Caution! The Story You Are About To Enjoy Is Extremely Hot - Part Two

Posted on January 28th, 2007 in Carnal Confessions, Sensual Sundays, Tie Me Up

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She thought she might lose her mind, she had reached her limit and panicked at the thought of being pushed over the edge, into the infinite blackness. Her thumb started to depress the button that would end her suffering. She could not possibly endure another moment… and then suddenly, it stopped. She held her breath. She dared not relax for fear he was just changing implements of torture.

His fingertips grazed her back and she shuddered. Her jaw was clenched so tightly around the ball gag that her entire face ached from the strain. He was speaking softly to her, but she didn’t hear his words. She was lulled by his tone, and the gentle caress of his hands on her shoulder, her neck, her cheek.

“Such a good girl” he whispered, unbuckling the gag. She gratefully opened her mouth so that he could remove it and then inhaled a deep breath, exhaling with a great sigh of relief. The anger drained out of her, replaced by her enduring trust in him and an unusual sense of calm.

He continued to sooth her with his words. Very slowly and gently removing the bonds that held her. First her ankles, and then carefully the cuffs around her wrists, so that only the blindfold remained. He caught her in his arms once she was released and she wrapped her very stiff arms around his neck. She dared not try to remove the blindfold herself so she simply let herself be carried to wherever he was taking her next.

The heat from her beating continued to burn across her skin, but she cared not, he was pleased with her. She knew that he was so very proud of her, and it made her heart swell with joy.

The air was warm on her naked skin and she could smell something subtle and earthy. She was shifted forward, and down, and her toes skimmed the surface of something hot and wet. She twitched in his strong arms, not sure what to expect.

“Just relax” he said, and then she was enveloped in water, up to her chest. She whimpered for a moment, the heat from the bath stung the welts on her body, but then her sore muscles started to untie themselves and she laid back contently.

The blindfold was lifted from her eyes but she didn’t open them right away. She felt hands and a sponge, moving in lazy circles over her breasts and her belly. She enjoyed this moment of pampering. He washed her legs and her feet. He caressed the intimate folds of her pussy and she moaned softly, shifting her hips very slightly into his touch. His hands moved off, back up her belly, but she did not protest. He tipped her upper body forward and her head back, and then water poured down over her hair and back. This repeated several time, washing away the tears and the sweat.

He dried her face with a soft fluffy towel and then she opened her eyes slowly. He was watching her lovingly and she smiled and blushed in spite of herself.

“Come now pet, I am not finished with you” and he stood reaching for her hands. She looked up at him, praying he didn’t mean another trip to the dungeon, but he simply grinned and helped her out of the bath. He dried her thoroughly and then led her into the bedroom. There were candles lit all around and the bed was freshly made and turned back. He laid her down and then slowly stripped off his own clothes, looking into her eyes intently.

The cotton sheets felt so good against her tired body. He climbed in next to her, their naked bodies pressed against one another, and he touched her face affectionately, and then drew her to him for a long passionate kiss…

To Be Continued, Yet Again… :P

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3 Responses to “Caution! The Story You Are About To Enjoy Is Extremely Hot - Part Two”

  1. Lola David Says:

    Wicked, wicked girl on two counts….keeping us waiting this long for the next installment and then leaving us breathless and waiting again!

    I’m hooked…. ;)

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  2. mast2rbator Says:

    Hi, great blog!

    Care for links exchange?

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  3. Esined Says:

    >:O You Tease!

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