You’re My Favorite, Don’t Tell The Others

Posted on June 2nd, 2008 in Bucket List, Carnal Confessions, Does All Her Own Stunts, Emotional Angst, Ethics And Morality, Made In Ontario, Mating And Relating, Polyamory, Reading Is Sexy, Resources And Links, Tie Me Up

I Hope That's Faux FurAfter the interesting adventure that was Friday night, I was really looking forward to Saturday afternoon and spending some more time with Varick.

I arrived at Deja’s before he did, which gave her and I some time to talk. I filled her in on the incident with the police officer and she had a good giggle with me over it all. We also talked some about Varick and about the sex party at Goodhandy’s that night. She was a little nervous about going, which surprised me, but all in all she seemed open and excited about the idea.

When Varick arrived he came over and kissed me and then sat down beside me with his arm around me. He rested his head against my shoulder and I remarked that he must still be tired from the night before. Apparently he hadn’t slept well, and was feeling sluggish.

Deja ordered us out to fetch coffee for her, so off we went. When we got back from Tim Hortons, he and I plunked ourselves down on the couch together and cuddled up. We watched some TV while we drank our coffees, and talked a lot about the scene from last weekend. I’d also brought him two books on BDSM, since he likes to read, and I thought he’d find tons of useful information in SM 101 By Jay Wiseman, and Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns By Philip Miller and Molly Devon. Deja agreed that both were very highly recommended, and encouraged him to read both thoroughly.

He flipped through SM 101 and we read passages together, discussing some of the topics covered and commenting on a few things we’d like to try. He was especially glad to see a pre-scene negotiation section, as well as extensive checklists of BDSM related activities.

We sort of lost track of time while we had our noses stuck in the books, and then Deja suggested we figure out what to do for supper. After some discussion we settled on this pub within walking distance, and since it was a beautiful day, we strolled over there together, enjoying the sunshine. I got a chance to check out the way Varick walks, which believe it or not, is a peculiar thing I always notice about a man. How they carry themselves says a lot. Varick has a very confident walk, almost a strut really, but not in an arrogant way. It kind of reminded me of this guy I was seeing around the time that I met Jack. He had this walk that just made me want to follow him anywhere.

At one point the sidewalk was too narrow for us to all walk side by side, so Deja and I fell into step behind Varick, and after a few yards of following him she and I exchanged looks and she remarked that we must look like a pimp with his bitches, and I started laughing so hard because I was having the exact same though. We’re kind of ridiculous actually.

The food was pretty good at the pub, and we talked about upcoming play parties and some other kinky events on the horizon. Hopefully I’ll be attending my first play party later this month ;) Looking forward to that.

Bellies full, we sauntered back to Deja’s place. Varick decided that all my cheekiness had certainly earned me a good whipping, so he sent me off to the dungeon to get ready. I stripped down, put on my cuffs, and waited for him by the St. Andrew’s Cross. He opted to blindfold me again, and then snapped my cuffs to the cross and ran his hands up my body. He started on the outsides of my thighs, slowly proceeded up over my hips, my sides, around to my breasts, and then up to my collar bones. He was pressed against my back and his chin was resting on my shoulder. I was already trembling with anticipation, and when he asked if I was ready to begin, I nodded enthusiastically.

He nibbled my ear and then stepped away. Warming up commenced with him giving me some spanks with his hands, and then he selected one of the soft floggers and started in on me. After he was satisfied that I was ready to move on, he began with one of the thuddier, suede implements. Even though the pain was not significant at that point, my brain started swimming, and I could feel my pussy tingling. He paused often to run his fingers over me, and pinch my nipples while simultaneously biting my shoulder. I could feel droplets of liquid begin running down the insides of my thighs, and when he touched my ass I pushed into his hand, begging him like a slut, to touch between my legs.

Alas he did not indulge me, and continued the flogging, checking in with me several times. “Harder” and “Green” were about all I could manage to croak out when he enquired as to how I was doing. I was lost in the moment, and then there were fingernails, leaving trails of fire in their wake. I started panting and quivering, the change of sensation was significant and woke me up enough from my trance that I realized it was Deja and not Varick. The fingernails finished their work on my back, and then withdrew. I stood, braced for whatever was coming. The pause seemed to drag on forever, and then there was a hiss and a crack and I felt my flesh welt and sting. I gasped and threw myself against the cross. Another pause, followed by a series of hisses and cracks and sharp pain and yelping. I knew it was Deja’s single-tail, which hadn’t been used on me before.

