I’m Freaking Famous!!!

Posted on March 15th, 2006 in Reading Is Sexy, Resources And Links

CelebrationOK, not exactly, LOL.

So now for my big secret! A week or so ago, Chias of Polyamorous Percolations approached me about writing a regular column for the website. Basically the column will be about anything I want, so long as it is somehow related to keeping up multiple relationships.

I was flattered by his offer, to say the least. So of course I accepted, and the first edition of my column went ‘live’ on the website this morning!!!

The title of my column is Angelic Notions (since my handle on the website is Nobody’s Angel). Click on the name to read my very first contribution.

I will be writing a column every two weeks from now on, and I will be adding an area to my sidebar with links to my columns.

Anyway, I’m just excited as hell, can you tell??? Now, get over there and read my column and then come back here and tell me what you think!


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7 Responses to “I’m Freaking Famous!!!”

  1. padme Says:

    Congratulations Stiletto Girl!! That is some big news and I’m so happy for you. I will definatly go check it out this morning. I’m so excited. Way to go!!!!

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  2. JeN Says:

    I went and read your article. You are very articulate and I think my favourite part is the very last line.
    It’s definitely not a race.

    So, can I have your autograph now?
    : p

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  3. K Says:

    I found it very well written and considerate to those new to poly relationships. So thats my articulate wa of saying your first column rocked and I can’t wait two weeks for the second :P

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  4. padme Says:

    Stiletto Girl,
    I was so happy and impressed with what you wrote that I mentioned it in my blog post this morning!!! I hope some people will see what I wrote and go check it out.
    I agree that it was very well written. You said things very well. I can’t wait til the second one too!!

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  5. RAheretic's swan Says:

    I read your article and your comments surely mirror my experience on a number of fronts. I am one who has moved at that “speed” that is only mine, and suffered over all the angst that caused. Too, I’ve been in that NRE stage, when slowing down and giving slower partners the time and space to breathe and catch up was the hardest thing in the world to do. Good start. Keep thinking and writing…

    hugs, swan

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  6. Piper Says:

    And to think, I was there from the start. Excellent. Good for you.

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  7. SemperSexualis Says:

    Huge congratulations.

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