Owned – A Work Of Erotic Fiction

Posted on April 24th, 2009 in Carnal Confessions

Spring Fever“Owned”

by Edward Cantor

She lured me in with the simplest, more direct of invitations.

I was at a rather good party while not in the best of moods, so I hadn’t really gotten into the vibe of the music or the conversation. All that I had gotten convincingly into was a rather good bottle of bourbon. I was leaning against a column, off to the edge of the impromptu dance floor, letting the taste of the whisky linger in my mouth while I ogled a few of the more attractive women guests.

All of this contributed to my being in just the right mood for her proposal.

She flowed up to me, all tightly wrapped in leather, and her bright red lips formed into a dangerous smile that took over her lovely, porcelain features. I was tempted to let my eyes drift down into the soft valley of cleavage her corset top provided, but her words stopped me.

There wasn’t a hello, a “Hi, my name is…” She just said, “I want to suck your cock and make it mine.”

Well, you don’t say no to that, at least I didn’t, not with a mind softened by good liquor and pounding music. In minutes I was gone from the party, following her into her rather imposing black Escalade. Her music pounded and my eyes were on her for the duration of the short trip.

Upon entering her large home, set back from the street and accessed via a rambling pathway through the heavily wooded front yard, I wondered if she’d offer me a drink, or spend some time in the living room. She, however, stayed with the direct approach.

“Follow me,” she said over her shoulder as she started up the wide, winding stairway.

What can I say? I followed.

Her bedroom was massive and its centerpiece was a large canopy bed. The posts weren’t feminine white-painted things holding up a pretty lace canopy, but instead were large, rough wood columns, at least six inches across.

She guided me to stand before her, with my back to the bed. She kissed me hard and deep. I moved to hold her head in my hands, but she pushed them away. She slid down my body, her hands following her lips, and in seconds her fingers were at the waist of my jeans. She didn’t just open my belt, but she pulled it out of the loops with a fast, fluid motion and flung it across the room.

There was music here too, deep pounding music. Another quick pull popped open the button fly of my jeans; she tugged them down my legs. I lifted my legs with her prodding, and the jeans too were soon tossed aside.

I had my first real shock next, as she reached both hands into the opening at the front of my boxers and simply pulled her hands apart. She clearly had some impressive strength, as she tore them from me with ease. I was surprised but I was also instantly hard.

I reached to touch her again, wanting to feel my fingers in her glistening hair, a deep black with a glowing tinge of red. She pulled my hands away again, this time standing back up, keeping her grip on my wrists. “No,” she said, “I’m going to be in control.” Her eyes never left mine, but suddenly there were metal handcuffs in hands. She trapped my wrists together at the small of my back.

She was back down on her knees, and this time her mouth found my erection without hesitation, so I wasn’t about to complain. This woman knew how to use her mouth as well as her hands. She stroked as she sucked, working both my shaft and my balls – gripping them and kneading them. Her tongue circled my cockhead, working around it and under it, and I was in heaven.

I was about to burst, and I the sounds I was making were announcing that fact without words. That’s when she stopped. I gasped, and cried out in a breathy voice, “please, don’t stop.”

“Just you wait,” she said, with that smile again. “You’ll like this, and so will I.”

I wasn’t going to argue, really, but she didn’t give me the choice. A ballgag was in her grip, and seconds later in my mouth. The rubber tasted strange, and having a foreign object forced between my teeth was making me drool. “I don’t want any interruptions,” was all the explanation she offered.

She pushed me back and I fell onto the bed, with my hands trapped beneath me. She worked my cock some more with her hands, then her mouth again. I was moaning into the gag and bubbles were forming at my lips, embarrassing me, but she didn’t seem to notice.

I felt something strange, and I arched my head up to see. She was wrapping my cock and balls with these elasticized rubber straps, like medical tubing. She pulled the first around the base of my shaft and tightened it before moving on to the next, which similarly trapped my balls. I couldn’t really get a good look at them from my position, but I can only imagine how tight they must have looked. The sensation was amazing, holding me so hard, heightening my sensation beyond a point I could normally hold without cumming.

She had stopped again, and she was standing over me. She was touching me, my cock to be specific, but only with light touches – I felt only her fingernails, not even the flesh of her fingertips.

“Yessss,” she purred to herself. “You know, I don’t want to make just your cock mine. I want all of you, but I just start with the cock. Do you know what’s next?”

I was only able to mumble a wet meaningless gurgle past the gag, but I wasn’t altogether sure I wanted to know.

I wasn’t given a choice, of course. She buckled a wide leather belt around my waist and I noticed it had a steel ring right at the front. She bound one end of a length of thick rope to it, and I could tell by her ease with impressive looking knots, it wasn’t her fist time. She rolled me over, onto my stomach, and let the rope beside my trussed up package and led it up and over the canopy of her bed.

She started to pull on it and hoisted my ass into the air. With my hands still helplessly cuffed, my face was pressed against the bed, and I was growing more and more afraid of what was to come.

My cock was still throbbing, jutting out from my body, while she plastered the cold lube between my ass cheeks, making my fate more and more sure to me. She used ropes at my knees to pull my legs apart.

“Are you a virgin, pet?” she giggled, as she rammed into me, turning my ‘yes’ into a ‘no.’

God, she fucked me forever, and yes, I cried into the pillow. She would stop every 15 minutes or so, pausing to stroke my cock rock hard again, with the dildo strapped to hips still buried within me.

Eventually, the two treatments blurred into each other, and she was fucking my ass and stroking my cock at the same time. My ass ached, burned, and I felt like she was going to rip me apart – but with the sensation my cock and balls felt, being so pent up, with those damned straps holding me, I didn’t want her stop.

To my eternal shame, I came as she fucked me. I came when she did. She was fucking me so hard, driving my drooling face into the bed, like she was going to push me through it. She was stroking me, slapping at my cock and balls. When it happened for her, I could feel it as well as hear it. She drove into me with urgency, and my dear lord, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

I came like a faucet, spurting thick white cum all over her hand and her bed. I came and came and came, feeling my body push cum past the straps, feeling my body grip the rubber cock that fucked me. Dammit, it was the best orgasm I’d ever had, and I nearly passed out – I swear I saw stars.

Just as she had said, she had sucked my cock, and she’d made it hers. She made all of me hers on that bed, and I never stop thanking her for it.

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