Waterproof Slender G Review

Posted on February 24th, 2009 in Bedroom Bling, Reviews, Sex Toy Care

Toy Lust TuesdaysOne of the first, and most treasured sex toys I ever purchased, was a version of the Waterproof Slender G.  Mine died quiet some time ago, however, and so I was very pleased to get my hot little hands on a new one, care of SexToy.Com.

Perhaps it’s the simplicity and durability of this particular toy that made it one of my favorites?  The shape and size are quite wonderful for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation.  If you’re looking for something to make your pussy feel ‘full’ then pass on this one; as the name indicates, it’s slender.

Waterproof Slender GWhen I received this particular g-spot toy I was a tad disappointed to note the rather significant seam running along it’s length.  Any of you who read me on a regular basis know how I hate seams and crevices, the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, if you’re not careful.  My original was fused together tight, so I’m docking this one points for being somewhat unhygienic.  If you plan to share this, or are not inclined to clean it thoroughly every time, with antibacterial soap, put a condom on it.

The body is made of hard plastic, and the vibration intensity is controlled by the tail-end of the toy, which turns it on, up, down, or off, with a twist.  Speaking of vibration intensity, this little thing has MORE than enough.  I’m never disappointed or frustrated when I have it nestled between my legs. As far as battery powered vibrators go, this thing has plenty of juice.

I love, love, love, love, LOVE that this toy is waterproof.  It’s taken up permanent residence in my shower, where I can play with it on a whim.  My original version was not, which I always found most unfortunate, considering it was my favorite toy for a number of years.  You can use this toy in both the bath and shower, just be mindful not to accidentally twist it open while you’re mucking about with the controls.

The quality of this particular item was not what I’d hoped for, although I’m not about to discard it, and if you’re looking for something effective and versatile for under $10, you’ve got yourself a winner.

This Product Receives:

3 Out Of 5

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