OMG! Jesus Is Coming! Look Busy!!!

Posted on July 20th, 2008 in Are You Gonna Eat That?, Bucket List, Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Alberta, Mating And Relating, Photos, Simply Dreadful

I can’t exactly recall when I initially heard about the traveling exhibit known as Body Worlds, but I’d pretty much forgotten about it until Jack and I caught part of a documentary on the procurement and processing of bodies used.

Perhaps it’s curiosity with the morbid, or my fascination with the inner workings of the human body, but I decided to add it to my bucket list, in the hopes of catching it when it passed through Toronto at some future juncture.

As it worked out, Body Worlds happened to be at the Telus World of Science Center here in Edmonton during our visit, and after discussing it with Jack, we decided to take it in while we were in the neighbourhood.

Tickets were purchased and printed, and off we went, looking forward to some time to ourselves (no we did not bring the kiddos) as much as we were anticipating the display itself.

The first rooms of the exhibit felt crowded, although it was only a matter of waiting a few moments until you could edge close enough to the displays. There were glass display cases in the center of a hall-like room, filled with limb pieces (hands, feet, etc) which had been plastinated. On the sides of the room there were large banners with information on them regarding how society has depicted death in art and literature throughout the history of man.

The plastinated individuals were fascinating, and perhaps a little unnerving to examine. The latter reaction was a result of reminding myself at every display that once this individual was living, breathing, with family and friends and a story of their own. It’s easy to disassociate them from people, but that’s what they were at one time, and still are really, and I think it adds to the experience if you remember that.

We lingered at one display, called The Smoker, which shows quite clearly the effects of smoking on ones lungs. Jack gave me a bit of a scolding look, since he knows I am still apt to smoking socially (I was a regular smoking from 12 - 19) as I wrinkled my nose over the sight of the blackened organs.

I know, it’s horrible for me, and that certainly hits home when you get a good look at around five pairs of tar-laden lungs.

Further into the exhibition there was a small, separate room, devoted to the beginnings of life, although framed in death. Embryos at each week of development (there was a gap between week 10 and week 16) were on display in tubes and glass boxes. I had actually never seen anything like it. An embryo, only the size of a kidney bean, already has visible hands, feet, and eyes. A man standing across from me audibly gasped when he looked closely enough to see this. That particular specimen was only seven weeks along at the time of its preservation.

The somewhat infamous Reclining Pregnant Woman was also on display in that particular area. She died of a terminal illness somewhere around the 8th month of her pregnancy, and her baby could not be saved.

“The baby had already turned*” Jack murmured behind me, while we looked over her skinless figure, the walls of her abdomen cut away so that you could clearly see the infant inside of her.

Of all the things we saw that day, it was the only display that disturbed me.

My favorite piece was The Horseman. Perhaps because I love horses and spent so much of my young life around them, and it was of particular interest to me to have an opportunity to examine the muscle structure and the enormity of their lungs and other organs.

The entire exhibit was really incredible. Jack and I both enjoyed it a great deal, and I’m very grateful that we were able to catch it during our time here in Edmonton.

432. See the Body Worlds exhibit

Body Worlds Sign

After we finished at the Science Center, Jack took me for lunch at one of our favorite Edmonton restaurant chains, Tokyo Express.

We sat near a window and enjoyed some dumplings and our rice bowls. I always order the salmon bowl, and Jack always orders the teriyaki chicken bowl.

Tokyo Express

It was really wonderful to have some time together after being apart for so long.

After our late lunch he drove me down to Whyte Ave and we sauntered into Lush to pick up a few things. I needed another hunk of Ice Blue soap for my dreadlocks, and Jack wanted to pick up a massage bar or two. We browsed a bit, and after I found my soap, we also bought a Soft Coeur massage bar, and a Therapy massage bar, which came with a free tin (when you buy two). We totally loved the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar we bought a couple of months back, it was wonderful for sore muscles, so I am looking forward to trying out these new ones.

Ice Blue Lush Soap

Soft Coeur Massage Bar (Lush)

Therapy Massage Bar (Lush)

We grabbed some cold drinks at Second Cup before heading back to where we are staying.

Later that evening, around dusk, Jack suggested we take a drive together. The kids were in bed and we had a pair of willing sitters to watch over them while we went out (thanks mum and dad). I love going driving with Jack, and we always have great conversations in the car.

He did something very sweet, and took me back to the spot where he proposed to me, almost seven years ago.

It’s a tucked-away spot, with a fantastic view of the river, and some of the bridges. We stood there on the edge of the valley for quite some time, talking quietly and kissing some. What a perfect ending to a wonderful day together.

Night View Of Edmonton

I am hoping we’ll get in another ‘adult outting’ or two before I depart on my road trip with V.

Also, in case anyone was curious, yes we have totally been fucking like bunnies ever since he arrived ;)

*In preparation for birth, most infants turn upside down, their heads dropping into the pelvis to facilitate delivery.

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  1. EsinedNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, I wanted to see that when it was in Montreal, alas I was too late and the exibit was gone :( Sounds very cool! Hopefully I’ll get another chance!

    Nice to hear what a good time you had with Jack, absence makes the bods grow hornier lol.

    Reply To The Above Comment

  2. tonya cinnamonnNo Gravatar Says:

    oh man i would love to go see the body worlds exsibit…..i have heard about it and thought it would be very wicked to go see..
    glad you two had a lovely time togther :D

    Reply To The Above Comment

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