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Beyond the night of the party, I know I haven’t blogged at all about K’s visit or any of the other fun things we did while he was here.  Between actually spending time with him and planning for the party and then having the party and recovering only to fly out to Calgary for an incredible weekend with friends, well, blogging much just wasn’t in the cards.

So, allow me to bring everyone up to speed on the recent happenings :)

K arrived on Friday evening, and when I met him at the airport it didn’t feel at all like 9 months had passed since we’d last seen each other.  On the drive back to my house we chatted about his flight (he’d never flown in a commercial aircraft before) and about Ontario and what sorts of things we were going to see and do while he was here.  It wasn’t awkward at all, which was nice.

On Friday night was a bit of a different story, LOL.  It had been a long time since the three of us were together and as the clothes started coming off I joked that perhaps I had forgotten how to do it.  Clearly they had not since they fell on me like a pair of starving hyenas, and after that all I remember is cumming while K licked between my legs and Jack nibbled my breasts and nipples.  I think they must have fucked me as well, although I can’t tell you in what order or how many times or for how long, HA HA.

Jack was up bright and early on Saturday morning to pick up F, who had taken the red eye out from Calgary.  When they got back to the house we all visited some and then I headed out for my waxing appointment.  My estetician was quite surprised at the lack of regrowth I had, and commented that I should probably space out my appointments by more than 5 weeks so that there would be something there to yank out next time.

After that was finished I went to pick up Nia and her ex-boyfriend.  He needs a letter or a name or something I suppose…we’ll call him Remi.  They were…um…not out of bed yet ;) so I went to fetch coffee while they got themselves untangled and organised for the day.  We all ended up back at my place so that we could do some preparation for the party on Sunday, and generally hang out together.

Jack and F decided to go shopping for something that Jack could wear to the party.  They were gone until much later that night, while the rest of us wrangled children and made snacks for the big event.  Jack and I own a chocolate fountain and we’d decided to loan it out for the party, so we cut up fruit and so forth to go with that.

Nia and Remi went back to her place around supper time, and once the kids were in bed K and I curled up on the couch to watch TV, which led to being naked, which led to having sex several times in the living room.  Yum!

Sunday was of course the party, which I’ve already written about at length here.  Monday was spent recouperating from the loooooong day prior.  Jack and F went to do some sight seeing before he had to drop her off at the airport.  It was so lovely having her here.  Generally Jack hogs all of her time, so I really enjoyed having a chance to hang out with her more myself.

Once Jack got home from the airport, K and I headed down to Niagara Falls.  It was a somewhat cool day, but not freezing.  There was still a lot of ice on the river at the bottom of the falls.  We strolled along the walk way, and I told him about the Dragon Ritual Drummers and the stories of the dragon that lives behind the Falls.  If you haven’t heard of this drumming group they are totally amazing, and I’ll have one of their songs available for download at the end of this post.  I’m hoping to get in on one of their workshops at a local Pagan Festival this summer.

K and I were both starving, so we headed back to the truck and drove around Niagara to find a place to eat.  We settled on this quiet little pub and grill, which served pretty decent food, and was practically vacant.  We laughed a lot and reminiced a little over good memories from our relationship.  We agreed to avoid topics like P or the downhill slide that resulted in us breaking up.  Water under the bridge really, so there wasn’t any point in rehashing all of that.

After a scenic drive back from Niagara, we decided that we finally had room for dessert.  Casey’s has a mile-high chocolate cake to die for and I’d been craving it for days.  I couldn’t possibly finish it all, and K had ordered the Peanut Brownie Sundae, so I took the rest home for Jack.

Luckily he was still awake when we got home, although cake was the last thing on his mind, LOL.  The three of us had a fabulous threesome (I present photographic evidence, which is more efficient than me blathering on and on. The distortions were necessary to hide body art):

Take Me From Behind Baby!

Eventually we all fell asleep, exhausted, but quite satiated.  Can you tell I have a real preference for sex doggy-style?  I think it’s because the boys so love to twist my dreads in their hands and pull my head back while they fuck me like tomorrow will never come.  It’s delicious.  It also allows for spanking, which I enjoy immensely

Tuesday was rather relaxed.  Jack had to work so K and I spent the day recovering from the long weekend.  Tuesday evening was the local kink munch, and K agreed to go with me.  We had a very wonderful time.  I got to visit with some really nice people who I’ve gotten to know at previous events.  A gorgeous Domme, whom I sometimes flirt with, invited me to spend a night in her dungeon.  I’ve never bottomed to a woman before, mainly because I’ve never met one who induced those submissive feelings in me.  Until now.  I’d gladly let her beat on me any night she feels like it, in fact, I intend to take her up on that offer at the first mutually agreeable opportunity.

