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My darling reader Esined has treated us to the second part of a hot little story she has written. Feedback in the comments section is appreciated. Chapter One can be found here. Enjoy!

SundaysButtonKainny woke up shivering and noticed the sun was lower and she was in the shade. The breeze was making her bare skin cold. She put her clothes back on and went out to explore further to find food. Her stomach was growling loudly and she was feeling weak from not eating since the day before. It made her dizzy. She smelled smoke and came to a small clearing in the woods. The lack of food and probably being in the sun made her feel faint and before she could fight it, the world went dark again.

When she came to, she noticed she was naked and her hands were tied above her head, sitting in a swing with her legs apart. The swing made some movement possible, but not enough to escape. She looked around and saw she was in some kind of hut with a fire glowing in a small clay fireplace. Rarab meat was being grilled over the fire and giving off a wonderful scent that made Kainny stomach growl. Too hungry to care what kind of predicament she was in, she called out. “Hello!? Is anyone out there?”

MinaShe looked to the door of the hut that was covered with a colorful cloth and saw a shadow moving in front of it. She recognized the shape of the shadow, Mithra! She sighed in relief seeing a familiar person and not some monster. The Mithra came in and went straight to the fireplace and took the food and put it in a clay bowl. Kainny observed this Mithra and noticed how beautiful she was. Her fur was a light color of mocha and her hair was a striking color of bright red, brighter that on any other Mithra she ever saw. She had seen several redhead Mithra’s in Jeuno, but their coloring was leaning more towards auburn and warm brown tones. Her eyes were beautiful also, as blue as the water from the beach, bright and shiny, like jewels.

Her attire was unlike the Mithra attire she was used to seeing in Jeuno or even Kazam. It looked more primitive, skins and fur, most likely from the animals in the Jungle. Kainny asked, “Where am I?” The Mithra just stared at her but did not answer. She came over with the bowl of meat, and Kainny noticed that she must have prepared it while Kainny was busy looking at her. The Mithra started feeding her and Kainny out of hunger ate greedily.

She noticed that the Mithra was also observing her and somehow begun to feel aroused by being under this wild cat’s scrutiny. This feline was looking at her all over. Looking at her eyes, her lips as she took the food into her mouth, to her breasts, her smooth belly and finally down to her center, which was exposed by having her legs spread apart. She seemed more curious of that area than any other. The feline then returned to the table and poured a liquid into a cup and brought it to Kainny’s lips. Kainny drank the sweet nectar greedily yet again and realized that she might have been dehydrated as well as hungry from being under the sun all day. As she drank the juice, some of it dribble over the side of the cup and ran down her cheek, to her neck, all the way down to her exposed breast, stopping at her taut nipple.

The Mithra set the cup back down the table and returned to Kainny’s side. Kainny assumed that she would bring a cloth back to wipe the juice off of her. Instead, the feline took her head down to her breast and started licking the juice off her nipple and breast. Kainny arched against this warm tongue licking her from her nipple to her mouth. The Mithra was licking her mouth and Kainny parted her lips and began kissing her. She looked to see a look of surprise and then pleasure within those deep blue pools. Kainny could hear her start to purr. She began to feel aroused and felt her womanhood becoming moist with arousal. The Mithra’s soft furry hands were touching out of curiosity her bare breasts and body. Kainny started panting and she noticed that the feline smelling her all over her body. Her soft tiny whiskers were tickling where she was sniffing. She became focused on Kainny’s exposed womanhood and was sniffing in the area purring louder. She timidly started licking her inner thighs, torturing Kainny with pleasure, as she made timid mewing sounds.

Kainny could feel her warm breath so close to her spot and started whimpering wanting to beg and thinking; Oh! Please lick me! Lick me! Suddenly she heard a roaring sound that made the redhead Mithra become alarmed and shrank away. Kainny hearing this roar became very concerned that they were being under attack from a predator. She noticed that it had gotten dark and that the sun must be setting. Her encounter with this sexy cat had distracted her to the point that she had not realized time going by. Looking at the Mithra she saw that she was scared and trying to keep calm. Kainny was getting scared also.

She then saw what she thought she would never see in her whole life, a Manthra! He had a mane of a lion but was black as night. His dark eyes were the eyes of a predator and he was tall. He was almost as tall as an Elvaan and muscular, but lean and stealthy unlike those big clumsy Galkans. He had an intimidating presence and his eyes glowed in the hut that was getting darker as dusk was nearing. Kainny could not help but flinch as his eyes set upon her. Many other Mithra’s were at the door of the hut peering in, seeing if their male cat was pleased with their offering of her. That is when it struck her. Kainny was a mating offer to their leader.

