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I had wanted to write a post yesterday before we left for Calgary, but I didn’t have time. Ah well. It’ll wait, churning about in my brain, until I have the time to get it all out here.

I’m writing this from V’s computer, while we get geared up to head out for the evening. Tonight we’re going for drinks with friends at one of our regular hangouts here in the city. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen some of them, and I’ve missed them all terribly.

Yesterday I stayed awake for 22 hours, and last night I got 3 hours of sleep. I’m running on Starbucks and Spanakopita, which is a pretty hilarious combination really. This morning I spent some time with K, and bought a few new beads for my dreads. V and I had lunch together (she had to work today) and then I buggered around a little, taking a little solo tour of the city and rediscovering all the familiar places.

I’ve been taking some photos that I’ll be able to share once I get home. Mainly things I miss around Calgary which may be of no interest to anyone but me.

Tomorrow or Sunday I really want to eat at Globefish, since it’s my favorite restaurant ever. I have plans with LD in the evening which will hopefully involve some full-frontal nudity. Tee Hee. Certainly there will be interesting blog posts to come.

Nearly time to head out so I’d better get a move on. I hope everyone is having a truly fabulous weekend, wherever you are!


Such A Retardicon

Here are a few photos from a recent trip out to Elbow River Falls. Jack took V and I there one evening after dinner. It was a lovely night as the three of us walked along the edge of the river (me snapping pictures, as always).

Click on any of the images below to see the full-sized photo. I’m glad to have these for the memories they represent. I’m still not sure how I am going to manage an entire year without my V…I get so sad when I think about it.

Elbow FallsElbow FallsElbow FallsElbow FallsElbow FallsElbow Falls

Right this minute I feel like making a picnic and going off somewhere beautiful to enjoy food and friends. It’s not possible at the moment, and I’ll admit I am allowing myself a moment to wallow in my grief. Mourning the loss of memories not yet made, fun not yet had, experiences not yet lived. There will be plenty of that on the other end of course, it’ll be slow for a while in the beginning. Making friends takes time and energy. I’ll have plenty of the former but I suspect the latter will be lacking.

In these moments I question if this was the right decision. Are we really doing the right thing? Am I going to be able to live with this long term? If we hate it we can come back, but to what? Jack will need to find a new job, I will have to find a new house as good as the current one and the one before that. Moving across the country costs a lot of money. We would have to hate it an awful lot.

It’s too late to turn back now, but I can’t stop myself from wondering what the hell it is we think we are doing. Is there such a thing as the ‘right’ thing?? A better question is ‘Was it the BEST thing?’

Time will tell I suppose. My heart is heavy, and it aches in my chest. My brain keeps repeating “This is a Good Thing. We are going to be happy. We are going to love Ontario”. The feelings part of me has a hard time believing it.

It’s sort of like poly in that way. My brain can accept Jack being with someone else…my heart and soul are a different matter. Why do things in life put my logic and my feelings at war with each other?

I need chocolate. I need my V. I need to not be crying.

Stampede!The first order of business in the update mania: My Calgary Stampede experience!

Yes, I know I promised photos, but we have begun packing for the move and it’s in a box somewhere already (I had intended to leave it out but we had people helping us and it got tossed in by accident). So, photos will have to wait until I either get a new hookup to the computer or until the box gets unpacked.

At any rate, we had a fantastic time. Jack and I headed in Tuesday afternoon and picked up F. We hopped the C-Train down to the grounds and met P just inside the gate.

After exchanging pleasantries and having a corn dog (YUM!) we formulated a plan that P and I would head off and put our ride passes to good use, while Jack and F perused the ‘trade show’ inside the Roundup Center. So we did just that. P and I trotted off merrily to have our innards turned upside down on the midway, leaving F and Jack to have some good one-on-one friend time together.

I can’t recall exactly how many rides we went on. We tried out the new swing tower, which was nothing to write home about. It was high up, and that’s about it. We also rode the Twin Flip, Orbiter, the Original Fireball, Alpine Bob’s, and some others I can’t think of. It was loads of good fun!