On Wednesday I woke up feeling…not quite right.  More specifically, my girl parts seemed displeased.  Now, I often joke that I have a stainless steel vagina, because I’ve never had anything go wrong down there.  No irritation, no yeast infections, nothing troublesome in the least, despite some of the strange and varied things I stick up there (I mean sex toys you sickos).  It’s always been perfectly well behaved, the way every pussy should be.

So I passed it off as irritation from ‘overuse’ as V put it ;)  However, after a hot shower and avoiding sex for nearly two days, there was no use trying to pretend.  Something was just not right.  I’d never had a yeast infection before, but after discussing it with Nia I figured that must be the problem.

After thinking about it some, the culprit was decidely the ass-to-vaginal contact that had occurred during the Monday night threesome.  Jack’s penis was in K’s ass and shortly after in my pussy.  Stupid mistake on our parts.  One that I won’t soon repeat.  Let this be a lesson to all of you.  ASS-TO-VAGINA is a BAD BAD BAD idea.  Even if you think your parts are immune to such infections, you’ll be sorry.  I wouldn’t have over-shared all of that with you had it not included a moral :P

Thursday evening K and I got on a plane at Pearson and headed for Calgary.  It was a good flight, and I couldn’t wait to see V.  That, however, is a story for another post.

Dragon Ritual Drummers - Battle Of The Stone Giants

BalletGathering from the e-mails and Twitter messages I’ve received thus far this week, I can tell that some of you are fairly dying of curiosity over how the sex party went on Sunday night. Perhaps I should be nice and fill you in on the details?


Oh, alright. I figure I’ve made you wait long enough now ;)

Nia, her ex-boyfriend, K, F, and myself arrived at Goodhandy’s early in order to assist with setting up and preparing for the big night. We were all pretty pumped up about it, although I also felt a little like throwing up, since I had to be in the fashion show and that sort of thing makes me nervous.

I had brought a couple of changes of clothes with me for the evening, including this totally fabulous pink and black tutu type skirt that I had made by Black Orchid. It’s short enough for me to wear it with my thigh boots, but it still covers just enough (barely). I’d brought a black tank top to wear with it, along with my sexy little strappy stilettos.

The evening got off to a bit of a slow start, although none of us really minded. People began showing up around 6:30pm and by 7:30pm we had a pretty good crowd, although not as many as the organizers had hoped.

We started getting ready for the fashion show backstage. We had enough models that I only had to wear two pairs of thigh boots for the show. I decided that since it was really about the shoes, I would just wear a white button down dress shirt with a pair of panties and then the boots. The first pair I wore out were latex stiletto heeled boots, which seemed to be a big hit. The second pair were actually my own lace up thigh boots. After the second time I went out I started to feel really ill. It was way too hot in the change room with 6 girls changing outfits as fast as possible. Suddenly I felt like I was going to throw up RIGHT.THAT.MINUTE!

I dashed out of the change room in my shirt and underwear, and out the door to the stairwell. I just needed to cool off and recompose myself, and get some fresh air. Once the nausea passed I felt better, and went back inside. The fashion show was done, and we had a pause in the entertainment schedule, so there was time to mingle and talk to some of the guests. I changed back into my tutu and tank top and went to speak to my friend Rob and his gorgeous girlfriend.

Jack arrived and we spent some time chatting with people. There were a lot of very nice guests in attendance, although I would agree that the numbers weren’t what was originally expected.

The pinata party was next up on the schedule. I provided a blindfold and my great big steel and leather paddle for smacking the thing with. Guests lined up and were blindfolded and got a couple of swings each. That pinata was NOT giving up easily, and it took quite a while to finally break it open. When it eventually let loose there were mini chocolate bars, cock rings, free porn coupons, and condoms everywhere. People seemed to really enjoy that part of the night (Jack included who took a turn with the paddle).

There was a fantastic food spread as well, with a chocolate fountain and tons of fruit. I was afraid to eat anything since my nerves were making my stomach churn, but it all looked fabulous, and everyone seemed to be nibbling a fair amount.

I really, really love the atmosphere at Goodhandy’s and it certainly lends itself well to sexy parties. If you haven’t been to one of their I Love Sex parties, I highly recommend checking it out.

