Wow, Could It Be? A Post Not About Emotional Stuff…

Posted on March 13th, 2006 in Carnal Confessions

legsI know at least a few people want to hear about the weekend sex, you dirty perverts. So I decided to at least write about it a little bit. After all, it was pretty freakin HAWT!

After supper was done and I tidied up a little we were sitting around watching T.V. I was feeling pretty tired, so I decided if anything was going to happen it was time to get the ball rolling. I told Jack I was going upstairs and to give me a few minutes before he and K came up. I had picked up a box of contraceptive sponges and I figured now was as good a time as any to try one out. Jack and I had already discussed it and decided that provided he pull out before cumming, and I was using one of the sponges, we would let K go bareback for sex. Save your criticism on this point. Jack and I made a decision to make an exception to our rule, simple as that.

Anyway, I went upstairs, figured out the sponge thing, and then stripped down and got into out bed. Jack and K came up shortly after and got naked as well, getting into the bed on either side of me. I felt all shy and nervous at first, even though we had done this before. It’s still a little strange for me. I think Jack realized that I was feeling sort of awkward, so he grabbed me by the wrists and gently pinned my arms and told K to go to it. I just giggled, I love it when men are a little rough and forceful during sex.

K didn’t need telling twice. He settled between my legs and pushed his bare cock into my pussy. It felt amazing, I love bareback. He started fucking me while Jack continued to hold my wrists above my head (not because I was trying to escape, LOL, but because he knows I find it so arousing). I kept my groaning and whimpering at a low volume, which was not easy, LOL. My pussy was soaking wet and his cock felt so good inside me. Eventually he pulled out and came all over my stomach.

I barely had time to clean myself off before Jack was on top of me. He wasted no time ramming his cock into me and getting down to it. He fucked me hard, while I gripped his shoulders and bit my tongue to keep from moaning too loudly. At some point he lowered his face to mine and we kissed, hard and urgent, while he kept fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I clenched my pussy around him, lifting my hips to get him deeper inside me. He shifted and slid his arms under my legs so they were over his shoulders and before long in that position he pulled out and shot cum all the way up to my neck.

The three of us cuddled and then K fucked me again while I sucked Jack’s cock. The two of them also went to work on me and I came so hard I’m sure I felt the earth quake.

Then we decided to try double penetration in the pussy.

First we tried with Jack on the bottom, me on top of him, and then K behind me. That didn’t work, so we switched to K on the bottom, with his rear right at the edge of the bed, and me on top. Jack knelt behind me (our bedframe sits very low) and pushed his cock into my pussy along with K’s. It took a few tries and some lubricant before we managed it. It felt strange. Not really good, but not bad either, for the most part it just felt really full down there, LOL. Jack was the only one who could really do the moving, so he fucked me like that for a bit but it was just too much effort to be worth it. At least we managed it, one more thing I can add to my list.

K was fucking me again, missionary style, and Jack was feeling a little left out, so he asked K if he wanted to try something new.

Hmmmmm, was THAT ever a loaded question, LOL.

Turns out what Jack had in mind involved K’s ass, his cock, and a boy sandwich of sorts. While K was still fucking me, Jack got around behind him, lubed up his cock, and pushed it into K’s ass. He was gentle of course, and made sure that K was alright, which he said he was. It was sort of odd, being on the bottom, K’s cock in my pussy, watching Jack fuck K from behind. It was sort of hot, in an unexpected sort of way. The guys seemed to be enjoying themselves, Jack more so from the look on his face.

Eventually Jack came in K’s ass, and K finished with me. Anal (receiving) is not K’s cup of tea, but it was nice of him to indulge Jack a little. Add one more thing to the list!

We played around and fucked some more before we decided to call it a night. We went downstairs and had a snack and then K went to the spare room and Jack and I went to bed in our room.

I wasn’t too sore the next day, LOL. It was lots of fun and we all enjoyed ourselves! So, there you go, no more complaining that I never write about sex anymore :P LOL

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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14 Responses to “Wow, Could It Be? A Post Not About Emotional Stuff…”

  1. SemperSexualis Says:

    I’m really jealous that you’ve found two men you can be with who are so comfortable with themselves, you, and each other that you can do that sort of stuff as a group rather than one on one. Not that I’m looking for that, but I’m still jealous that you have it and I don’t!

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  2. padme Says:

    Stiletto Girl,
    WOW!! I can’t thank you enough for the details. I am a dirty perv and wanted to know. *grins*
    That sounds like SUCH a hot and amazing experience. I am jealous. We don’t do penetration in our play and I have always wondered what double penetration would feel like. I can just imagine how full that must have felt like.
    I am so glad you have found someone to feel comfortable with both you and J. That is so important. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you…

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  3. brandi Says:

    have all three of you been tested for std’s?

    why do you feel comfortable enough with k to trust him in this respect?

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  4. Stiletto Girl Says:

    OdalisqueK, I know I am a very lucky girl :)

    Padme, I know you’re a dirty pervert, LOL. Glad you liked the post!

    Brandi, I have said before that we are ALL free of STD’s. Jack and I would never allow K to go without a condom if there was any doubt in regards to STD’s.

    Why do we feel comfortable enough? Well for one thing I love K and trust him completely. Jack and I both feel that we know him well enough that we can make exceptions to the condom rule under certain circumstances. Jack only feels ok making the exception when he is present, and that’s ok. It’s basically all about trust. K has earned my trust over time and I have no reason NOT to trust him in relation to condom use and STD’s.

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  5. kitten Says:

    Hey girl, Just stopping by to say hello! Wow, what a weekend huh? I’ve read a couple of posts and I read some (not all whew there are a lot of them!) of the comments and what has strikes me is how judgemental people are!!! Well, here’s yet another friend who is fully supporting you without judgement. *hugs*

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  6. JeN Says:

    you love K? Ooooooh!

    Glad you had yet another good time and that you decided to appeal to the dirty masses and post details. ha ha ha!

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  7. Jack Says:

    Stiletto Girl, why would you leave out what happened after the double penetration activity? There was more activity that happened. Perhaps you can explain?

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  8. Stiletto Girl Says:

    Jack, you know why :P Don’t be a brat, LOL.

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  9. jeremy Says:

    I don’t want to rain on your parade or anything, but if their cocks touched at any part during this, I’m pretty sure that makes them gay.

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  10. Stiletto Girl Says:

    Jeremy are you actually serious with that comment or just joking?

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  11. K Says:

    He has to be joking.. as anyone knows during a 3some that can happen regardless. Its just happens at times. As for gay? trust me. I think SG can safely say she got “alot” of attention

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  12. Jack Says:

    I know why now SG and I disagree with it. I wish the same liberty was afforded to me and it bugs me that it wasn’t.

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  13. W. S. Cross Says:

    You three are headed into troubled waters, and it doesn’t take an expert to see why. Different expectations and emotions will prove a problem for you down the road. If it hadn’t happened 30 years ago, I’d swear this reads like a chapter out of Beyond You & Me.

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  14. MikeCindynJoe Says:

    Very hot!

    For us, DP is an occasional treat and because we know our partners, we always ride bareback.

    I’ll cruise by again.

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