He growled a deep growl of what seem to be approval, looking Kainny over. He then turned around and growled ferociously at the curious Mithra’s peering in. They all left in fright, including the pretty redhead. He turned around and faced her. Kainny could not help herself as she flinched under his scrutiny. He looked like he was about to devour her.

This week we have a special treat! My darling reader Esined has generously allowed me to post the first part of a hot little story she has written. Feedback in the comments section in appreciated. Enjoy!

SundaysButtonKainny wanted to go on another one of her adventures. She was feeling restless from the humdrum of Jeuno and decided to go to the beach for a change of scenery. Taking a teleport to Mea, she set off to Bibiki Bay to take the boat there to one of the many beaches. She was disappointed to see that it was clouding over as she neared the docks. She wouldn’t be able to sunbathe on the way to the beach.

She began to worry as the clouds got darker once on the boat. Suddenly, she could see lighting and thunder not too far in the distance and it began to pour down hard and within a few minutes she was drenched. Her clothes clung to her body and the boat navigator was having a hard time keeping the boat afloat, being distracted by Kainny’s appearance. Kainny looked down to where the navigator was staring at and she could clearly see her hard nipples through her shirt. She looked up to the navigator that was staring right behind her in fright. Kainny had just had enough time to turn around and see a giant wave crashing on top of her; the world around her went dark.

When Kainny came to, she could hear the gulls crying above her head, everything looked so bright. As she adjusted her view, she could hear waves crashing and felt the water wash over her feet. She got up slowly being dizzy and weak from the ordeal and looked around. White sand and blue water were the first things she noticed. She focused ahead of her and saw a lush green jungle with rocks, cliffs and caves. She looked down to see her shirt torn and her pants also. She bent down ripped her pants into makeshift shorts and her shirt into a small sleeveless top. She could not fix her shirt to cover her mid-drift, so she left it at that. She then set out to explore.

She came across a small waterfall and was thankful to see fresh water. She then began to undress. She stopped briefly sensing as if she were being watched. She stopped all movement and looked around. The birds were still chirping and she saw no movement within the Jungle aside from the breeze within the trees. She dove in the fresh water and drank from it. She then went under the waterfall to let the water wash over her.

From a distance, a strange creature was watching Kainny. Her feline eyes were taking in the scene of this furless female rubbing her body clean. She watched as Kainny was rubbing the sand off her creamy colored breasts that clung to her skin from being washed ashore. These round feline eyes, focused more, and a purring sound came from within her chest as she watched Kainny’s hands rub all over her bare body. She then noticed this stranger take her hand to the only spot that had dark fur on her body and began rubbing it in rhythmic motions. As she was doing this, her other hand went to her breast and played with the already stiff nipple. The stranger was panting and then moaning, her movements becoming more and more urgent.

The creature’s purring became quicker and she was feeling something build within her body and couldn’t understand why she was feeling this way. Her breathing came in as pants as she saw the stranger in the waterfalls rubbing herself and moaning. She could see her two middle fingers disappear within the dark fur between her legs. The stranger then let out a cry of pleasure. The feline’s eyes widened as she saw the stranger groom herself, or rather the only two fingers that were just moments ago hidden in that dark patch of fur. The feline then shrank back into the shadows of the jungle, with a funny sensation of throbbing between her legs as if she was the one being massaged there.

Kainny oblivious to the onlooker that had just seen her pleasure herself went over to where there were large smooth rocks and lay there to dry in the sun. The rocks had already got warm under the sun and felt cozy to Kainny as she took her clothes to use as a cushion under her head. She sighed in pleasure as the warmth of the sun washed over her. She was glad she was able to release the tension of her body that way. She soon fell asleep under the warmth of the sun and the trickle sound of the small waterfall.

Click Here For: Part One

She thought she might lose her mind, she had reached her limit and panicked at the thought of being pushed over the edge, into the infinite blackness. Her thumb started to depress the button that would end her suffering. She could not possibly endure another moment… and then suddenly, it stopped. She held her breath. She dared not relax for fear he was just changing implements of torture.