F, myself, and some of the other staff on hand took turns minding the door. Since Jack couldn’t stay too late F told us we should go off and have some fun. Who was I to argue?

I led him upstairs with me to the private booths on the second floor. At first we left the curtain open while I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I started giving him a blow job, when this random dude came up to the front of the booth and basically stood right inside watching. Now I’m not bashful, but the idea is to give people space while they play. He asked if he could join in and Jack said no, and then I asked him if he could back off a little since he was practically leaning over me. Good grief.

We decided to close the curtain, for a little privacy (although it’s still possible to peek in a bit around the curtains) before we really got down to business. There are vinyl covered benches in each of the booths, so jack had me get up on my knees on the bench so that he could fuck me from behind. It felt so sexy and naughty to be having sex in a club full of people. I was certainly loud enough that a number of people heard me in there. Jack was pounding me for all he was worth and I was moaning and screaming at full volume. Having kids means we often have to keep it down during sex, so I take full advantage of any opportunity to be as loud as I want to.

When he pulled out I went back to work on sucking his cock and licking his balls until he came with a grunt. Breathless, we cuddled up for a while to recuperate. I wish he could have stayed the whole night, but the babysitter had school the next day.

Besides, it was nearly time for prize giveaways and the balloon burlesque. I managed to weasel out of the burlesque show, passing my part in it off onto Nia’s friend from the Saturday sex party we had gone too. They attached balloons to their nearly naked bodies and the audience got to have a few laughs popping them all.

Jack bid us a good night before heading home. Nia and her female friend and her ex-boyfriend arranged the whipping post on stage and began a very hot threesome of bondage, whippings, hot wax, and knife play. It was quite a scene :)

I decided that I should drag K off to the upstairs to have a little fun of our own. I collected the bit gag and a leather strap from my toy box and off we went.

Up in the ‘orgy area’ there was a spanking bench. The same one I got spanked on at the Saturday party. K put the bit gag on me and then onto the bench I went, my tutu flipped up to reveal my naked rear end (my panties had mysteriously gone missing sometime earlier).

He began strapping me while I drooled around the gag and struggled to stay still. A crowd began to gather, watching intently while he worked over my butt, starting off gently and then building up the intensity. Soon I was writhing and tossing my head (hopefully I didn’t spray anyone with saliva) and squealing around the gag. Men were watching me struggle, standing around us, observing intently. One of them asked K if he needed and help with me, to which he replied no. He was holding me down with one arm and beating me with the other. It was heavenly.

I wanted him to fuck me right there, in front of all of those people watching. He obliged me, setting the strap aside to push his cock into me from behind, while he grabbed a fist full of my hair. He fucked me hard, despite the fact that we were both a bit nervous with all of the watchers practically breathing down our necks. Clearly they had not heard of personal space.

We switched positions, me on my back with my ass end hanging off the bench, my legs over his shoulders. I took off the gag, since my mouth was drying out from all the heavy breathing. I looked up and I could see a very attractive young man standing behind me. K told me later that he was jerking off watching us. Yum!

Without much rearranging K sat down on the lower part of the bench and buried his face between my legs. His oral skills have certainly improved let me tell ya. He must have been at it for at least 10 minutes. Someone asked if he could play with my boobs, but I politely declined. The guy jerking off kept whispering stuff to me, but I couldn’t really hear him over all the noises coming out of my mouth.

We decided to finish up in private, since it was difficult to really let loose when we felt so crowded, LOL.

Off to the booths we went, when one young man stopped me to ask if he and I could hook up. More accurately he put his arm between K and I, and when I said no he asked if he could join the two of us. Again I said no, and though he was clearly disappointed, he moved aside.

In the booths I began sucking K’s cock. He’s generally not able to orgasm from oral sex, so I was surprised that after several minutes of very enthusiastic cock sucking on my part, he groaned that he was going to cum. More minutes passed before he came into my mouth, hot and sticky and bitter.

He finished stripping down until he was wearing only the green glow necklace that all the security guys were given to make them easily identifiable. It was surprisingly sexy, even naughty in a curious way. He fucked me from behind first, while my pussy juices ran down the insides of my legs. The bench was getting slippery, and so we rearranged ourselves, me on my back and him on top of me.

I could hear Nia and her friends next door to us, clearly having a wonderful time. Nia later commented to K that she could tell it was me in the booth next to them, just due to my screaming.

