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I was just reminded by the umpteenth post somewhere that many people are in the dark about online shopping.

Namely, you do not NEED a credit card OR paypal to shop online this Christmas.

In Canada (and elsewhere I imagine) you can purchase pre-paid Visa Gift Cards at places like Safeway, for online shopping. In many ways this is superior to traditional credit cards because there is no chance of credit card fraud.

Some merchants get anal about it, but for the most part, they are embracing such technology because it means that even broke-ass people with shitty credit can still buy stuff from them.

Not having a credit card is no reason to whine to the Internet masses that you can’t buy those Reindeer Webkinz on Amazon for Christmas.

To celebrate the season of giving, The Red Door is gifting all of you fabulous people with a 20% discount on orders from their site!

Simply enter the promo code:


I’ve been drooling over all of their sexy shoes and boots, and the lingerie is to die for! I really, really love that they have a plus sized selection of erotic outfits, and costumes.

Personally, I am thinking this would be a fabulous outfit to wear for Jack on Christmas Eve :P Go on, warm up those credit cards and buy yourself, or your gal a hot holiday treat!

GoddessI’ve been debating over this post for most of the day. Not the topic of it (as it has none thus far) but rather whether or not I would bother writing it. Blogging can be an interesting hobby. On the phone with Padme this morning we discussed how it often happens that one will find themselves either in the mood to write, with nothing to say, or with plenty to say and no desire to write it.

Today has been a little of both. Certainly I have things to blog about, but the want to has eluded me. Perhaps I can coax out my muse with a little wine.

Another contributing factor, although to a lesser extent, might be the fact that Nia reads this blog. I felt that keeping it from her was wrong, although I am not sure why. I’ve gone over this at least a half a dozen times with all of you, and yet it presents a dilemma to me every time. In this case, I decided to be open about it.

Which presents me another dilemma, can I really write honestly and openly about someone when I know they are going to read it? Would any of us have gushed about that boy in math class on the pages of our grade 7 journal had we known he was going to read it the next day?

I certainly wouldn’t have.

Luckily this isn’t grade 7 and I’m not nearly as careful about what I say or do in front of others. Still, when a ‘relationship’ or whatever we are doing might be called, is very new, laying all of your cards on the table could be a bad idea.

That said, I don’t see the point of blogging when I only reveal half-truths or nothing at all. Why be bothered? I’ve promised myself time and again that when I felt like I should blog about something, dammit I’m going to blog about it.

Nia’s visit here on Sunday was really wonderful. Even though neither of us is 100% healthy yet, we enjoyed snacking and writing our Christmas cards together. The kids absolutely adored her, and have already asked me several times when she can come back to visit again.

Jack was mostly engrossed in watching The Grey Cup, so she and I visited amongst ourselves and grumbled about what a pain in the ass Christmas cards are.

I certainly enjoyed her company, and I was very relieved that things were not the least bit awkward after the disagreement we had last week.

What disagreement you ask?

I’m not inclined to share details, but to put it simply Nia and I disagree on a specific issue that each of us feels rather strongly about. The discussion was not particularly heated, nor did it get mean or nasty, but I know it disturbed us both greatly.

What exactly this means is still unclear. She doesn’t know if she wants to date someone with my particular opinion, and while I certainly understand and respect that, I can’t help but be a tad discouraged.

It’s so very, very rare that I am attracted to women. Thus far it’s only happened a handful of times, which is probably why I’ve never dated a woman before. Generally the feelings either are not mutual, or there are other circumstances that prevent a real connection (such as distance). I’ve been sexually intimate with a couple of women, but that was not in the context of a dating relationship.

Basically, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to pursuing women.

I dislike being all awkward and unsure of myself and part of me just wants to come out and ask Nia what exactly it is we are doing. Are we dating? Are we just friends? Is there any chance that this will be more? AM I BEING PSYCHOTIC?!?!??!

I feel dumb and out of my element. I’m not into labels, but at the same time I don’t want to run into the issue of mismatched expectations and ideas. I’ve done that dance too many times and it almost always ends badly for one or both of the people involved. I also don’t want to be investing the wrong kinds of emotions into our friendship only to end up being way off base.

Maybe I just need to stop being a freak, and allow it to be what it is.

This whole thing wouldn’t be nearly as difficult if I didn’t like her as much as I do. Yes, it’s early still and I know that I’m making way too big of a deal out if it all, but I haven’t really hit it off with anyone like this in a long time and I really don’t want to muck it up right off the start.

Anyway, there you have it, the happenings of the weekend and emotional angst all rolled in together. Go me!

Possibly the most vile and disgusting thing I’ve ever seen:

2 Girls 1 Cup

Sorry if this is ‘old news’ but I only heard of it tonight and had the most unfortunate experience of watching it for myself. Not for people with weak stomachs and certainly not safe for work or children.

Now I need to go and bleach my eyes and rinse out my mouth.