There were plenty of pauses during that stretch of the scene, and a number of times when the whip only got near enough for me to feel the ‘breeze’ it created, which made me twitch none the less.

My skin was glistening with sweat and I was trembling hard by the time he finished with the whip. His hands were on me again, and he grabbed a fist full of dreads and pulled my head back, kissing me hard on the mouth. My knees threatened to buckle under me. He let me go and started cooling down the scene. He made sure to stroke and nuzzle me a lot while using some of the very soft floggers on me. I reluctantly wandered back from that far off place, and when he covered me with a blanket and held me tight, I sighed contently and leaned against him.

Carefully he unsnapped the cuffs and gave me a moment to regroup. He made sure I couldn’t fall down, and offered me a bottle of water right away, which I accepted gratefully.

Once I had gathered my wits again, Deja came in and we talked a bit about the scene. She asked us if we wanted to see her violet wand, since she knew I was curious about it. Varick started cleaning the equipment while she got it out and hooked it all up.

It was an interesting sensation when the wand was passed over the skin. Kind of stingy, but also tingly, sort of like getting a tattoo, but less intense. She also had this attachment where she holds onto this rod and then when she touches you, you get a shock, like static, but stronger. That one was cool. She lured me into kissing her and I got quite the zap to the lips and nose, LOL. I was glad to try it, plus I get to cross something off the bucket list:

413. Have a Violet Wand used on me

I could tell that something was off with Varick. He seemed different while he cleaned up, and I was unsure what was wrong. Deja had some things to do in her office so he and I went downstairs. I sat on the couch, stretched out on it, and had him come and sit down, between my legs, which I wrapped around him, with his cheek on my chest. I asked him quietly what was wrong and he said he just felt weird, and kind of down. I thought it might be Top Drop* so I just stroked his hair and kissed his forehead.

I felt him shudder against me and when I looked down at his face I noticed that he was crying. I hugged him tight and just allowed him to get it out. I was so honored that he was allowing me to see this part of him. I really, really struggle with being so vulnerable and emotional in front of other people, so I know how hard it can be. I treated it as if he was sharing a special gift with me, and I didn’t push for an explanation. I just held him close to me, with my cheek against his hair.

When he seemed to relax he lifted his head and I gave him a little kiss. He apologised and I told him not to apologise, that it was perfectly ok. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he just felt really vulnerable, and like he’d let his guard down with me, and it scared him. I kind of wanted to say “Yeah, I do that to people all the time” but it wasn’t really necessary. I have a very disarming way about me, or so I am told by friends and family.

We cuddled some more, and he said that he didn’t feel like going out, but didn’t want to ruin it for Deja and I. About part way through that he was overwhelmed again and I told him not to worry about it. He made some remarks about how he’s usually always on the defensive with people and suddenly he just felt all exposed.

He said he wanted to step outside, get some air. I offered to go with him but he said he just needed to be by himself for a moment. He went off and I went up to tell Deja what was going on. She got all worried about him too and we debated back and forth about what might be going on.

“Maybe he’s falling for you and he’s all conflicted about it” she said with a grin. I was kind of thinking along the same lines, based on what he’d said about being all vulnerable with me.

She said I should go look for him after he’d been gone about 10 minutes. I decided that would probably be a good idea, just to make sure he was ok. I wandered around the paths behind Deja’s house, and eventually found him, on his way back. We stopped where we met each other and I gave him a hug and a kiss and asked him if he was ok. He said he felt better and he took my hand and we walked back to the house together.

We all sat down in the living room and Deja asked him about his feelings. He said that being with me the night before and then again that day had caused him to let down his walls, and he hadn’t really expected that. He said he hadn’t been vulnerable like that with anyone for a long time, and that what we do in regards to the BDSM is so intense that he was just overwhelmed by it.

Deja went to make him some tea and I whispered to him that really it’s not so bad being vulnerable. He choked up, and shook his head.

“What happened to you?” I asked gently, not wanting to prod too much. He said something about having been hurt badly in the past and that was all I needed to hear. He added that he hadn’t allowed himself to open up to anyone for a long time, and that it was difficult for him. Clearly he has some pretty significant emotional scars, and he’s been closed off and keeping to himself for a while.

