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Beyond the night of the party, I know I haven’t blogged at all about K’s visit or any of the other fun things we did while he was here.  Between actually spending time with him and planning for the party and then having the party and recovering only to fly out to Calgary for an incredible weekend with friends, well, blogging much just wasn’t in the cards.

So, allow me to bring everyone up to speed on the recent happenings :)

K arrived on Friday evening, and when I met him at the airport it didn’t feel at all like 9 months had passed since we’d last seen each other.  On the drive back to my house we chatted about his flight (he’d never flown in a commercial aircraft before) and about Ontario and what sorts of things we were going to see and do while he was here.  It wasn’t awkward at all, which was nice.

On Friday night was a bit of a different story, LOL.  It had been a long time since the three of us were together and as the clothes started coming off I joked that perhaps I had forgotten how to do it.  Clearly they had not since they fell on me like a pair of starving hyenas, and after that all I remember is cumming while K licked between my legs and Jack nibbled my breasts and nipples.  I think they must have fucked me as well, although I can’t tell you in what order or how many times or for how long, HA HA.

Jack was up bright and early on Saturday morning to pick up F, who had taken the red eye out from Calgary.  When they got back to the house we all visited some and then I headed out for my waxing appointment.  My estetician was quite surprised at the lack of regrowth I had, and commented that I should probably space out my appointments by more than 5 weeks so that there would be something there to yank out next time.

After that was finished I went to pick up Nia and her ex-boyfriend.  He needs a letter or a name or something I suppose…we’ll call him Remi.  They were…um…not out of bed yet ;) so I went to fetch coffee while they got themselves untangled and organised for the day.  We all ended up back at my place so that we could do some preparation for the party on Sunday, and generally hang out together.

Jack and F decided to go shopping for something that Jack could wear to the party.  They were gone until much later that night, while the rest of us wrangled children and made snacks for the big event.  Jack and I own a chocolate fountain and we’d decided to loan it out for the party, so we cut up fruit and so forth to go with that.

Nia and Remi went back to her place around supper time, and once the kids were in bed K and I curled up on the couch to watch TV, which led to being naked, which led to having sex several times in the living room.  Yum!

Sunday was of course the party, which I’ve already written about at length here.  Monday was spent recouperating from the loooooong day prior.  Jack and F went to do some sight seeing before he had to drop her off at the airport.  It was so lovely having her here.  Generally Jack hogs all of her time, so I really enjoyed having a chance to hang out with her more myself.

Once Jack got home from the airport, K and I headed down to Niagara Falls.  It was a somewhat cool day, but not freezing.  There was still a lot of ice on the river at the bottom of the falls.  We strolled along the walk way, and I told him about the Dragon Ritual Drummers and the stories of the dragon that lives behind the Falls.  If you haven’t heard of this drumming group they are totally amazing, and I’ll have one of their songs available for download at the end of this post.  I’m hoping to get in on one of their workshops at a local Pagan Festival this summer.

K and I were both starving, so we headed back to the truck and drove around Niagara to find a place to eat.  We settled on this quiet little pub and grill, which served pretty decent food, and was practically vacant.  We laughed a lot and reminiced a little over good memories from our relationship.  We agreed to avoid topics like P or the downhill slide that resulted in us breaking up.  Water under the bridge really, so there wasn’t any point in rehashing all of that.

After a scenic drive back from Niagara, we decided that we finally had room for dessert.  Casey’s has a mile-high chocolate cake to die for and I’d been craving it for days.  I couldn’t possibly finish it all, and K had ordered the Peanut Brownie Sundae, so I took the rest home for Jack.

Luckily he was still awake when we got home, although cake was the last thing on his mind, LOL.  The three of us had a fabulous threesome (I present photographic evidence, which is more efficient than me blathering on and on. The distortions were necessary to hide body art):

Take Me From Behind Baby!

Eventually we all fell asleep, exhausted, but quite satiated.  Can you tell I have a real preference for sex doggy-style?  I think it’s because the boys so love to twist my dreads in their hands and pull my head back while they fuck me like tomorrow will never come.  It’s delicious.  It also allows for spanking, which I enjoy immensely

Tuesday was rather relaxed.  Jack had to work so K and I spent the day recovering from the long weekend.  Tuesday evening was the local kink munch, and K agreed to go with me.  We had a very wonderful time.  I got to visit with some really nice people who I’ve gotten to know at previous events.  A gorgeous Domme, whom I sometimes flirt with, invited me to spend a night in her dungeon.  I’ve never bottomed to a woman before, mainly because I’ve never met one who induced those submissive feelings in me.  Until now.  I’d gladly let her beat on me any night she feels like it, in fact, I intend to take her up on that offer at the first mutually agreeable opportunity.