When I came with him deep inside of me I’m certain most of the club heard, yet again, LOL. Obviously I am not one to be shy when it comes to vocalization during sex. We finished up and I made sure to wipe down the bench before we left.

Things were beginning to wind down some. When the last guest had taken their leave we assisted in clean up, encouraging the bouncers and bartenders to eat as much of the leftover food as they wanted. There was quite a lot left over, which we divided up somewhat before leaving.

Nia and her ex decided to stay in the city with their female friend, so F and K and I crawled into the van and headed back to my place. It seemed like such a long drive that night, since we were all exhausted.

Overall, despite the lower numbers than expected, I think the party was a success. We all had a great time, and it was such a trip to play in public like that again. I’m thinking it won’t be the last Goodhandy’s party I ever get in on ;) Although I might just leave the hosting up to them, since it’s such a great deal of work!

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend as well, and I promise more tales of K’s visit and all of the sexy threesomes we’ve been having. There may even be photos ;) If anyone wants to see them that is :P

I <3 My Antibiotics!

Feeling significantly better since Wednesday, and I’ve been able to eat without getting sick.

Plus, K arrives in less than 9 hours! Woot!

We chatted last night, and when it was time for bed I quickly typed “See you tomorrow” and then it occurred to me how long it had been since the last time I’d said that to him. 9 months is a long time (well, it is and it isn’t) but the distance has been good. Lots of old wounds healed over, and we’ve found out how to forgive each other for past hurts. I’m not sure it would have happened had we stayed in such close proximity to each other.

As Nia likes to say “Absence makes the heart grow fungus”


Ok I just put that in there because it’s hilarious.

While he’s out here I plan to take him to see the sights. He’s never been to Ontario, so there are lots of places to go, and things to do! Niagara Falls is on this list, as well as a museum or two. Maybe a tour of wine country and trip to the CN Tower.

Regardless we shall have a good time.

Anyway, I should get a few things done this morning. Keeping busy makes time pass more quickly after all :D Blogging will be light until Tuesday or so.

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Trashy GirlHow does one accurately describe the experience of being spanked, hard, your skirt hiked up around your waist and your bare ass exposed to a room filled with people? There aren’t really any sufficient words for the feeling one has while one person is holding you down by a fistful of your hair, while another raises welts on your backside with the tails of a leather flogger.

“There is a line of people waiting to spank you, you know” Nia commented to me while I gasped and writhed under the delicious torture a new friend was inflicting on my rear. “I hope you’re ok with that.”

Indeed I was. I’m certain at least 3 or 4 people touched my butt at some point while I was on the bench. All of them certainly polite, asking permission before just going ahead, not that I would have objected to anything at that point.

A gorgeous, tall trans woman was being quite a flirt, and I was at least coherent enough to invite her to the party next weekend (April 6th). I quite liked her and I’m hopeful she’ll show, if only so I can make up for the kissing I think I missed out on (I was too blissed out to put the moves on her properly).

It was only polite to give Nia a turn on the bench, and while she enjoyed herself I mingled a little more, admiring some of the other patrons. Mandy Goodhandy (the club owner) lured me out on the dance floor for a couple of songs, which made my little fangirl heart nearly burst with excitement.

Eventually I found myself spectating on a threesome that Nia was tangled up in with another young woman and the generous man who had spanked my ass earlier. The guy in question was getting quite the blow job from the pretty gal in the middle, while Nia squatted at my feet, nearly her entire hand inside of said gals pussy. I enjoyed spectating, and it’s not every day someone gushes several cups worth of liquid only inches from your feet. Thank goodness there were towels nearby.

Apparently an attractive couple nearby felt that I needed a little attention of my own, or as Nia pointed out after, were waiting to see if I was going to join in on the threesome happening only inches from me. When I didn’t, I figure they felt it was safe to ask me to play. The woman approached me first, sitting down to introduce herself and then asking if she could make out with me. Naturally I obliged, LOL, figuring that her male partner was into watching her with women. After only a minute or two of kissing, she asked if she could go down on me.

How fortunate for her that letting people eat my pussy is a service I provide!

Actually, I was hesitant, but she was so sweet, she found her way between my thighs in seconds. To be totally honest with all of you, I’ve never had a woman go down on me before. Certainly I’ve licked a pussy or two, but never been on the receiving end, and all of you know about my aversion to oral sex.

Did I mention we were on stage? In front of at least 20 or so people (if not more, I was hardly counting). She had me lay back on the edge of the stage, legs spread, skirt lifted to allow her access to what she was after. Her fingers and lips and tongue and mouth were doing all of the right things…it was incredible.

