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Hey Ya - Outcast

Well that’ll teach me for trying to post something from my iPod. The video works now, enjoy!

I’ve been meaning to post a proper Thank You for this Christmas gift for a couple of weeks now. Blame the delay on the Christmas Crazies, LOL.

Master Anakin and Padme were very generous, and sent me this fabulous Bad Pussy mug from their way cool online store.

Bad Pussy Mug

I drink coffee out of it all the time (as you can see) and it’s become my favorite mug. Looking at it always reminds me of them and what wonderful friends they have been to me. Master Anakin designed that cat graphic himself and it’s the cutest thing ever in my not-so-humble opinion.

On a completely unrelated note, posting will continue to be light for the next week or so. Jack and I generally continue celebrating the holiday season until Ukrainian Christmas on January 7th, and he’s off work until then. We have some great plans for New Years Eve, and we intend to do a lot of relaxing and spending time together.

Never fear, there will still be updates during that time. I have some Dear Shasta segments prepared for posting, another review, and a couple of new Dirty Refrigerator Poetry posts for your enjoyment.

Spoiled For ChristmasDid everyone else have a good Christmas? I sure did! Jack spoiled me rotten this year. I got some really amazing new art supplies, DVD’s, a naughty magnetic refrigerator poetry kit, and an iPod Touch! Thus, Jack was presented the Husband Of The Year award for 2007.

I’ve never owned an iPod before, which means my credit card is already quivering with fear as I browse music at the iTunes Store. Jack and I are still discussing how many songs we should limit ourselves to each month.

Today I am going to find some sort of protective case for it, at least until I can order something awesome like this one. I also need to pick up some accessories for Jack’s new satellite radio (go me, I spoiled him too) which I installed in the truck for him yesterday afternoon.

Our kids of course made a haul. Each got one of the toys they have been begging for since Halloween, as well as various board games and even a couple of video games. They were mighty pleased as we wrangled them to the table for our traditional waffles with caramel sauce (all made from scratch) Christmas Day breakfast. After I got the turkey in we all played games, talked to friends and family on the phone, and generally spent time together. It was the most wonderful Christmas day we’ve ever had. No rushing to get to this place or that place for dinner or visiting. No schlepping gifts and kids from house to house for days on end. Just peace, and family togetherness. Pure heaven.

Dinner was fabulous, and after the kids were in bed Jack and I kicked back and relaxed for a few hours with wine and homemade pumpkin pie. Nom Nom Nom!

It’s been a really awesome week, a lot of work, but so worth it. We had a really great Christmas and with New Years just around the corner, I’m not suffering the usual post-Christmas ‘drop’. January also brings our anniversary and the likelihood of having a date night or two.

Over the holidays I found out that an acquaintance of mine (via Jack’s job) who also moved to the GTA from the west is not adjusting well to life out here. She seems lonely and she told me that she feels depressed. Once we have fully recovered from the craziness of the season, I intend to reach out and ask her out for coffee or shopping at least twice a month. I get the impression she doesn’t want to be a ‘bother’ to me, as I am the only familiar person she knows in the immediate area. Certainly she has become friendly with her neighbours, but I think that she finds it more difficult to make friends, especially out here. Please don’t take me wrong Ontarians, since I have become quite fond of this province, but there is a certain…attitude, towards people from the west. I wouldn’t say it’s snobbery, but we have found you a tad standoffish and somewhat difficult to get to know. Not all mind you, but that seems to be the general feel.

I was thinking it would be nice for her and I to do lunch once in a while on a week day. Perhaps Nia would be so kind as to watch my youngest munchkin for an hour or two one day a month so that I don’t have to worry about the small child getting bored or otherwise disruptive. I would really hate to see this woman remain depressed and unhappy here, and I don’t know her well enough to just say “Snap out of it!” so I shall make an effort to befriend her and hopefully then she won’t feel so lonely.

Nia gets home today and I’m pleased to return her pets to her care, as happy and healthy as she left them. It’s been fun caring for them.

Jack and I are discussing taking a trip to Ottawa in the not so distant future. There is also a trip to Quebec City on the table, likely towards the summer when it’s warmer out. I’ve not travelled that far east before, so it would be thrilling indeed. Montreal and Halifax are on the ‘must visit’ list as well, but we can’t do everything at once (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself).

For our first Christmas so far from friends and family, it was great. As much as I miss Alberta sometimes, there are days (and weeks) I also greatly enjoy being some 2,000 miles away.

I’m interested to hear how everyone else managed over the holidays? Was your Christmas good? bad? average? I’d like to hear about it if you are willing to share!

*Thanks to V for providing today’s title

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas!