On Wednesday I woke up feeling…not quite right.  More specifically, my girl parts seemed displeased.  Now, I often joke that I have a stainless steel vagina, because I’ve never had anything go wrong down there.  No irritation, no yeast infections, nothing troublesome in the least, despite some of the strange and varied things I stick up there (I mean sex toys you sickos).  It’s always been perfectly well behaved, the way every pussy should be.

So I passed it off as irritation from ‘overuse’ as V put it ;)  However, after a hot shower and avoiding sex for nearly two days, there was no use trying to pretend.  Something was just not right.  I’d never had a yeast infection before, but after discussing it with Nia I figured that must be the problem.

After thinking about it some, the culprit was decidely the ass-to-vaginal contact that had occurred during the Monday night threesome.  Jack’s penis was in K’s ass and shortly after in my pussy.  Stupid mistake on our parts.  One that I won’t soon repeat.  Let this be a lesson to all of you.  ASS-TO-VAGINA is a BAD BAD BAD idea.  Even if you think your parts are immune to such infections, you’ll be sorry.  I wouldn’t have over-shared all of that with you had it not included a moral :P

Thursday evening K and I got on a plane at Pearson and headed for Calgary.  It was a good flight, and I couldn’t wait to see V.  That, however, is a story for another post.

Dragon Ritual Drummers - Battle Of The Stone Giants

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Congratulations Again Winners

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Dreadlocked HNT


A more recent photo of my dreads. You can check out how they looked in the beginning by going here.

So, I didn’t get Day Three posted over the weekend. Things got busy, so here it is now. You might want to read Day One and Day Two if you haven’t already.

Saturday I had planned to take V shopping in downtown Toronto. However, we were so tired from being out the night before, we decided to laze about like slugs instead.

Eventually we tossed some stuff in a bag for our overnight in the city, and when the babysitter arrived Jack, V, and I headed out to see a movie or go for supper. After discovering that no good movies were playing in the time frame we had, we ended up at a Moxie’s for a bite to eat.

After we parted ways with Jack, V and I made our way to our hotel room. I had booked something based on price, rather than location, and boy was that a mistake!

Our Hotel

We ended up in a part of Toronto that can only be described as, shady. There was no on-site parking at the hotel, so I had to pay $14 bucks for the privilege of parking 3 blocks away. On our walk back to the hotel we saw half a dozen homeless people, at least two prostitutes, and more cracked out people than I care to count.

The Room

The mood was totally unenthusiastic while we got ready. I think both of us were tired and a little scared, since we hadn’t decided where we were going to go even.

Still, we looked hot as ever.

From Our Room

We asked the somewhat strange guy at the front desk where he thought we should go. He rattled off a couple, including one called Madison Avenue Pub, which apparently was frequented by the University crowd. It sounded about right for the mood we were in, so we caught a cab and off we went.

According to the cab driver, he’s not even allowed to pick up random people in the area we were staying in. He can pick up calls and drop people off, but if someone tries to flag him down on the sidewalk, he will not stop. Nice.

There was an impressive line up outside of the pub, but we didn’t feel out of place or awkward, so we got in line. It moved quickly, I think we were standing there less than 10 minutes before getting in.

Our View

The pub was, in a word, enormous!

According to the cute bartender, the capacity of the place is around 1,500 people. Check out the website (I linked to it above) and you can read all about how huge it is.

So V and I got drinks and wandered around for a half an hour trying to see it all (we didn’t) and then pulled up some stools at one of the 12 bar areas.

The bartender was excellent, and after a couple of rounds, and generous tipping on our part, the price of our drinks were discounted, which was quite sweet. No, it wasn’t a drink special, since the people next to us were still paying the same price for their drinks.

The Street

We chatted to a few people but there didn’t seem to be any special connections happening.

It occurred to us that waiting to leave when the bar closed would mean around 800 people leaving the bar at the same time. Getting a cab would be impossible. So we cut out a little early, went back to our hotel, ordered pizza, and watched TV.

