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Toy Lust TuesdaysMost of you probably remember my hunt for my G-Spot some months ago, which was a fun experiment, but didn’t result in anything spectacular.  In the hopes of increasing my chances of success, I enlisted the help of Jenna’s Velvet G, which is apparently supposed to be a pretty alright vibrator for this particular task.

I found the Velvet G to be an average G-Spot toy.  It doesn’t offer much in the way of unique design or features.   However the large bulbous end, designed to stimulate those sometimes hard to reach spots can be quite appealing.  It had a very good range of vibration intensity, which is beneficial because it’s easy to find a speed that is comfortable, no matter what your preference.
I found the motor to be quite loud, so this toy is not suitable for covert masturbation.  The noise level can also be somewhat distracting, but that may not be an issue for everyone.
Jenna's Velvet GDue to my personal anatomy I found this toy could be uncomfortable to use for certain stimulation.  My pubic bone seemed to get hooked under the head of this vibrator, which was quite unpleasant for me.   Some people enjoy that sort of sensation a great deal, so it’s something you will have to experiment with.
I really enjoyed the material this vibrator is made out of.  The satiny soft plastic coating feels very good against ones skin, adding to the tactile experience of sex with a toy.
This toy is slender enough to be enjoyed by most anybody, and it’s easy to clean since there are no seams in the plastic, or small nooks and crannies.

Give this toy a try if you are yet unfamiliar with your G-Spot.  The egg-shaped head provides a large area, making it easier to find your spot than some toys designed with smaller surface area.

This Product Receives:

2 Out Of 5

Toy Lust TuesdaysI’ve heard a lot of great things about Tantus silicone toys, and after having a go with the Feeldoe, I was eager to try some of their other items. Thus, the Tantus Silk Medium Dildo came into my possession via Pleasure Me Now. This particular Tantus actually comes in three sizes (small, medium, and larger) and a couple of different colors. They are made out of very high grade silicone, and perfectly smooth to the touch. Very attractive.

This particular design is curved slightly, ideal for prostate stimulation or for stimulating the G-Spot. It’s slender, and the wide base makes it perfectly compatible with most ring-style harnesses. It also provides something to hold on to for manual use, and prevents it from going too far in during anal play.

Tantus Silk DildoJack and I tested out this toy with one of our strap on harnesses and we enjoyed it very much! The silky smooth feel of this toy makes anal very comfortable, and I liked that I could select the perfect size for what we wanted.

Tantus toys are also very easy to clean. A little antibacterial soap and warm water will do it, or you can boil this toy for a couple of minutes (do NOT leave it unattended during that time, it’s easy to forget and ruin your play things).

Another important reminder, never use silicone based lubricant on your silicone toys. Water based lubes are the only type that I recommend for these toys. Please also be sure to keep your toys away from anything sharp which could pierce or otherwise damage the surface of the toy. Nia’s cat chewed on a lovely Tantus butt plug she owned, completely ruining it. Once the surface has been compromised, you can no longer effectively sterilize it.

Used alone or with a harness, this particular Tantus toy is certain to offer you years of anal or vaginal pleasure (provided you care for it well).

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Njoy Fun WandYou know, I’ve been lusting after the sleek and sexy steel toys made by Njoy since I discovered their website some months ago. I wondered how that cold (or warm perhaps) metal would feel sliding along the front wall of my cunt.

So when the fabulous people at Spicy Gear up and sent me one, I was totally over the moon! You cannot grasp the excitement I felt when I opened the lid on the gorgeous box it comes with. There, nestled amongst silky pink fabric, was the Fun Wand! Squeeee!

It was much smaller in size than I was anticipating. A little longer than a pencil and about the thickness of my little finger, it’s not the least bit intimidating. I stroked its perfectly smooth curves, examining the three teardrop shaped ‘bumps’ along one end of the shaft. I imagined how delicious they would be working their way into my bottom. It was enough to give me the shivers.

Now having owned a steel toy, I can tell you that it’s actually very versatile, and so easy to clean! Much like glass, all that is required is a little anti-bacterial soap, hot water, and a soft cloth for drying it. NEVER, ever use anything abrasive on your Fun Wand or any steel toy, as it will ruin the finish.

Stainless steel can also be sterilized in boiling water or with a mild bleach solution (make sure to rinse it well afterwards).

It’s obviously waterproof so you can enjoy it in the tub or the shower. Even hot tubs or chlorine won’t bother it any. If you have a ceramic tub/shower just be a little careful not to bang this toy against any of the surfaces too hard, as it would be possible to chip your ceramic. Keep that in mind if the toy is in or near your mouth as well, since chipping one’s tooth is not my idea of a good time.