V and M arrived a little later and shortly after P had to leave. Jack took F home since she wasn’t feeling well, and then the four of us wandered around the grounds together. The guys played some games. Jack won a Stewie and M won this really adorable white tiger for V.

V and I went on a ride called The Polar Express, which has to be the funnest ride on the entire midway. We screamed and laughed until we were hoarse.

I got to have my corn dog, some mini-donuts, a caramel apple with nuts on it, and even a bit of cotton candy. It was a nice treat!

It was pretty late before we sauntered out of the gate and onto the C-Train. Jack and I gave V and M a ride home before heading home ourselves and crawling into bed, exhausted. We had an awesome day, and I feel content that I made the most of what will be the last Stampede I go to for a long while.

Jack bought me an awesome surprise there as well. It’s a really unique lamp for the new house we are moving to. It looks something like this, but it comes in pieces and you can arrange it many different ways. He is so thoughtful, I think the lamp is going to look brilliant in our new bedroom.

That’s my Stampede story, the Transformers movie and dinner at Bragg Creek will be coming up over the next couple of days!

Hope everyone had a really great weekend :) I’m looking forward to tomorrow because there is a very special package waiting for me at the post office! You’ll have to wait and see what fun toys I’ve received this time, Tee Hee.

Tomorrow is Stampede Day!!! I am really very excited about going, especially because P and I both got unlimited ride passes and we intend to make the most of them :D

Since I’m only going to Stampede the one day, and it’s going to be my last Stampede for a long while, I am giving myself plenty of leverage food-wise too! Caramel apples, funnel cakes, mini donuts, and corn dogs. Can you tell I have a fixation with food? I am a serious foodie if you hadn’t picked up on that.

I missed out on going to Hinder sadly, but tomorrow night Good Charlotte is playing and they are a pretty good band.

Jack is looking forward to the carnival games. He’s really quite skilled at them and has won me a number of really adorable prizes.

The debate is on about what to wear for Stampede of course. I am not really very cowgirl-esque, so I am thinking that it depends on the weather. Jeans if it’s cooler, maybe some short denim cut-offs if it’s really hot. I do have a really fun turquoise straw hat that would look cute with my black tank top and shorts. Footwear poses another question. Flip flops are out of the question (just a really stupid idea at Stampede, trust me). Heels are impractical for miles of walking, so I am leaning towards my skateboarding shoes. They are comfy and low-key.

I promise photos (as always) along with a long-winded commentary on the events of the day.


It's Stampede Time!!!

My excellent week is winding down to an end.

Fun was had, bizarre food was eaten, and as always there was much laughter (and nudity!).

I got to try shark fin, jelly fish, and soft shelled crab. I treated myself to a couple of pints of Keith’s and a pound of wings at Bob The Fish.

I got to spend time with many of my favorite people, such as the Vivacious V, LD, and X.

Unfortunately my date for the Transformers movie had to reschedule, so we are going next week.

Stampede is just around the corner!!! P and I both have our unlimited ride passes and we are ready to go :D I can’t wait, I just love the rides and finally I have a friend who doesn’t get motion sickness or nervous about heights! You can tell that it’s Stampede Week in CowTown. I saw six people on horseback drinking beer in front of a hitching post at a pub downtown. There are cowboy hats EVERYWHERE, and hay bales and false ’store fronts’ set up on nearly every street. Every window is painted with Western and Rodeo themes, and our city is over-run with tourists. It annoys many of us people who live here and get tired of the hype, but I have to admit, since it’ll probably be my last Stampede for a long time, I am getting into the spirit of it all. Sadly my cowgirl hat won’t fit over my dreads, LOL.

Jack and I are thinking of having dinner at The Steak Pit one more time before we move. We went there for our anniversary in January and mmmmmmmmmmmm, the food was expensive but SOOOOOO fantastic. I look forward to that.