We are Teh Koolist Kids Evah!

Across From The Hotel

Eventually it was time for sleep, and so to bed we went, in our clothes because we didn’t want to brave the questionable bedding. Plus we couldn’t find the thermostat and it was cold in the room.

At 15 minutes before check-out we rolled out of bed, grabbed our shit, and got the hell out of there. It was a beautiful day, which made the neighbourhood look less menacing.

We headed for home and spent the day with Jack and the kids. We rented some movies and made total asses out of ourselves in a Shoppers Drug Mart, by carrying on loudly and talking about hemorrhoid creams and corn removers. The girl at the checkout begged us to stay until her shift was over because she was bored and thought we were hilarious.

Monday was more relaxing and hanging out with the family. V and I took the kids to the park and played in the leaves. We chased squirrels and generally had a great time.

I was a little sad to take her to the airport on Monday night. However, we made grand plans for when she moves out here (we are going to take belly dancing lessons and ride our bikes to the Farmer’s Market for groceries in the summer time). I really cannot wait for her to move here. I wish she was moving NOW!

We had a great time, hopefully enough to tide us over until New Years Eve, which is the next time we will see each other.

I miss her already. December 31st can’t come soon enough.

In case anyone is curious, I had a wonderful time over the weekend. V and I had a lot of fun and excitement during her visit and I know at least a couple of you are interested in hearing all the details. I’m generally not one to disappoint, so I’ll get right to it. The re-telling will likely have to be broken into several parts, so read on!

V arrived very late on Wednesday night. After I picked her up from the airport and drive her back to our place we basically went straight to bed. After all, I had a busy schedule for us to follow.

Thursday morning we drove out to Niagara On The Lake. I took V to the historic downtown and we wandered a bit before having lunch in this charming little old school diner. We enjoyed the traditional architecture and decorative charm of the area. If you ever have the chance, go there, just to browse all of the interesting little shops, including the now-museum apothecary and the Christmas store, which feels (and looks) like the holidays all year round.

Historic Downtown
Scroll Over Images To See The Titles

I drove her down to a path on the waterfront of Lake Ontario so that we could walk off our lunch before the wine tasting, and take some photos. It was a gorgeous day, and the leaves are still in the height of fall down there. She and I strolled down the shaded path, chatting and snapping pictures of the amazing surroundings. It reminded both of us a lot of the interior of B.C, with the lush greenery and that fresh woodsy smell.

The Shore Of Lake Ontario

Path Through The Trees

Looking Out Over The Lake

Looking Up

Once our meal had settled it was time to make our way over to Peller Estates for the food and wine tasting. Their winery is breathtaking. Beautifully appointed both inside and out. We stopped at the desk to reserve our spot at the tasting before wandering into the boutique part of the winery. There were so many amazing and appealing wines to consider. For a moment I entertained the idea of forking over $90.00 for a bottle of their Ice Wine, until I remembered that I am not a big fan of Ice Wine actually and moved on.

View From The Front Gates

We decided to wait to purchase after the tasting, so that we would have a better idea of what we wanted. She and I sauntered past the restaurant and took a peek. Wow! I’d love to have dinner there sometime. Hopefully soon, at that. We also went out back and stood by the fountain and looked out over the expanse of grape vines. The interior of the winery was equally beautiful. Rick, dark woods and classic stone work. The bathroom was nicer than any room in my house, LOL.

Front Entrance

The lovely hostess took out small group up to the tasting room, where little plates of canapés and empty glasses in several shapes sat waiting. Since the kitchen had prepared more food then we needed, we all got a little extra to go with the tasting.

View Of The Back Lawn/Vineyards

There was aged cheddar cheese with a little mound of Ice Cuvee gelee on top. Followed by a creamy, herbaceous, salmon mousse. Finally a slice of pumpkin bread topped with a paper thin sliver of smoked squab.

The wines we tasted were the Signature Series Ice Cuvee (so fabulous I bought a bottle immediately afterwards) followed by a 2004 Private Reserve Chardonnay, finishing with a 2006 Private Reserve Pinot Noir. Wine reviews will come, over on Whine And Cheese, eventually. However, I will say that we had a most enjoyable experience. The food was amazing, the wine was excellent, and our hostess was friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Nobody liked the squab, except me. V referred to it as ‘Wild Blood Duck’ due to the strong gamey flavour.