While she was turning me into a puddle of goo, I felt her husband sit down to my left. She asked if it was ok for him to take a turn, and I could only groan and nod. He switched her spots, and when she came up to kiss me, I tasted myself all over her lips. Hot!

He was certainly no slouch at cunnilingus, and she turned her attention to my breasts and nipples. I could have cared less who was watching at that point. He was sitting in front of the stage, my stiletto-clad feet slung over his shoulders while he went to work on my pussy like he’d been waiting to lick it for decades.

Enthusiastic is an understatement.

He’d wrapped his arms around my thighs, holding me down to the stage (with some struggle, due to the way I was thrashing about). His mouth was locked over my clit like he might never let go. I could feel myself building, and my moans escalated in volume, which only made him double his efforts. My body was beginning to tremble, and I could feel her biting my nipples. Over the edge I went, screaming the entire way, just to make sure absolutely everyone on the block knew I was cumming.

I had to push him away, since I become so intensely sensitive after I orgasm. The two of them seemed quite pleased, and when I thanked him profusely he replied “No no, thank YOU!” like I had just given him the greatest gift on earth. I didn’t have time to say much else before they wandered off, perhaps to enjoy each other somewhere more private.

I was unsteady on my feet, particularly in those hot-as-hell but totally impractical shoes, and I was cursing the fact that I had not worn any panties, as my juices were running down the insides of my legs. Figuring that really, the night was coming to a close and wandering back to the car with wet thighs was really not so bad, we gathered ourselves and bid goodnight to our new friends.

The drive home was mostly quiet, both Nia and I grinning like idiots, but too tired to really talk much. We drug ourselves off to bed, as she was staying the night at my place, setting the alarm for only hours later (3.5 hours to be exact).

Today we are exceptionally giggly, retelling last nights best moments over and over. I’ll likely need a nap later, but let me tell you, the exhaustion is more than worth it.

Really, it was only a appetizer for what is to come at next Sunday’s party. I can hardly wait at this point. K arrives on Friday, and I’m so looking forward to seeing him. F will fly in on Saturday morning, and I’m hoping that Jack won’t hoard her all to himself, although I’m pretty certain that he will, LOL. I know we’re going to have a fabulous time, and I even managed to secure a sitter for 5 hours on Sunday, so that Jack can join us at the party for at least part of the festivities.

I’m sure that I will have much to blog about over the next couple of weeks. The trick of it is finding the time to sit down and write it all ;)

It was touch and go there for a few days last week, but I think I am finally getting over this horrendous sinus/throat infection thing that crawled up into my head last week and waged war on my body for days and days.

Thus I was in no shape to blog, nor do much of anything else besides lay about and feel like my brain was trying to escape out my nostrils. Also there was much ingestion of Tylenol and Advil and whatever else I could get my hands on.

However, it would seem I am recovering now. Today I didn’t wake up feeling like I had been swallowing knives all night, and thus did not contemplate throwing myself out of our bedroom window.

Yesterday, despite my retched-yet-slightly-improved condition, I had a date with Mr. Latent Dominant Tendencies. He’ll be needing a new name for sure, but not quite yet. Anyway, we had coffee and talked for three hours, hardly realizing how long we’d been at it. Those are the best sorts of conversations, the ones you get lost in like that. He seems very nice, and we hit it off rather well. One thing unfortunately has put a pause on my excitement. His wife. To whom he is still legally married although they have been separated for nearly a year.

You see, I’m not certain how this situation fits in with my usual ethics concerning married couples. As a rule, I won’t be involved with someone who is seeing other people, either committed or casual, unless everyone is aware of the situation. In this case, being separated (the live in different houses) is it totally necessary that she know he is dating? Perhaps I should ask how he thinks she would react if she saw him with another woman? Not sexually of course, but holding hands and kissing perhaps. Have they had a discussion about dating other people and agreed that both of them are totally free to do so without it becoming tangled up in future divorce proceedings and custody negotiations?

I suppose I’ll just have to ask him about it. I’d be lying however if I said it didn’t make me the least bit wary of getting in over my head with this one. I certainly do not want to get into the middle of something that could so easily become very messy and basted in drama.

This week I have to finish preparing the items that I am donating to the party that I mentioned last week. There are still tickets available to anyone who wants to attend. I volunteered last week to help pick out some outfits for the fashion show, and I’m even going to be modelling a couple of them for the show itself ;) Who wants to see me in a naughty cheerleader outfit? Or in my thigh high boots and a button down shirt and nothing else? Please get in touch with me if you’re at all interested in attending, or if you need more information! It’s only three weeks away :D I can hardly stand to wait that long!

