasn’t complaining, LOL. I sat between them again and we decided to watch the DVD that K and I had made earlier in the week (since he hadn’t seen it yet). We turned it on and K and I chatted about how strange it is to watch ones self having sex.

Anyway, that is just the very beginning of the evening, and of the weekend overall. Much more to come, but it will have to wait for later! Check back soon :)

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3 Responses to “Double Your Pleasure”

  1. JeN Says:

    Glad you had such a wicked time.

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  2. -- Says:

    Wow, If that was just the beginning, my mind is racing with the possibilities to come…

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  3. Poland Says:

    Very nice description of DP. One of the better ones I’ve read. You are indeed a talented writer. All that is missing is a cock in your mouth. Maybe next time….

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