Any sort of lube you like is totally compatible with this toy, and it can easily be covered with a condom for shared use. You can warm it up in a sink/bowl full of hot water (please check the temperature on the inside of your wrist before sticking it anywhere more sensitive though) or cool it off in the fridge for all sorts of fun added sensations.

Being quite slender, and perfectly curved for prostate stimulation (with either end) this toy is ideal for both men and women who are just beginning to explore anal play. Jack says that the end with the ‘balls’ along the shaft is sort of like anal beads, except SO MUCH BETTER because it curves upward and rubs against his prostate.

I heated it up in a sink of hot water before I slid it into his anus. He said the warmth was fantastic, and much more comfortable than room temperature, or cool. The smooth end with the ball at the end made for an excellent handle, and the toy was easy to remove as well.

Speaking of the curved end with the ball, it was designed specifically for G-spot stimulation. You all know that thus far I have not be successful when it comes to getting a thrill from that specific area. I can say though that there is nothing quite like having chilled steel gliding over your girl parts.

Despite not having a prostate, it’s also quite wonderful for female anal stimulation. Yum!

I love the curves of this toy. No matter which end you use, the other end makes a lovely handle. This allows for either gentle or firm stimulation. It also makes it easier to use solo.

This is also one of two toys that Jack has forbidden me from ever giving away (along with his Fleshlight).

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Progasm Prostate asked Jack and I if we would mind reviewing another prostate massager toy for men! Who were we to refuse? Thus the Progasm showed up with the mail man one day (it was in a box, not his butt, you pervs).

After a little preparatory excitement we were all set to go. Since Jack’s only complaint about the MGX was it’s diminutive size, he was all pumped to try a slightly bigger toy. That’s one thing I really love about the Aneros toys. They come in at least half a dozen sizes and shapes so that everyone can find something that feels comfortable and which strokes them just right.

Once I got it into his ass, which you should do gradually given the wider girth of this toy, he started clenching and releasing his muscles (since said toy is hands-free). I could tell by the look on his face that this was indeed a very good toy.

Being more experienced with anal play he really appreciated this slightly larger prostate massager. He found it easier to keep in during sex, and it provided that nice full feeling what most anal play enthusiasts enjoy.

Like all Aneros toys the Progasm is easy to clean with a little antibacterial soap and hot water. No bacteria-collecting grooves or seams to worry about. It’s also fairly easy to cover with a condom. The toy itself is made out of a sort of hard plastic, so it’s not the least bit bendy or soft, but I find that to be desirable in anal toys.

Jack says that using this toy certainly enhances the orgasm experience, and if you’ve never tried prostate massage you don’t know what you’re missing!

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

I am really excited about this review, even though the toy wasn’t for me. I am enjoying featuring more male-oriented toys for my guy readers (and their wives/girlfriends/boyfriends). These toys make great gifts for that special man in your life! Thank you for making this review possible.

Now for something totally interesting and fabulous. Many of us know how enjoyable prostate stimulation can be for men. Not all men mind you, but most of them really get off on it. There are a lot of toys out there designed to stimulate that important part of a guy, but this one is really exceptional. Developed by scientists specifically for hands-free prostate and perineum stimulation. The shape of the end is deceptive, as it appears to be a long, curly handle. This is not the case, in fact they warn you not to use this toy manually, but the way it was intended. The end is specially designed for perineum stimulation, and to make insertion and removal easy.

The Aneros MGX works with the male version of kegel muscles. Once the toy is inserted you are to clench and release the muscles involved in stopping the flow of pee, and/or the muscles involved in having a bowel movement. Doing so moves the curved end of the toy against your prostate and rhythmically puts pressure on your perineum. The resulting sensation is incredible.

It takes some practice to get used to it. However with continued use your muscle control will improve. This has several benefits. Not only will you have better control over the toy and the stimulation it provides, but also strengthening of the kegel muscles will improve your endurance during sex and your ability to delay ejaculation.

Besides using the Aneros during masturbation, we also tried it during sex (specifically me on top). While Jack found it somewhat distracting to remember to clench and release while I was rockin’ away on his cock, he said that with more experience and practice this toy would be a brilliant addition to intercourse. I think that most positions, which do not involve the man sitting up or otherwise putting pressure on his buttocks, would be appropriate while using this toy.

The Aneros comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. While Jack personally found the MGX a little small (as someone with more anal experience) I think it would be the ideal size for someone new to anal play and prostate stimulation.