Grape Vines

Wine and food were finished, and then back to the boutique we went to pick up a bottle of Ice Cuvee, two bottles of the Pinot Noir, and a box of four Ice Wine chocolates.

As we were both feeling a little glow from the wine, we took a walk across the grounds to take some photos of the vineyards and the winery itself. It was a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, and I am certain it will not be my last tasting there. In fact Jack and I are planning to join their wine club quite immediately.


Quite content and ready to head home for more wine and tapas, we hopped in the truck and off we went. I got us hopelessly lost somehow and we ended up driving all over the damned province, in the dark, and fog no less! Eventually we found our way, although V was quite irate that I refused to phone Jack for directions.

We made it, at any rate, and I got busy in the kitchen fixing us some snacks for the evening. I made two small wheels of Camembert, wrapped in layers of phyllo brushed with butter, baked and then topped with a field berry coulis. There was also fresh, homemade brushetta, pork liver pate, and artichoke spinach dip. I toasted some big, thick slices of baguette, and opened a box of assorted crackers. We opened one of the bottles of Pinot Noir, as well as a bottle of Reisling I had in the fridge. Much eating, drinking, and merriment followed.

Forgotten Grapes

The three of us retired to bed late in the evening. It was such a perfect day, winding down to the perfect evening, and eventually a lovely sleep with my two favorite people in the world.

Day One was a smashing success and you will just have to wait patiently for the next installment to read about The Sex Show and the excitement that was Day Two.


Bath Time HNT

Anyone Care To Join Me???

It's Bath Time!

I thought I would share this photo, that I took last night before slipping into the tub for a soak. I though plunking in a few floating candles made it extra sexy and inviting. In the future, and for anyone else, I suggest adding the candles AFTER you get into the tub. Jack even snapped a few photos of yours truly stretched out amongst the bubbles, so stay tuned for one or two of those later this week.

The bath was really nice and afterwards I tinkered with the new camera a little and then Jack and I cuddled up to sleep. Today my head cold seems to have subsided a little, which is a relief.

This morning I had a wonderful, long talk on the phone with the ever-sexy Padme. It was nice to sit down and have a chat, since I’ve been too busy for such things recently. We caught up on all the recent goings on with each other and then my phone up and ran out of battery life. I wasn’t surprised, since we had been on the phone for over 2 hours by then.

We talked quite a lot about the upcoming Sex Show here. She went to the one in Vancouver earlier this year and plans to go again this coming January. I’ve been to the Calgary show annually for the past 4, and I am interested to see how the Toronto show is different from what I am used to.

I mentioned something during our conversation that really surprised her. Now Jack and I might be the biggest sex fiends around, but we don’t watch a lot of porn. In fact, when I told Padme that we only own ONE SINGLE PORN MOVIE, she could hardly believe it. Sadder still is the fact that the one porn we do own, was a free gift that came along with a vibrator I bought some years ago. I’ve never purchased a porn flick in my entire life.

So, my goal for the Sex Show is to buy myself at least one porn video. I mean really, I like porn, I like watching it, why do I not own more of it??? It’s mind boggling when I think about it too hard.

Padme has also inspired me to consider trying a little sexy role play at some point in the near future. Her and Master Anakin sure seem to have a lot of hot fun, dressing up in different costumes and acting out naughty scenes with each other. That’s something I have never done before, so I am going to keep an eye out for some fun and flirty outfits to maybe try out with Jack sometime soon. Maybe a frisky french maid? Or a lusty cowgirl? I’m not sure what Jack would like so I may have to get his ideas on this one.

Despite how totally insane last week was, he and I still managed to roll around naked with each other a good amount. I am sure we had sex at least daily, often twice a day. He coaxed some pretty fantastic orgasms out of me as well. I know I don’t write very often about my sex life with him. I suppose in some ways that’s because it’s…well, private! Hard to believe, I know, LOL. Still, there are some things that remain sacred and beautiful between he and I. I think that if I was always writing the details or relating every moment, it would detract from some of the incredible magic that occurs when he and I make love.