So, this weekend I’m having Nia over to meet Jack and the kids.

The last time I mentioned introducing someone I was dating to my kids, my comment board erupted with horror and disgust. Seriously, if you don’t remember that, go and check it out, it was crazy!

You’d think I had suggested roasting my own young ones on a spit, and then eating them with hollandaise sauce.

Seeing as I haven’t had a negative comment here in months, I doubt that will happen again, although it would be very entertaining.

We were discussing Christmas Cards, and she offered to come over to drink tea and write our respective cards together. Since Jack and the kids plan to hunker down with snacks and beer helmets and foam fingers to watch The Grey Cup on Sunday, we decided that would be the perfect opportunity for tea and strumpets…err..crumpets.

I’m all excited about having her over, although I need to get some tidying done before Jack will permit me to bring anyone into the house. He’s a bit…uh… *insert word that rhymes with ‘tit-hickey’* about how The Lair looks when we have company.

Plus it gives me a perfect excuse to do a little Christmas baking, which I generally try to avoid for the sake of my waist line. Does anyone have any favorite holiday recipes they care to share with me? I was thinking butter tart squares (like butter tarts for lazy people) and maybe some chocolate orgasm cookies…or cinnamon buns, Yum! I have recipes for those things, but if you have others to add, share away!

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, but nothing serious. I seem to be getting better, rather than worse, which is a relief. The kids and Jack seem to have avoided contracting whatever unpleasant thing I’ve been suffering from.

Hopefully I will have a review to post tomorrow, and I am sure the weekend will present a lot of interesting and fun events about which I can blog.

For now, I bid you a good evening, for I am off to write my shopping list and perhaps take a nice long bath with a cup of hot tea and a book.

Well, only two people entered my recent contest for sexy haikus. I’m a little disappointed, however, not yet totally discouraged when it comes to this contest thing.

At any rate, congratulations DarklyFey and Esined on winning. Since the two of them were awesome enough to enter, I decided to award the Ive Vibrator to DarklyFey, and offered a comparable set of prizes to Esined, who then selected the Pocket Rocket.

Thanks again to both of you for participating!

Just a reminder about the Graphics Contest (see top of sidebar) because there are only 9 days left! Thus far I’ve only had two entries for the main banner category, one entry for the ad banner category, and 4 entries for the button category. As it sits, everyone who has entered will be getting a prize. Good news for them, but that’s not much of a contest. Please submit entries as soon as possible.

Jack and I have started discussing Christmas shopping, and so, I decided to gather a bit of a wish list for myself. You might notice the lack of any sex toys on this list, and that’s because I don’t ALWAYS want sex toys for the holidays. At any rate, I hope you will find my list interesting and check out a few of the items on it. Enjoy!

Sassy Handcuff Bracelet - Is this not the cutest thing ever?

Robin’s Nest & Branch Necklace - Totally sweet, and it actually reminds me of my Grandma. I don’t have a lot of necklaces, so looking to expand my collection.

Sushi Charm Bracelet - Because I be lovin raw fish.

Frankie The Frog Bead - I have been DYING for one of these funky beads for my dreadlocks. They are the most amazing things ever!!!

Percy The Creature Bead - I totally must have one of these guys, even if I have to buy it for myself.

Bernadette The Sea Serpent Bead - Hair serpents are all the rage this winter.

Hologram Squiggles - So fun and original. I think these would look awesome in my hair!

Lush Bath Bombs - I didn’t link to any specific one because they are ALL awesome! I love Lush, it’s my fav store ever. Any of these would thrill me to no end, and if you deliver one in person, I’ll probably invite you to hop in the tub with me!

Lush Bubble Bars - I’ve been wanting to try one of these, since they seem like such a cool idea.

Lush Bath Melts - Ok now I am dying for a hot bath…

Lush Massage Bars - If you give me one of these, I promise to give you a long, sexy massage in return!

Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar - I’ve heard really good things about these when it comes to dreads, so, it’s on my list of “Do Want!”

Sea Vegetable Soap Bar - Since I’m no near the ocean, this seems like the second best option.

Cast Iron Tea Pot - Jack will tell you that I don’t need another tea pot, but that’s not true! I can always use one more.

Halia Charm Bracelet - This is the coolest idea for charm bracelets ever!

Red And Black Halia Bead

Horseshoe Halia Bead

Green Flower Dangle Halia Bead

Blue Eternity Halia Bead

Pink Swirl Dangle Halia Bead

Ugh! I took my chances all week (and weekend) by spending time with Nia while she was sick with some sort of a chest infection.

Apparently, this time I was not lucky in the immune strength lottery, and now I too am sickly.

However, since I know it’s totally my own fault, I can’t be too pathetic and whiny. Nia thought I was nuts for hanging out with her for 10.5 hours on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and exposing myself to her mucous and germs.

S’okay though. Totally worth it.