My appointment with the new esthetician went VERY well. I like her a lot! Take the advice of one of my readers and find a European esthetician. They seem to be more thorough and not at all squeamish about doing ‘front to back’ when it comes to Brazilians. She’s a total sweetie, and reasonably priced, so I am very pleased! I’ll be booking with her again a day or two before the party.

Ta Ta for now lovelies! I promise I’ll get back to updating regularly again now that I’m feeling better :)

Sooooo, Where Do You Think You All Will Be A Little Later?I started to write a post here earlier today, but it just seemed lame and not at all interesting to anyone but myself. So, I deleted it and now I am grasping for something to write because blogging has become something of a ritual for me and when I go too long without it, I start to feel a little crazy. You know, more than I usually do.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet today?

Why is that you ask? Well I am out of cream and I just can’t bring myself to pour regular milk into my cup. A very sick child prevented me from simply nipping ’round to the store to get some cream. Then I though “Hmmmm, maybe I could just do without it today…I mean, it’s not like I’m an addict or anything. Not like I’ll curl up in a corner and mumble about organic shade-grown dark roast goodness while I drool and rock back and forth. I can go without coffee…I’ve done it before…for like, 3 hours even, that one time, way back in ‘93 I think it was…” See how bad my sentence structure and grammar were just there? That happens in my brain all the time. I just pretty it up on here for you guys, since my thoughts never include commas or periods.

So, in other words, the day has been ridiculous and mostly useless. I wandered around for a while. Ate some stuff. Collected all of my sex toys from the dressers, bathroom towel bar, under the bed, and from the recesses of my attache case, and piled them up in one place. Then I sorted, bagged, and organized them into the two 31 gallon storage lockers I have for holding such things. Yes, I bag my sex toys. Individually, in re-sealable bags, with labels. IT KEEPS THEM CLEAN OK! Plus some toys will leech color and other chemicals into each other if they are touching, and then there is the degradation of some jelly and rubber toys over time, and you know what, just call me a freak.

Once that was finished I made a couple of phone calls that needed making, and then started fishing for blog post ideas again.

My weekend was crazy busy. Nia and I spent most of it holed up in various parts of the house, doing our best to get more paint on the walls than we did on ourselves, or the ceiling. I am stiff and sore today, but it feels good to finally be making this house more my own. Generic paint colors make me feel so…plain, totally NOT myself.

This seems to be the month of Getting Stuff Done so I likely won’t be blogging as heavily as I sometimes do. Luckily I have a whole pile of reviews waiting to be posted, so you shall not be bored in my quasi absence.

The Peripheral Males are also still on the radar, just no time these days for dates. I’ve promised all of them that I will somehow make some time for coffee or drinks or whatever. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. Latent Dominant Tendencies (not his official blog name, HA HA) works out, even if the others don’t, because I’d really like to have someone to play with and go to kink events with. He seems the best match at this moment, but who knows what he’s like in real life.

I hope everyone has a good week. This has been the longest Monday of my life! Thank the Gods it’s almost over…

It’s been one of those weeks. The kind where time passes quickly, and you feel like you’re not getting anything done at all. Or at least nothing of substance.

I didn’t even realise I’d gone nearly 4 days without blogging. I kept meaning to write, and yet, I had nothing to say.

Uninspired: the theme of the week.

Nelek wants to get together again soon, but I’m putting him off. He’s apologised a number of times for being such a major disappointment last weekend, yet I’m not quite inclined to encourage a visit at this point. He’s offered to come down to assist in the house project I am undertaking, and while I probably could use the help, I’m just not sure that would be a good idea (and no, my children would not be present, so don’t get your back up over that).

There are a couple of other males in the peripherals as well. An older (than me) guy who lives closer, has a good job and drives, and who seems to have a Dominant streak in need of nurturing. He’s a single dad, so his free time is seriously limited, which will probably suit me just fine. I’m put off by guys with too much time on their hands.

The other is slightly older, yet clearly less mature. He’s a student, living with his parents about an hours drive from me. I don’t know that he has real dating potential, but certainly could become a fun hang out buddy, with a little casual sex on the side. Clearly more investigation is necessary.

Saturday morning is my first wax appointment with a new esthetician. She’s come highly recommended, so I’m hopeful it will go well. Perhaps I’ll have her leave a fancy little tuft in the shape of a heart or a star… LOL, kidding, really.

