A Little Birdie Told You… (Tease Week Edition)

Posted on July 8th, 2009 in Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Ontario

  • I’m not better this morning :(Now debating if I should even try going to Tease. Maybe I’ll just be sleeping in my tent the whole time. #
  • Ugh! There are some supplies that I forgot to pick up, and I really don’t feel like venturing out of the house with kids today :(#
  • I’m trying Jack’s ‘drink beer to cure a sore throat’ suggestion. One bottle down and my throat feels better AND I have a beer buzz, LOL #
  • Slowly, slowly getting ready for Tease. Most things have been packed at least. #
  • Looking forward to a quiet night in my tent. Tease doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, so many people won’t be there this evening. #
  • I’m starting to feel normal again and I haven’t taken any medication since noon. The beer I had seems to have done the trick, LOL, weird! #
  • Well I managed to get all packed for camping. Just waiting for Jack now so I can get going. #
  • Annnnnnd I’m off! I get to stop and play with some houndies before I get to the campground too. Extra win! #
  • Made it to camp and successfully set up Bohemoth Tent: Larger Than A Manhattan Apartment all by myself. Now settling in. #
  • Is that fire crackle, or the snap of a whip I hear? Hard to tell out in these woods… #
  • Turning in early after making a cup of hot chocolate and crawling into bed with a book. I’m worn out. #
  • Brrrrrrrr! Jumped out of my sleeping bag naked to get some Advil and it’s gotten chilly out. #
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