The only downside is that now I am going to have to stay totally clear of her until I am better again, so that I don’t somehow re-infect her (she’s on the mend I think).

Once both of us are finally well, I’m hoping to have her over for dinner to meet Jack.

I only have until Saturday to get my voice back and feel better, because Jack and I have dinner reservations at a fabulous restaurant, to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement (6 years now).

So, I likely will not be online much. I’m going to rest, drink tea, and round up someone to come over and rub vicks on my chest :P

Not sure if I’ll post much this week, so while I work at feeling less icky, please enter my most recent contest for sexy haikus. I am sure it would help me feel better if more people gave me submissions ;) hee hee. Here’s an example in case you’re not totally sure what I am looking for:

And When He Went Down
Her Eyes Rolled Back In Her Head
Sweet Orgasmic Bliss

See? Not that hard.

If it’s the whole mailing address thing that is putting you off, I swear on all that is good and unholy, that I will not share your personal info with anyone else. Plus, I have to put MY personal address on the packages I ship, in case they need to return it to me, so we’ll be even.

Alright, I am off to curl up on the couch and sip my Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea. I hope everyone had a weekend as awesome as mine (yes, it was still excellent in spite of getting sick. I mean, I got to spend almost an entire night with a really hot chick, so I can’t complain).

Submit your best sexy haiku to win one of several fun prizes!

Entries will be judged by myself and a small panel of assistant judges

Haikus will be evaluated for originality and how well it incorporates the theme
(so it should be about sex/lust/sensuality/romance/etc and it can be either serious or funny)

Post your entry in the comment section. I am turning ON comment moderation.
This means none of the comments will show up until I publish them all at the end of the contest.

Please read all of the rules before submitting:

1. You can only enter once. Please do not try to cheat your way around this.

2. You cannon comment anonymously, those comments will not be counted. If you do not have a blogger account, please select ‘Other’ when presented with commenting options and then enter some sort of name for yourself.

3. When winners are announced, you have 24 hours to contact me with your MAILING address in order to claim your prize. Please do not bother entering this contest if you will not/cannot give me a snail mail address where I can send your prize.

The prizes available for winners of this contest include:

A brand new, unopened bottle of Durex Play Passion Cherry Flavoured Lubricant

The Ivy Intimate Touch Massager

The Pearl Pleasure Comfort Grip Stroker

Good Luck All! Looking forward to reading your entries.

EDIT!!!Contest closes TUESDAY, Nov. 20 at 4pm EST.

I felt like such a whiner after my last post, so I am pleased to be posting something more upbeat before we head into the weekend.

Last night I picked up Nia in the evening to go for supper. We had curry at this really great little pub nearby. The food was awesome, much to our mutual delight! I am especially in love with their naan bread, which I wouldn’t exactly describe as authentic (gauging it in comparison to naan I’ve had at other Indian restaurants) but it’s so freakin good, it doesn’t matter.

There was this chick pea dish, with a coconut curry sauce. OMG! Delicious.

After supper, we decided to wander around a bit, checking out all of the beautiful new Christmas displays set up in the shop windows. While we were admiring the paintings in the window of an art gallery we were approached by two young men from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

“I’m an Atheist” I said firmly, when one of them asked if we were interested in hearing a message about Jesus. Oddly that seemed to put him off enough that he turned his attention to Nia who informed him curtly that she is in fact Pagan (he didn’t understand what that was, so she said “I’m a witch” and the look on his face was priceless). They did not persist, which was surprising, but a relief at any rate.

I saw a few gifts that would be perfect for some of my friends, not to mention great decorating ideas! Nia took me into one of the only shops still open at that hour to look at all of the really unique, and funky things inside. It was like a really chic little variety store. They had the most hilarious hand made greeting cards, a small assortment of clothing and hats, gorgeous bathroom accessories, some fun pet stuff, jewelry, and other little odds and ends. I have to go back there for sure!

Once we had strolled enough, we went back to her place, got naked, and…

Kidding :P

I’m terrible.

We hung out with some of her friends in the common room of her apartment complex, swapped stories and laughed and laughed. It was great fun! She taught me how to play cribbage, and I actually did not too bad.

It was getting late, but I wanted to show her some sex toys online before I left. She made me a cup of tea in her place while I snorgled the kitties.

Neither of us realized that it was almost 2am until Jack called me to make sure I was alright and hadn’t been in an accident or anything. We decided we’d better call it a night, since she was already feeling under the weather, and I had to be up early this morning. We bid each other goodnight and I headed for home, tired but really, really happy!

This afternoon we chatted online and decided to get together tomorrow afternoon for movies and knitting! We are Teh Kool Kids, LOL.

Whether or not we are actually ‘dating’ is still undecided, although we discussed it and nearly died laughing over our mutual awkwardness. I don’t think it matters at any rate, I really enjoy spending time with her, so who needs ‘labels’.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!