Jack & Shasta

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In all the chaos since Wednesday, I haven’t had the time or inclination to blog. Now I find myself in the midst of Christmas dinner preparation (yes it really does start days before) and there still isn’t time or energy for writing. There are pies to bake, veggies to slice, bread to crumble and dry for stuffing. I have egg nog and rum, and homemade drinking chocolate (totally from scratch) for this evening, in the hopes that Jack and I can kick back and relax.

The Ice Cuvee is chilling for our Christmas Eve night. I have bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp, and a salmon ring for snacking. Fresh bruschetta and slices of baguette, and lets not forget the Christmas cookies, topped with red and green sanding sugar.

We are certainly looking forward to opening gifts with the young ones on Christmas morning. They are getting a bit spoiled this year, but I don’t feel guilty about it because they have gone thought a lot since last Christmas with the move and all.

I’ve been pet sitting for Nia, which is a load of good fun. Her pets are all quite charming in their own way, and it’s almost like having animals of my own when I get to look after hers. The kids enjoy going over with me to feed and water them all, and most of the furry critters have no objections to the extra attention.

Tonight I would like to have a bath before bed, maybe read a bit and drink some tea.

Blogging will remain slow and sporadic for the next week or so. I have some great Dear Shasta segments coming up (keep sending those questions!) and some cool new product reviews. Lots of great things for kicking off 2008, and stay tuned for another big contest announcement at the beginning of January here. If you have a camera, you’ll be able to participate, to give you a bit of a hint.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Black RoseYou know, perhaps it’s sinisterly appropriate that the one year (in the past 10 or so) that I actually get excited about Christmas, and all hell has to break loose.

First, my dear friends Master Anakin and Padme lost their grandmother. I sent them some flowers to express my most sincere sympathies, and to show my support and friendship during this difficult time. I’ve thought of them often and we’ve been keeping in close touch over e-mail since they have been busy with funeral arrangements and the like.

Next, Jack got a phone call that his grandmother had also passed away. It was unexpected and rather shocking. I’m still not sure that it’s totally hit home. Jack was very close to his grandmother and will be attending the funeral this weekend. Due to the distance and how precarious the arrangements would be, I am unable to go with him, which is breaking my heart. Nothing can be done unfortunately, so we just have to tough it out, but it’s a very painful time.

Then last night Nia messaged me asking if I would be able to take her to the vets office. One of her pets was dying and she wanted to say goodbye to him and be able to bring the body home so that she can take it for burial this Friday. I said of course I would drive her over. Jack wasn’t home yet, so I loaded up the kiddos and we waited outside of the clinic while she went in. Jack was in the area on his way home from work, so he stopped by and picked up the kids from me.

After it was over we got Starbucks and I drove her home and gave her hugs and support. We hung out for a bit and went over a few instructions for looking after her pets (I am caring for them while she is away next week). She has done us big favours a couple of times, watching the kids on short notice so that he and I can go to appointments and the like, I am more than happy to look after her furry little ones.

With everything going on, I am relieved to have my shopping done. Blogging may be light over the next week or so, since I am struggling just to get this post finished. It can be tough to accomplish any writing when your mind is elsewhere. If you think you might miss me too much, come and hang out on Twitter, since I seem to be able to update that several times a day. Probably because it only requires me to come up with a sentence or two, and not a whole paragraph or more.

In spite of all the sadness, I am still looking forward to Christmas. Chalk it up to my need to push forward and find the positive in every situation. Is there anything positive about death? Yes, if the person was suffering or no longer wished to live. It’s been a year of learning that no matter how bleak things seem, there are always things, people, aspects of life for which you can be grateful. Perhaps this was a fitting end to 2007. I say that not to be dismissive of how sad and grievous it all is, but because when life forces you to put things into perspective, it could always be so much worse.

Perhaps take some extra time this year to remind your friends and family that you love them. Sometimes we don’t get a chance to say goodbye before they are gone.

Toy Lust TuesdaysDo you know what this blog needs? More anal toy reviews! Woohoo. To assist me on my quest to bring you the best in back door bedroom bling, Pleasure Me Now sent me the Kobe Tai Anal Adventure Kit. The idea behind this kit is to provide a variety of anal toys suitable for beginners, right up to more experienced individuals. Buying a sex toy kit is generally cheaper than buying toys individually, sort of like buying a boxed set of dinner wear, or wrenches. You get a good taste of several different toys you may not have otherwise considered. Plus if you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of styles and sizes available out there, this sampling will help you find out what you like or don’t like.

First, lets take a look at what this package offers. To begin with, a bottle of anal lube. Basically your run-of-the-mill water based lubricant. Anal lube is often of a thicker consistency than lube designed for vaginal use. Nothing to write home about here, similar to KY gel. I know that there are some anal lubes available that are designed to desensitize or numb the anal area, and I plead to you, NEVER USE THEM! If you are in pain during anal sex, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously. Damage to your anus can easily occur if you are numbed to the discomfort, even minor tears to the opening can become infected and result in awkward visits to your doctor or hospital. This is easily avoided by passing on the desensitizing lubes and listening to your body’s signals during any ass play.