His fingertips grazed her back and she shuddered. Her jaw was clenched so tightly around the ball gag that her entire face ached from the strain. He was speaking softly to her, but she didn’t hear his words. She was lulled by his tone, and the gentle caress of his hands on her shoulder, her neck, her cheek.

“Such a good girl” he whispered, unbuckling the gag. She gratefully opened her mouth so that he could remove it and then inhaled a deep breath, exhaling with a great sigh of relief. The anger drained out of her, replaced by her enduring trust in him and an unusual sense of calm.

He continued to sooth her with his words. Very slowly and gently removing the bonds that held her. First her ankles, and then carefully the cuffs around her wrists, so that only the blindfold remained. He caught her in his arms once she was released and she wrapped her very stiff arms around his neck. She dared not try to remove the blindfold herself so she simply let herself be carried to wherever he was taking her next.

The heat from her beating continued to burn across her skin, but she cared not, he was pleased with her. She knew that he was so very proud of her, and it made her heart swell with joy.

The air was warm on her naked skin and she could smell something subtle and earthy. She was shifted forward, and down, and her toes skimmed the surface of something hot and wet. She twitched in his strong arms, not sure what to expect.

“Just relax” he said, and then she was enveloped in water, up to her chest. She whimpered for a moment, the heat from the bath stung the welts on her body, but then her sore muscles started to untie themselves and she laid back contently.

The blindfold was lifted from her eyes but she didn’t open them right away. She felt hands and a sponge, moving in lazy circles over her breasts and her belly. She enjoyed this moment of pampering. He washed her legs and her feet. He caressed the intimate folds of her pussy and she moaned softly, shifting her hips very slightly into his touch. His hands moved off, back up her belly, but she did not protest. He tipped her upper body forward and her head back, and then water poured down over her hair and back. This repeated several time, washing away the tears and the sweat.

He dried her face with a soft fluffy towel and then she opened her eyes slowly. He was watching her lovingly and she smiled and blushed in spite of herself.

“Come now pet, I am not finished with you” and he stood reaching for her hands. She looked up at him, praying he didn’t mean another trip to the dungeon, but he simply grinned and helped her out of the bath. He dried her thoroughly and then led her into the bedroom. There were candles lit all around and the bed was freshly made and turned back. He laid her down and then slowly stripped off his own clothes, looking into her eyes intently.

The cotton sheets felt so good against her tired body. He climbed in next to her, their naked bodies pressed against one another, and he touched her face affectionately, and then drew her to him for a long passionate kiss…

To Be Continued, Yet Again… :P

*I wrote the first part of this story a long time ago on another blog I had. I never finished it, so I decided to re-post part one with the intention of writing the second portion next week.

The flickering candlelight danced across the wall creating eerie shadows upon the grey paint. The room was cool, but perhaps her goosebumps were not caused by the temperature. She was naked of course, save for the heavy collar around her delicate neck and the leather cuffs locked on her wrists and ankles. She fidgeted, wondering what was keeping him.

Footsteps in the other room.

He was coming for her.


She shuddered; was it terror, or anticipation?

He came into the room and regarded her with a rather sinister grin. Her heart leaped into her throat and she looked at the floor, the wall, anywhere but at him. Not wasting any time, he stepped over beside her, and with one hand on the small of her back, pushed her against the wall. Her chest pressed onto the cold cement and she gasped softly, but did not dare protest. He didn’t speak a word while he clipped her wrist cuffs to the rings that were bolted to the wall above her head. He bent down and fastened the ankle cuffs as well, leaving her spread eagle and completely helpless. Her breath came in rapid gasps as her anxiety grew; she heard him moving around behind her, and then a soft cloth came down over her eyes. She whimpered, her world plunged into darkness as he adjusted the blindfold. She began to wonder what she had gotten herself into when she felt something smooth and round press against her lips.

“Open” he commanded sternly. Meekly she did as she was told, accepting the gag between her teeth. She felt him tighten the strap and buckle it at the back of her head. Her ability to swallow was hindered and she felt humiliated when she began to drool around the gag. He pressed something into her hand, it felt like a garage door opener.

“Press the button if you begin to panic or need something immediately. Do not use it unless it is an emergency or your will be a very sorry girl. Go ahead and try it once so that you know how to use it” he instructed. Her thumb found the button and she pressed it, the little box emitted a high-pitch screech.

Reaching around from behind her, he cupped her breasts, his fingers finding her nipples and pinching them hard. She squirmed, and he released them, running his hands down the sides of her body to her hips. She felt him move away from her and she whimpered softly in protest.

