Safe Sax Condom Bag Review

Posted on January 20th, 2009 in Reviews

Toy Lust TuesdaysI wasn’t entirely certain how I would write a proper review of this particular item, but when I saw the bags over at Safe Sax, I knew that I HAD to have one.  How could you not totally fall in love with a bag designed around condoms?  Basically, each Safe Sax bag is made of clear or colored-clear vinyl, and most of them are composed of individual pouches with condoms sewn inside.  Several styles of bag come with empty pockets, so that you can display your own assortment of condoms or other trinkets.

I managed to get my hands on a Little Bag, in bright pink, which is totally ideal for cosmetics, sex toys, or most obviously: condoms!  V and I were totally enamoured with it the moment it arrived.  The vinyl is surprisingly durable and heavy duty, which means that these bags will last a considerable amount of time.  Safe Sax Little BagMuch longer than the condoms encased in them, that’s for certain.

While Jack and I were in Niagara On The Lake, I was using my bag for cosmetics, and without thinking, left it out on the bed (by itself) while we stepped out for dinner.  I wonder what the staff thought when they came in to leave the rose on our pillows and turn down the bed for us.  Oops!

I might not carry it everywhere I go, but it certainly draws attention when I use it as a purse.  The tabs where the zipper begins/ends are like little loops, so I’ve decided that I’m going to get some inch-wide pink ribbon and make a strap for it (easier to carry when I’m using it as a purse).

These are available in several colors, and there are a number of larger bags in different styles, several of which I’d love to have for play parties or lugging around my laptop.  These make terrific gifts, and a portion of the proceeds from these bags is donated to AIDS education and prevention programs, so you can feel good about buying these adorable and fun products.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

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