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Toy Lust TuesdaysMost of you probably remember my hunt for my G-Spot some months ago, which was a fun experiment, but didn’t result in anything spectacular.  In the hopes of increasing my chances of success, I enlisted the help of Jenna’s Velvet G, which is apparently supposed to be a pretty alright vibrator for this particular task.

I found the Velvet G to be an average G-Spot toy.  It doesn’t offer much in the way of unique design or features.   However the large bulbous end, designed to stimulate those sometimes hard to reach spots can be quite appealing.  It had a very good range of vibration intensity, which is beneficial because it’s easy to find a speed that is comfortable, no matter what your preference.
I found the motor to be quite loud, so this toy is not suitable for covert masturbation.  The noise level can also be somewhat distracting, but that may not be an issue for everyone.
Jenna's Velvet GDue to my personal anatomy I found this toy could be uncomfortable to use for certain stimulation.  My pubic bone seemed to get hooked under the head of this vibrator, which was quite unpleasant for me.   Some people enjoy that sort of sensation a great deal, so it’s something you will have to experiment with.
I really enjoyed the material this vibrator is made out of.  The satiny soft plastic coating feels very good against ones skin, adding to the tactile experience of sex with a toy.
This toy is slender enough to be enjoyed by most anybody, and it’s easy to clean since there are no seams in the plastic, or small nooks and crannies.

Give this toy a try if you are yet unfamiliar with your G-Spot.  The egg-shaped head provides a large area, making it easier to find your spot than some toys designed with smaller surface area.

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2 Out Of 5

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