She waited for what seemed like hours, although it must have really only been a couple of minutes. The silence was so thick she could taste it and her heart was pounding so hard she feared it might burst.

In the silence she heard a sound that made a shiver run up her spine. That familiar swishing of something being swung in the air. It stopped as quickly as it had started, and then without warning she felt the leather tails on her back and she sucked in a deep breath through her nose. They slid slowly over her skin, a promise of things to come.

The swishing began again, but this time it was punctuated by rhythmic strikes upon her body. She wriggled and cried out as the lashes fell again and again, leaving reddening streaks across her flesh. The tails fell progressively harder, leaving trails of fire in their wake. The pain was intense and several times her thumb went to the button on the little box that would mean an end to it all. She could feel the drool dripping down her chin and her breathing became more labored.

She didn’t press the button. She wanted to accept the pain, she wanted to show him that she could take it. She screamed around the gag, she writhed and bucked against the wall, trying to avoid those vicious tails. Still they rained down on her, again and again. She began to feel removed from the pain. She could tell that it was still occurring, but it seemed far away. Her brain was swimming in endorphins and she felt like she was outside of her body.

There was a pause in the onslaught, and she started to come back to herself. She hear a loud crack, and then felt searing pain again. It was like a delayed reaction. She whined, and there was another crack, and another, and another. The strap left angry crimson welts on her backside, she could feel her skin burning like never before. She fought her restraints, she wept, but it was for not.

She knew he was pushing her. She became enraged with him. She couldn’t understand why he was doing this, was he trying to break her? Trying to make her admit defeat? She was choking on her anger and the pain that exploded through her with every strike. She thought that she might pass out, and she struggled against the urge to push that damned button.

She was in agony, like nothing she had ever experienced before. She wished for death or unconsciousness.

To Be Continued…

BDSM Bondage Erotica Sensual Sundays

I glance out of the kitchen window into the inky blackness. I like to keep the blinds open at night. Maybe it’s the exhibitionist in me. Anyone walking in the field behind our house could get a full view of our beautiful main floor. And me, stirring a pot of thick, dark, homemade hot chocolate.

I don’t even notice you in the kitchen until your hands are on my hips and your lips are grazing my neck. I can smell your familiar scent, mixed with the heavy sweet aroma of bubbling chocolate. You tell me that you love me and then you nibble my ear and make me giggle and squirm. Apparently such things are provocative and I can feel you rubbing your erection against my bum. It makes me smile to know that I turn you on, to know how badly you want me.

There is no time to be wasted as far as you are concerned because you are cupping my breasts through my thin t-shirt and tugging my shorts off and unbuttoning your jeans. I pretend to hardly notice you, although my body is betraying me. I can feel the moisture start to seep between my legs and my nipples are stiff and sensitive to the fabric rubbing against them.

Your naked cock slides up between my ass cheeks, you are dry humping me from behind before you push me forward, gently but without negotiation. Bent over the counter you slide into me from behind. One hand is on the back of my neck and the other grasps my hip, your nails digging into my tender skin. I get lost in the moment, your body moving against mine, your hands on me. It occurs to me that anyone outside would be getting quite the show since we are right out in the open. The thought only serves to make me hotter and wetter and I push back against you with a groan.

“You are such a little slut” and I know that you say it affectionately because you love me and my raw sexuality. I only moan in reply, eyes and head rolling back in ecstasy.

Your cock is slick with my juices, and you fuck me lazily. Like a long walk in a park, no particular hurry, just enjoying the scenery and taking it all in and appreciating it for it’s beauty. I know how you appreciate me for my beauty, and how you savour these moments like a fine wine or a particularly well cooked steak.

When I cum for you I clench my jaw and whimper, my pussy contracting around you, encouraging you to orgasm. It seems to last forever and I can feel the droplets of liquid trickle down the insides of my thighs. My stomach muscles ache from the intensity of it. You are obviously quite pleased with the results of your ministrations because you unload into me moments later, with a few final jerking thrusts.

I pull up my shorts and we go about our business like we always do. I smirk like a cat that swallowed a canary and wonder if the people walking their dogs in the field enjoyed the show.

Erotica Sensual Sundays Sex Work

“Dammit, I dropped my keys in the back room somewhere and now I can’t find them” he huffed, sauntering over.

I looked up from the stack of paper I was sorting through and then to the clock.