My eating has not been as good as I would have liked (my own fault of course). However, on the days that I splurged I did work out, so hopefully that will balance out. I intend to get in some more exercise this weekend as well, in preparation for next week and Stampede food.

I hope that all of my sexy readers enjoy the fabulous weekend! If you’re in the Calgary area come on down and enjoy some of the Stampede!

Yee Haw Cow Girl!


Lets Go Wild!

Since I will soon be leaving my wonderful Calgary, there were things I wanted to do here while I had the chance. Going to the Zoo again was one of them, so recently I spent a few hours there in good company and took a lot of photos:

It was really a wonderful day! I hope you enjoy the photos. More to come I am sure as I get in the last of my kicks in CowTown. Other items on my list include:

1. The Tyrell Museum

2. The Calgary Tower (anyone wanna go with me this week??)

3. The Stampede (as mentioned before)

Happy Hump Day to all! Enjoy your day :D Thank you Padme for the awesome slide show idea.

Happy Canada Day Weekend!
I hope that all of my Canadian readers (and I know there’s lots of ya!) enjoyed their Canada Day weekend!

Last night I got to sit around a campfire with a whole load of fun people, there was drinking and laughing and even a little slow dancing under the stars. We had our very own fireworks, made possible by M and V. It was so cool spending the night out in the country, listening to the coyotes howling and watching the sun set behind the trees all around us.

V and I roasted some smokies over the fire and it tasted so good with a nice cold bottle of beer. It was an awesome Canada Day Celebration!

This week I am kid-free! On Thursday I have a hot and sexy date for the Transformers movie! I haven’t wanted to see a movie this badly in a LONG time :) I used to love the Transformers cartoon (and Thunder Cats) so I am pumped to see them live-action on the big screen. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it was, although I am really excited this movie has the potential to go either way. It might totally rock, it might bomb.

Also this week I am going to be hanging out with V (of course) as well as F, LD, X, and who knows who else! I am sure there will be lots of interesting blog fodder at any rate. If anyone else wants to get together this week, get in touch and we can make some plans (if schedules mesh). There isn’t much time left.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my long weekend! If you need something else so read I’ve added some new links to the “Ho Call” over in the sidebar, so take a look!

I Like Mean PeoplePresently yours truly is stretched out, on my fabulous chaise lounge that Jack bought me when we replaced the living room furniture. I have an enormous platter of fresh fruits (including cherries, which I love) beside me and the house is quiet. Jack is out and about, helping some friends in need. The kids are asleep and I am enjoying some glorious alone time. I am listening to Polyamory Weekly, licking a sliver of ripe peach, and contemplating a round of masturbation before bed.

Last night I was delighted to have drinks with a very large group of my favorite people. V, K, LD, M, and P were in attendance (to name just a few). I think through the four hours we were there I got to see well over a dozen of my friends. They all gathered to wish me well and do a few hooter shots. It was wonderful, we got semi-private seating in a large and rustic pub. People visited not only with me, but with each other. Food was shared, drinks were consumed, and there was so much laughing. I enjoyed it a great deal, and I got to spend the latter part of the night (or rather the wee hours of the morning) in bed with a beautiful woman. That’s the sort of send-off party I enjoy!

Thank you, all of you, who joined me for the evening. It was so special that you were there, and I won’t ever forget it.

I am certainly enjoying the long weekend thus far. Tomorrow promises to be relaxing and laid-back, and Monday morning I am having breakfast with H.

Suddenly I am struck by a wave of exhaustion (gee, after only sleeping 4 hours last night and being up for 15 hours thus far, I wonder why). I am going to cut this post short and leave you with a bit of amusement. Have a great night, enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you soon!

The funniest fucking song I’ve heard EVER!

Click Here to listen to First Of May by Jonathan Coulton

The Calgary Stampede 2007

The Calgary Stampede is less than two weeks away! I am already getting pumped for it, since Jack and I are going to be able to take in quite a bit of the festivities this year.