You know, as much as I enjoy the variety and excitement that comes with poly, no one else I’ve ever had sex with has been able to make me feel like he does. His touch sends shivers all through me, even when he is just brushing against my shoulder in a totally non-sexual way. He knows my body like it’s an instrument he has played all his life. No one else can touch me or turn me on like he does. I think that one of the best things to come of poly overall is my new appreciation for my husband. As much fun as I’ve had with other men, it’s just never gotten to the same level. I would still rather have sex with him than anyone else, any day.

On a completely unrelated topic, I know I mentioned having a contest on the blog at some point. The prizes would be some free toys for the winner(s) and it would be open to everyone who wanted to enter. Well, that’s about to come about, and I’m letting you know a little about it now before I make it ‘official’ later this month.

The contest is going to involve designing and building some new graphics for my website. I will be accepting entries in three categories:

  1. Main Banner (for the top of this page)
  2. Ad Banner (a smaller banner for advertising purposes)
  3. Buttons (for link backs and sidebar use)

You can enter each category as many times as you like. All of the banners/buttons should contain either my name or the name of this blog, and any images/graphics you feel best reflect the feel of this site. I will not be accepting any submissions, nor will I be posting the size restrictions or specifications until the contest goes live in the next couple of weeks. I just wanted to give you all a heads-up so that you could start coming up with ideas in the mean time.

Speaking of contests…

Still waiting on suggestions for the review days I’d like to start running on this blog. No day is off-limits, except Sundays. Get the creativity going people. I’m starting to think none of you want free sex toys! Please post them here or on yesterdays post or e-mail them to me.

*David Brin


Sandals HNT


It’s getting colder out. I am enjoying my flip flops while I can. Happy HNT!


Sex Swing Review

The Pleasure SwingI’ve been looking forward to this particular review for some time. After several requests for this product, and thanks to the generosity of the awesome people at Pleasure Me Now, I bring you The Pleasure Swing!

Jack and I have had a LOAD of fun testing this bad boy out. Oh My Lord! Likely the most fantastic couples ‘toy’ ever manufactured I can’t say enough totally awesome things about it.

First of all I offer some tips in instillation. For those of you intimidated by putting up something intended to be heavy-duty load bearing, you can always buy a stand for it. If you have a tall partner (like mine) that might limit the amount of positions you can do.

Have a little confidence, putting this thing in is not rocket science :D

Tools You Will Need:

A good stud finder (you buy these at a hardware store. Fork over the extra bucks for a good one)

An electric drill (contrary to the instructions that come with the swing, you cannot put this thing up without drilling a hole first)

Two drill bits - The thinnest one you can find and another that is just slightly thinner than the eye-bolt for the swing

Tacks and some newspaper (if you have a textured ceiling)

Alright, here we go, now pay attention:

1. If you know which direction the ceiling joists in your house run, all the better. If not, maybe check out your unfinished basement. They will be the same all through the house. If you don’t, study how your roof looks from the outside. If there are peaks (as in like this) on the front of your house, it’s likely the joists run from side to side. If the peaks are on the sides of your house (like this) then they probably run from front to back. If you really can’t figure it out, that’s ok too, that’s why you bought that stud finder.

2. Go to the room where you want to put up the swing. Bring your tools and a stool. If you have a textured ceiling take the tacks and newspaper and tack pieces of it up (overlapping) on the area where you want the swing to go. This will allow your stud finder to slide smoothly over the rough surface. If you have a smooth ceiling, ignore that part.

3. If you know which way your joists are going, run the stud finder back and forth across the ceiling in the opposite direction that the joists are going. When your stud finder detects a joist, mark the spot where the edge of the joist starts. Come from the other direction with the stud finder to locate the other edge, mark that as well. Now you can find the center of the joist, hooray! If you don’t know which way the joists run start by sliding your stud finder along the ceiling from side to side. If it beeps every 16 inches or so, it’s likely that your joists are running front to back. If it doesn’t beep at all try sliding it from front to back. Once you establish which way they are running, proceed with the steps described above.

4. Once you know where the center of the joist is, you will want to drill a test hole, to make sure you’ve found the joist. Take the smallest drill bit you have and drill in between your two markings. You should feel the drill bit hit something more solid once you get through the drywall. Once you’ve drilled a little ways into the solid part, pull the bit back out and you should be able to identify some wood particles on it. That’s a good thing. IF you don’t feel that you’ve hit something solid, try drilling a quarter of an inch to the left or right of the hole.