“Well it’s almost break time. I’ll come help you look for them if you like.”

“That would be sweet of you” and he grinned that sly grin that makes me want to kiss him. I didn’t, however, and we headed down from the office towards the storage bays.

We chatted about his upcoming move. He seemed irritated that he hadn’t been able to find a place to live more locally. We discussed the current housing market and the lack of affordable places to rent.

It was the wee hours of the morning, most of the interior lighting was shut off to save on power. The back rooms were very dimly lit but there was sufficient light for locating lost keys. The storage bays were like a maze of boxes and pallets and random equipment, it was going to be difficult to find anything back there.

“I think they must be over here somewhere” and he began pulling out boxes from what looked like a mountain of them. I started looking in the general area that he had indicated. The stack of empty pallets seemed a likely place for keys to be hiding.

After several minutes of unsuccessful searching I stood up from the open bin I was rifling through. I didn’t see him standing over me and we collided and then laughed. A pause passed between us and I pushed a few stray strands of hair back from my face, giggling uncertainly. He looked at me with those eyes that make me feel weak and before it started to feel awkward he took my face in his hands and presses his lips against mine.

I felt myself turn to liquid and melt against him. His tongue gingerly traced my lips, his hands trailing down my arms to my waist and pulled me against him. My lack of resistance seemed to be all the encouragement he needed and his mouth became more aggressive, but still gentle, on mine. I ran my fingers up his chest and back down. The smell of him was intoxicating. I could feel the familiar tingle between my legs and I was certain that my panties would be soaked for the rest of the night.

He pulled away, and I start to protest but then his lips were on my neck and his hands griped my ass hard and all I could do was let my head fall back with a soft moan. He lifted me easily onto the stack of boxes behind us, and we kissed again, more urgently. His fingers slid over my hips to find the hem of my shirt, and then they were underneath and his hands were against my skin and I shivered with anticipation. His hands were calloused from years of hard working, but they somehow seemed softer against the sensitive flesh of my cleavage.

He pushed my shirt up over my breasts and unclasped the front of my bra. His hands were insistent, but not rough, and my nipples became as hard as little pebbles under his touch. His lips and tongue trailed over my skin as he worked his way down over my collar bone. It was all I could do not to cry out while he sucked and teased me into a frenzy. I felt my skin flush, my body was on fire, I had never wanted anything so badly as I wanted him in that moment.

He paused long enough for me to tug his shirt over his head. He was beautiful, he looked tan despite the winter, and I admired his strong chest and his well toned arms. A girl could happily spend hours and hours wrapped up in those arms. I tangled my fingers in his dirty blond hair and pulled him back up to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him forever…

And then he was unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down my legs and I leaned forward to fumble with his his belt. We didn’t have much time left. The cardboard was cold against my rear end but I hardly noticed. My hands found his bare cock and I stroked his length. He muffled a groan against my neck, his hands pulling me to the very edge of the box. There was a moment, he looked into my eyes, and I into his. I smiled and nudged his nose with mine, to reassure him that I was ok. He grinned softly, his hands running up my thighs, and then he kissed me again and slid his cock into my wet slit. I whimpered into his mouth and wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me tight against him and kissed my cheek and then my ear. We were still like that for a minute, just drinking each other in and never ever wanting it to end.

I leaned back slightly and he started to slowly thrust into me. It was passionate and sensual, and frantic and needy. I buried my face against his broad shoulder to keep from screaming while he grunted and panted into my ear. My fingertips dug into his back and I held onto him like there was no tomorrow.

There was just us, nothing else in the world but him and I and our sweating entangled bodies. It was one of those rare moments when time stands still and you can think of nothing else but the pleasure in every second. The earth could have split open beneath us and we would not have noticed. We were so entranced with each other that all the rest of existence fell away.

His big hands were on my lower back and his hips were ramming against the insides of my thighs. I could tell that he was getting closer. His muscles strained and with a few final thrusts and a guttural moan he came and leaned against me, trying to catch his breath. I stroked the back of his head and nibbled his neck. After a moment he stepped back and smiled at me sheepishly. I just grinned and pulled his mouth to mine for another kiss before we had to get ourselves back in order.

I straightened out my hair and affectionately swatted his bum. He laughed and we kissed again before leaving the storage room. I wondered if anyone would notice the considerable puddle I left on that one box…

Incidentally, we never did find his keys until the next break ;)

Erotica Sensual Sundays Sex Work