Well, I’ve been putting off some other projects long enough. I’d like to get a few other things done before bed, and I’m still feeling really blah about writing. If you’ve been missing my posts (which likely won’t become more frequent or exciting for a couple of weeks) be sure to check my Twitter for daily updates. You can view them in the sidebar there, right under my sexy bookish pin up girl. I generally manage to post something there several times a day, even if I don’t have the time or the inclination to blog.

I wish you all a good night and sexy dreams!


Fuck The Pain Away

Happy CatDisappointment is a funny thing. You can only feel disappointed if you’ve set yourself up for such things through beliefs and expectations. I’m fond of saying that expectations are dumb, and are the fastest route to general unhappiness.

For the most part I make a very conscious effort to avoid expectations. I realize that sometimes it happens without a lot of thought, but really, I do my best not to have them.

Last night I somehow slipped, formed an expectation in the back of my mind, and as a result was thoroughly and completely disappointed.

I don’t feel like getting into details, but lets just say a last minute get together did not go at all like I had wanted it to. This wouldn’t have been so terrible had the result not been a bit of a blow to my ego.

Other than that, the weekend was brilliant. I got to have coffee with my friend Rob, who wrote that excellent book I reviewed some months ago. We swapped stories over lattes in Starbucks, discussing writing and relationships and the party I’ve mentioned here (which he will be attending, along with his lovely girlfriend).

We eventually had to bid each other a good day, since I had other commitments. It was a lovely way to start off Sunday at any rate.

Off to Miri’s house for diner lunch and coffee, followed by relationship discussion and much venting about males and how inconvenient they often are. We snuggled some, since she was nursing a hangover and I was nursing my slighted pride. It was good to have a girls bitch session and some fairly innocent cuddling :P

Around supper time I figured I’d better head home. I hadn’t slept well at all (I rarely do in unfamiliar places) and it was a long haul back to our house. Reluctantly I wished her a good evening and off I went. Thank god for Tim Horton’s and satellite radio.

Self-inflicted disappointments aside, it was a pretty alright weekend. My period is starting today, and I didn’t have ANY PMS, thanks to my regular working out and drinking lots of water. I’m going to keep on my gym schedule this week, and I have a waxing appointment on Saturday, which is always more painful around this time, but I can take it.

Blogging may be light for the next week or so. I bought paint for our house interior over the weekend, which means I will be spending a lot of my time scantily clad with a roller in my hand. I like to paint in my underwear. Perhaps I will grace you with photos.

February is almost over, which hopefully means spring is upon us. I’ve had enough of the snow. On to the nice weather!

It feels like I’ve had a lot going on this week, until I actually stop and think about it, and then I start wondering, “What the hell have I been so busy with?”

Monday was a holiday here in Ontario; their first ever Family Day long weekend. Family Day is luxury I’d been accustomed to in Alberta for as long as I can remember. We went out for breakfast as a family, lounged about in the afternoon, and then went out for supper as well. It completely threw off my regular schedule however, and so today only feels like Tuesday, which means I feel behind in my week already. Not that I am complaining about the extra day with Jack :)

Nia and I have been hitting the gym four times a week now, which seems to eat up at least a couple of hours on those days. It feels so good to be working out again. I needed to get out of the house this evening, so I treated myself to a new yoga mat and some sexy workout gear. One can never have too many good sports bras or lycra booty shorts.

This weekend I have a couple of dates lined up. Sunday I am having coffee with a friend who I’ve mentioned here before, but who has not been assigned a name as of yet. I did photos for her one Saturday afternoon not long ago, and we’ve hit it off quite excellently. I shall call her Miri, which means ‘mine’ and you can read into that however you will *sly wink*.

Afterwards, I am getting together with Nelek, for coffee and more lascivious things. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I likely won’t be able to spend any time with him again until well into March. Thus, I am going to make the most of Sunday, as they say.

Today was spent indoors, tidying the house while I listened to episodes of Polyamory Weekly on my iPod. Nothing like being elbow-deep in dishwater while Minx purrs on about responsible non-monogamy. She may yet inspire me to try doing a podcast of my own.