I am looking forward to seeing Hinder and Good Charlotte preform. Anyone else planning to come out for those concerts? I really can hardly wait.

This year I was hoping that someone would want to come on the rides with me, particularly the spinny ones the flip you upside down. Jack gets motion sickness, so he prefers not to join me, but I just LOVE the midway, I am such an adrenalin junkie. P loves rides too so she has generously offered to be my date for the rides this year! We both wanna get those unlimited rides passes and really enjoy the midway! Last year I managed to drag K onto two of them but he bitched and complained both before and after, and I’m not in the mood for that.

Jack enjoys playing the games on the midway. One year we went to the Stampede and he won me several stuffed animals, including a huge blue wrinkle dog. I was totally wooed by that since no guy had ever gone to that much trouble just to get me a stuffed animal before, it was super sweet.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is nice on the evenings we are able to go. Last year it was gorgeous the days that I went, so here’s hoping for more of the same.

Don’t get me started on the food at the Stampede! P mentioned mini donuts today while I was chatting with her and then we got going on all the delicious things there are to eat. I am going to remain responsible about my eating, as hard as that might be, and only allow myself a couple of treats, like the mini donuts and maybe a caramel apple.

Looking forward to the awesome fireworks shows they have every night as well! Maybe I’ll take some video of that to post here (yes, more of my thrilling YouTube contributions, HA HA).

Since it’s probably going to be my last Stampede for a long while, I am going to take full advantage of it this year and have a fabulous time. The invitation is open to anyone who wants to meet up and hang out there, get in touch via your usual methods.

The Ride Of Your Life!We are enjoying a quiet and relaxed weekend here at the House Of Jack & Shasta. It’s been great just taking it easy and spending time together.

Friday night, after the kids were in bed, I filled our mammoth-sized jacuzzi with nice hot water. I lit all the little candles I have around the bathroom, and then opened a bottle of Canadian ice wine (if you don’t know what ice wine is or how it’s different from regular wine, I really suggest checking out the link. It’s an interesting read). Ice wine is a special treat, since it’s quite expensive (around $45 for 12.5 oz/1.5 cups) but so worth every penny! If you are a wine enthusiast and you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to splurge on a bottle at least once in your life.

Jack came upstairs and we stripped down and got into the tub. I dropped a Lush sex bomb into the water and sat back and closed my eyes. The smell of it was intoxicating, and we talked and laughed while sipping our wine. I turned on the jets once the bath bomb had dissolved and the swirling, steaming water quickly washed away the stresses of the week. Jack and I relaxed and shared quite a sweet and romantic half hour together, kissing and touching and nuzzling each other. It was wonderful.

Once we started to get sleepy we drained the tub and crawled into bed together, where we made love and then fell asleep pressed against each other.

Yesterday afternoon we have V and M over for BBQ and margaritas! I made some delicious chicken skewers, marinated in a sweet soy ginger sauce. I bought some Indian naan bread and whipped up some fresh hummus to go with it. We also had grilled veggies and Cesar salad, and homemade blueberry pie for dessert.

I made many batches of strawberry margaritas from scratch. I bought some really cute margarita glasses to serve them in, and they tasted SOOOOOO good. V, Jack, and I got good and giddy (M doesn’t drink but he indulged me and had a small margarita with us). Eventually I got tired of mixing up margaritas and then I made two or three batches of long-island iced tea which went down too easy. We watched America’s Got Talent and laughed and laughed, and then I pulled up some David Hasselhoff music videos on YouTube so we could laugh some more. My stomach was killing me, and I’m sure you could hear V and I laughing for miles around. We had such a fantastic time. As M put it, good food, great company, what more could you want?

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, M and V decided to head home (M was driving of course, V was by far too drunk, LOL). We bid them a good night and then headed to bed. I hardly remember falling asleep, we were so tired I think we were both out as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

This morning we made love again, which is by far the best way to start the day.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend. I am gearing up for what could be a really fun week, with possibly some more kid-free time!

*Marc Laidlaw