My Feet HNT

Posted on May 31st, 2007 in Half-Nekkid Thursday, Photos

You Know You Wanna Lick 'Em

Published by Shasta

7 Responses to “My Feet HNT”

  1. Blissfully Wed Says:

    I’d be more than happy to put my tongue on those toes. ;)

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  2. Suze Says:

    Pretty little pinkies! ;)

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  3. Bunny Says:

    Great toe ring! Happy HNT!

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  4. Cherrie Says:

    Feet and jeans seem like today’s theme! Yours look so loose–the jeans I mean–I bet they would slip off so easily . . .

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  5. Shasta Gibson Says:


    I could never refuse some attention like that from you :P


    Thank you :)


    Thanks! It’s actually upside down in this photo, LOL. It has some cool designs on the other side.


    Oh I am sure they would :P

    Thanks for the comments!


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  6. tommy Says:

    nice feet :)

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  7. Shasta Gibson Says:


    Thanks :D

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