Before I leave off for the evening and crawl into bed with Jack, I have a favour to ask! I need some dare suggestions for an adult party. I know I’ve asked for this before, but this time I need them to be short and easily applied to a group of people who don’t know each other well. We’re going to be writing them on slips of paper and giving one to each guest at random. We’ve got things like “Show some skin” and “Introduce yourself to an attractive stranger” but I need quite a few more. So, think about going to a sexy adult party where you might not know anyone all that well. What sorts of dares would you like to see people do? What would you be willing to do? Leave me some comments please :D

Beer?After the complete flop that was Loki (he was totally non-committal as far as getting together went and I only had patience for that the first week) I decided not to mention new guys, and waste perfectly good names on them, until something had actually come of it.

So, last night I had a date with a new guy, who I’ve been chatting to for a week or two. He’s not exactly local (he’s an hour and a half away) but close enough that we can hang out once or twice a month I think. Plus we can meet in the middle or he can come out here.

He’s younger than me, only 21, which doesn’t seem like a lot since I am only 25, yet I feel a bit like a Mrs. Robinson**. Perhaps because I’ve already lived through an awful lot of experiences in that short time. He seems fairly innocent, which I’ll admit makes him greatly appealing. Not because I want to corrupt him (ok maybe a little) but because that wide-eyed wonder reminds me that there are still plenty of discoveries to be made.

Before I get into the details of our evening out, he gets a name. Nia lent me a book about choosing names based on astrology and personality types. The guy in question is a Taurus (the highest match for my Virgo self, LOL) and so I’ve decided to christen him Nelek, which means ‘horn’ because it’s amusing, and pretty suitable in my opinion.

Anyway, all of that taken care of, on to the good stuff!

Nelek and I had arranged to meet in his city and then have coffee together and hang out. I made it very clear that I didn’t want to attach any expectations to this date because of my personal rule regarding not putting out on the first date. Really, I prefer the initial meeting to be about getting to know each other, without any pressure or presumptions about sex. He agreed with me on all points, and so a time and place was solidified.

Although I had written out directions for myself, I still got lost, and ended up on his doorstep half an hour late. He told me later that he had assumed I was standing him up. I generally do not go into strangers houses, however, his older female roommate was sitting right there and I had to go pee so bad I couldn’t stand it. He let me in to use his bathroom, and to snorgle his adorable lab puppy.

We drove over to the nearest Tim Horton’s and grabbed a coffee and a seat. The conversation was light and entertaining, and he was certainly easy on the eyes. We seemed to hit it off, and had plenty of things to say. There were no awkward silences, which was a bonus.

Eventually the conversation became a little racy for the crowd at Tim’s and we decided we’d better relocate before we started getting stared at (not that I mind). I suggested we check out a sex store, since that seems like a perfect place to go on a first date, LOL.

He directed me to a place nearby. A nice little non-chain place with a great selection. I picked up some penis chocolate moulds for my upcoming party, and we browsed the toys and lingerie. Found out he’s a big fan of costumes, and sexy games. Clearly he needs a little schooling, since he doesn’t know a lot about kink and he’s never purchased a sex toy, but that will come with time.

We left the store and drove around some, just talking and getting to know each other more. At one point we stopped at a park to wander outside but it was far too cold, and so that lasted all of 5 minutes before we hopped back into the truck.

I asked if there were any diner’s open where we could grab some nibbles. He suggested a place he knew and off we went. It was a typical 24-hour eating establishment, but there isn’t much open that late at night, LOL. We flirted over french fries, discussing past relationships and hobbies and all manner of random topics. It was decided that once we were done at the diner, we would find someplace to park and talk some more. I still had time to burn and neither of us wanted the date to end quite yet.

We ended up in an unlit parking lot and sat there chatting for quite some time. There was certainly flirting, but neither of us were brave enough to make a move. Silly really, but after some posturing and nervous glances we managed to get the initial kissing out of the way. After that, the awkwardness melted away and we spent some time making out like teenagers in the front seat. Kissing led to groping, which eventually led to his hand down the front of my jeans while I screamed bloody murder and came all over his fingers. I returned the favour in kind, making him twitch under my touch while nibbling his lower lip.

We were both satisfied and breathless, and since it was well into the wee hours of the morning, I decided I should start the long trek home. I dropped him off and kissed him goodnight before grabbing another coffee and driving back to my place. I crawled into bed beside Jack at 3:30am, exhausted but content.

All in all, I felt it went very well (the fooling around aside). I enjoyed his company very much, and it seems that he enjoyed mine as well. He’s also quite open minded, and willing to try new things. It’s too early to speculate on where this is going, but I’m generally optimistic.

*Steven Meretzky

**A term commonly used for an older married woman who seduces young men.