Kobe Tai Anal Adventure KitNext there is a set of anal beads, and these unassuming little gems are a load of fun. There is a well-known technique often recommended that involved rapidly pulling the string of beads out of your partners behind as they are climaxing. It’s a totally incredible sensation. Highly recommended. As an aside, never, ever purchase anal beads with string between the beads. Unless it is well coated in silicone, it will harbour bacteria and other gross stuff. Bleh, just avoid it all together.

Two butt plugs, in different sizes and shapes are also included. They are both quite small in size, perfect for beginners. These are the sorts of toys you should start with if you are new to anal play.

Last, there is a very basic vibrator with two sleeves of different textures. This set is only recommended for people who have done a bit of anal play. The vibrator can be used on it’s own (I would suggest that before trying it with a sleeve) and is easily covered by a condom. Speaking of condoms, I would encourage you to cover all of your anal toys with condoms. Feces, when transferred to your vagina can cause irritation and yeast infections. Transferred to your mouth it can cause E coli, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, pneumonia, and influenza. Please be careful when using toys for both your anus and vagina or mouth.

I found the sleeves difficult to get on and off of the vibrator. I would advise sprinkling a little corn starch inside the sleeve before putting it onto the vibrator to assist with removal later on.

This kit is certainly an excellent set for the curious and inexperienced. It’s enough to get you started on your way to a long and fulfilling journey through the joys of anal pleasure. None of the items are too intimidating or scary, nor huge and unusual.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5


Rhymes With Litter

So have ya’ll heard about Twitter?

Maybe I am behind the times, although I had heard about it before. I finally signed on, and you can find me there as ShastaGibson.

If you don’t know what it is, basically you have a profile page and as often as you like you can update what you are doing. For example:

“Shasta Gibson is writing an update for Stiletto Diaries”


“Shasta Gibson wants someone to come over and give her a back rub”


“Shasta Gibson has just masturbated for the 12th time today”

Your friends/family/whatever can add you and then they receive your updates as part of a feed. You can add them back and see their updates too on your feed.

Pretty neat! I haven’t figured out all the cool things you can do with it yet, but all the popular kids are doing it, so it must be good.

Feel free to add me if you’re interested in my daily goings-on.

EDIT: I also just discovered you can message people directly in response to their updates. So, this could be a great way for sharing thoughts on blog posts, daily stuff, etc.

Goth GirlOn Friday night Nia and I had planned to go out to this goth/industrial night, a weekly feature at a local bar. Some weeks ago I purchased some synthetic dreadlocks designed to wear with natural dreads, so I decided Friday would be an ideal time for a test run.

They were easy to put in and they looked pretty hot. I completed the ensemble with a short pleather skirt, knee high boots, a black tank top, a collar, and plenty of black eyeshadow.

I drove over to Nia’s place, and we caught a cab over to the bar. There wasn’t any cover charge, and it wasn’t super busy, but the music was good and the booze was cheap.

We drank a bit and danced a lot. I got a few great compliments on my hair, and we were groped by a very drunk guy (no surprise there). We had a lot of fun, although we didn’t stay out super late. It was pretty cold out so to avoid a long wait for a cab we left shortly before last call and went back to Nia’s place. I hung out there for at least another hour and a half before I decided I was safe to drive home (I’d only had a few drinks).

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping to put the finishing touches on my Christmas gifts. During my travels I happened into this odd little indie boutique where I happened across the most amazing bag I’ve ever seen. Totally hand made here in Canada, and not mass produced, it was on sale for $40.00 (regularly $120). It was designed and manufactured by an artist in Quebec. So very cool. I knew I would probably never see anything like it again, so I decided to treat myself. The man who rang me through was, I swear on my soul, LD’s doppelganger (or at least close relative). Very similar looks, same voice, same presence. He was fabulous, and I very much plan to go back to said store in the hopes of running into him again. Not to mention the fact that the store is incredible.

This week I have a waxing appointment with a new esthetician. I took the advice of one of my commenters and looked for someone who specializes in European techniques. I’m hopeful that she will do a better job than the last gal, since I haven’t much patience for trying out someone new every 5 weeks.

Honestly I wanted this post to be longer and more interesting but I’m feeling a it fatigued from lack of sleep, so I’ll cut it short. I should have some more exciting things to say later this week, not to mention all of the awesome questions I’m getting for Dear Shasta. Feel free to me with your questions for future segments (I can only keep posting them if my readers keep asking me stuff).

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Only 9 more sleeps until Christmas!