Sex Swing Positions5. Now that you’ve found the joist for sure, get out the big drill bit and drill a hole deep into the joist. Don’t worry about compromising the integrity of your joists, I promise they can handle this sort of thing. The reason you need to pre-drill rather than just trying to screw the eye-bolt into the ceiling is because screwing something like that into wood without a pre-made hole will cause the wood to split and splinter, which is bad.

6. Once the hole is made, start screwing in the eye-bolt. Tighten it as much as you can and then I suggest attaching the swing to it and then using that to turn the eye-bolt some more until the ring portion is just about touching the ceiling.

7. To test it out begin by laying across the support slings and put some weight on it. With someone spotting you, get into the swing and bounce up and down a little. Watch the ring for a lot of wiggling back and forth or if it seems to be pulling out of the ceiling. If you somehow have failed to screw it into a joist, it’ll pull loose pretty much immediately. Time to start over if that happens. If not, you’re set to go!

Once we got it all set up, I climbed in (with a stool and some assistance). Jack is very tall and I am not, so I need to use a stool to get into this thing. That’s perfectly ok. I do not suggest getting in to it without a little assistance.

So basically the longer sling part goes under your rear, the shorter one goes across your back (around the shoulder blade area) and the two smaller slings are for your feet/legs. There are a LOT of positions you can chose from, creativity with it is half the fun. The swing itself comes with a little booklet that suggests a few good positions to get you started.

This swing is incredible. Out of all the sex toys I’ve tried it is without a doubt my favorite. The position we use most is me on my back in the swing, the lower sling on the top part of my butt and the other around my shoulders. I put my feet in the smaller slings so that they rest in the arch of my feet and then I stretch out my legs so that they are in a big V-Shape. Jack stands between my legs and pushes his cock into me and just goes to it. Since the swing does most of the work he hardly has to pump and yet he can fuck me harder and faster than is generally possible in a more horizontal position. It’s also very easy for him to play with my nipples or pussy, or for me to do either of those things as well. If I bend my knees towards my chest it allows for even deeper penetration. WOW!

We have also done doggie-style in it, and oh my! It felt incredible, and I was able to easily use one of my vibrators on my clit while Jack had sex with me. You may wanna throw a towel down under you though, LOL.

There are still a lot of positions we want to try. It’s also fantastic for oral sex. We have it set up in close proximity to our bed, so Jack can sit on the edge of it and lick my pussy while I am in the swing. Any chair would do though, which makes it way more comfortable on the neck than it usually is laying between someones legs (in my humble opinion). If you wanna get creative you could also try having the man sitting in the chair and the naughty lass bouncing up and down in the swing upon his cock. This would be ideal for someone with a disability because there are a lot of ways to have intercourse that do not require physical train on either person.

The slings are very easy to clean. They care easily unclipped from the top bar and rinsed gently in a sink or tub. Use a little liquid laundry detergent as well if you wish. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Sex In A Swing!I really like that it’s very easy to take the swing down and put it back up. Do not remove the eye bolt from the ceiling between uses. That will seriously compromise it’s ability to bear weight. Simply unhook the swing and if you are worried about questions hang a fake plant from the eye bolt. You could also claim to use it for resistance band exercises, for hanging clothes you need to keep from wrinkling (that you intend to wear the next day) or for unwrinkling clothes with a steamer. There are loads of ways to explain a great big eye bolt in your ceiling, just go with it.

Besides being awesome for sex, this thing is just plain fun! I like sitting in it just to bounce up and down. V calls it an adult jolly-jumper. For a sex party one of these is a must! I have a little pet fantasy about setting it up for a naughty gathering and then just hanging out there all night letting whomever wants to have a go! Yes, a naughty, naughty slut am I.

For the price, I would happily purchase one of these things because honestly, it’s worth every penny and then some. It’s good up to 200 pounds with the fun spring, but it can hold up to 400 if you take that part off. The padding makes it comfy to sit in, and it’s brilliant for bondage! There are DVD’s available as well with useful suggestions on positions and technique, so even lack of creativity is no excuse not to own one of these fantastic products.

A swing makes a totally fabulous gift for a friend or lover! I promise you will not be disappointed with this product, and I certainly give it a great big Shasta Seal Of Approval!

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

I Love My Boobs!