He tried to insist that Deja and I go to Goodhandy’s without it, but she and I had already agreed that he wasn’t in any shape to go and if he wasn’t coming with us, we didn’t want to go either. He relented, once we made it clear that we would not be swayed. Deja suggested that we watch a couple of movies instead, and of course he picked I Am Legend, which he knew would scare me because I am a huge wuss when it comes to anything ’scary’ LOL. He offered to let me hold onto him if I was scared, LOL, what a gentleman :P

We settled in to watch. It wasn’t as horrible as I thought and I only had to close my eyes a few times. He and I were cuddled up together on the couch, Deja was sitting near me on the other couch and she made a point of grabbing me and shrieking during a particularly tense part, which almost resulted in me jumping off the couch. Cruel woman.

No spoilers here, so no worries. I liked the movie overall, although I don’t think I’ll sleep again, ever.

Next we put in The Notorious Bettie Page, which I’ve seen before. I liked watching it again, because it’s an awesome movie! Varick and Deja hadn’t seen it before and they seemed to really enjoy it as well.

After that movie was over Deja put on the TV and Varick and I switched positions so that he was stretched out on his side and I was stretched out beside him, nuzzled into his chest. I dozed off a few times and he teased me about snoring. Deja invited me to stay the night but I didn’t think Jack would go for it so I declined (only to find out yesterday that he would have been fine with it, damn!) and got ready to head home.

Varick and Deja saw me off at the door. Varick kissed me softly and we hugged, and I hugged and kissed Deja, and off I trotted to my van. The drive home was long, but I made it and crawled into bed with Jack somewhere around 4am.

Yesterday I talked to Deja about what had happened with Varick and she’s pretty confident that he likes me a great deal and he’s kind of freaked out about it. She told me at least a dozen times to ‘go slow’ with him and that she thinks if I go about it the right way, I can help him get past his baggage. She doesn’t want to see either if us get crushed, nor does she want to end up in the middle if things go to hell. I promised her I just want to care for him and that I’m going to be gentle with his feelings and not rush anything.

I’ll admit I was angsty over it all. I was worried that he would pull away or maybe not want to see me again because he’s afraid of what’s happening. He called me later in the day to check in and see how I was doing. He still doesnt know (or doesn’t want to talk about) what was going on with him specifically, but I didn’t press the matter since I know he needs time to figure himself out.

We talked about getting together and I mentioned Jack being away for work on Thursday and Friday this week, and perhaps he’d want to come over after the munchkins were in bed to keep me company. I lured him into saying yes with promises of a hot bath in the jacuzzi, and a massage afterwards. There was also mention of the Tantra chair, and the sex swing. Yum. Jack was pleased that I would have company in his absence, since he knows I get lonely when he is away.

Hopefully he’ll get more comfortable talking about his feelings and I can find out exactly what’s caused him so much distress. So, rather than dreading Jack being gone, I’m actually looking forward to it a little.

*TOP DROP: Colloquial A sudden, abrupt feeling of depression, unhappiness, or similar negative emotion in a dominant which may occasionally occur immediately after a period of BDSM activity. May include feelings of guilt, especially if the dominant believes he or she has made an error, or has traditional ideas about relationship or socially appropriate behavior.

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5 Responses to “You’re My Favorite, Don’t Tell The Others”

  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    What a wonderful post, Shasta!! I am so envious that you got to experience the violet wand as I have always wanted to try that and even have it on my bucket list but have yet to experience that. I’m so curious! And it sounds like an amazing scene too!! I’m sorry to hear that Varick had some difficulties but I can imagine that it’s all very new to him with being the Dom for the first time and all the emotions if he has been hurt before in the past. I’m glad that things are ok with him and you have plans to spend time with him while Jack is away. I know you get lonely when he is away.
    I had to laugh about I am Legend. LOL!! I loved that movie and have seen it twice. Yeah I have to admit it was hard to sleep after watching it. It’s pretty intense! I guess we probably won’t be watching any scary movies when I come out to visit. LOL!
    Great post!
    padme amidala

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  2. niaNo Gravatar Says:

    such a wonderful weekend :) it’s pretty wild how kink can bring up emotions so much so quickly, and intensely. good thing we’re all expecting it, and foster the skills to deal with it.

    i’m so glad you’ve found Varick, and so glad that he found you! you’re like the perfect beginner’s sub :P


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  3. EsinedNo Gravatar Says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, and youwrite this whole adventure so well ^_^ drawing us in! You make me crush on Varick lol he sounds very sweet.

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  4. RupertNo Gravatar Says:

    This post was tag-alicious!

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