Cleaning is easy, just a little antibacterial soap and water. The Aneros is made out of a totally safe plastic material, and doesn’t have any hard to clean grooves, nooks, or crannies.

Here is a hot little video of the Aneros in use! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did :P

Women may also enjoy this toy, although it won’t provide the same sort of pleasure (women lack a prostate of course, and their perineum is not as sensitive). However, if you buy one for your lover and you are curious about anal play it would make a wonderful and gentle beginner toy.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

It’s been over two months since I last wrote about The Great G-Spot Hunt here at Shasta Headquarters. The reason for the delay is because I’ve been trying everything I have read or seen on the Internet or in books to obtain one of those elusive G-Spot orgasms.

To no avail. I feel quite badly, especially for keeping the people at Eden Fantasys waiting for SO long. Hours spent poking, prodding, rubbing, twisting, and thrashing about in the name of sexual satisfaction! I did not discover the secret to unlocking the awesome power of the G-Spot.

What I have discovered, however, is that I do indeed HAVE a G-Spot. It also feels really good when an appropriately-shaped vibrator is pushed against it. Not good enough to push me over the edge it seems. On one hand I find this unfortunate, on the other I am not getting in a funk over it because:

A) I am still able to have clitoral orgasms, for which I am incredibly grateful

B) I am young yet, things may change as I get older

It’s certainly been a great time experimenting at any rate! I hope that some of my readers who cannot seem to have G-Spot orgasms take heart. We are all built differently. Some women report disliking G-Spot stimulation altogether, some like it but it doesn’t do a lot for them, and some have explosive orgasms thanks to this mysterious little wad of tissue. Please do not feel that you are somehow inadequate or ‘doing it wrong’ if the G-spot just isn’t your thing. Sex and masturbation are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not stressful and disappointing. According to the little medical research I’ve found on the subject, some women don’t even have a G-Spot (as in the ball of tissue is not even there, this research was done on cadavers). Having a G-Spot is not the be-all or end-all of sex or stimulation.

Thank You Eden Fantasys for your encouragement and the donation of a toy and a book to assist in my quest! Greatly appreciated.


Feelin The Love!

Woot! I’ve been Fleshbotted!

Thank You Chelsea Girl for including me.

Some time ago Eden Fantasys approached me about doing a series on finding my G-Spot. In my Ultime Vibrator Review for them, I said:

I can’t speak to how effective it is as a g-spot toy, since mine remains a mystery to me, like the Bermuda Triangle or the LockNess Monster, LOL.

After reading that, they asked if I would be interested in making an attempt at finding my G-Spot and writing about the experience. In an effort to help me out with this task, they sent me Jenna’s Velvet G and a copy of The Good Vibrations Guide To The G-Spot.

Upon receiving the package, Jack and I sat down and went through the book together. It’s a pretty quick read, filled with interesting information. Alright, so we have a ‘road map’ so to speak, lets get down to business.

The necessary foreplay ensued and pretty soon Jack was working the vibrator in my pussy in the location indicated by the book. The vibrator left much to be desired however, at least when it comes to how I seem to be constructed down there. The end of it seemed to be getting hooked on my pubic bone, which was extremely painful.

I know that he was in the right general area, but we just couldn’t seem to find the right spot. We tried turning the vibrator over, and that seemed somewhat better. I could feel a very mild urge to pee, which is a good sign when it comes to the G-Spot, since putting pressure on it also squishes your bladder in the process.

Several times it felt like I was just about to cum, but couldn’t quite get there. It was taking much longer than I had expected, and I am not a particularly patient woman, LOL. Jack didn’t seem rushed, and in fact quite determined that I was going to have an orgasm even if it took us all night.

Eventually I did have a very strong orgasm. I felt like I might gush, but I didn’t want to make a mess on the couch (note to self: bring towels next time) so I held back. I am not sure that it was a G-Spot orgasm, but it didn’t involve any direct stimulation to my clit, which is nearly unheard of for me. However, the vibrator was pretty powerful, so there was general stimulation all over.

Jack gave me a hard time about not letting go and just ejaculating all over the couch. However, I didn’t feel like cleaning up the mess when all I wanted to do was go to bed.

It all felt really great, although I was completely disappointed in aforementioned toy. I think that for an initial attempt we learned a few things about my anatomy specifically which will be useful during future ventures.

This will be the first of several posts on the Quest For My G-Spot. There will be photos the next time around, I am just not inclined to take any at the moment.

Please feel free to share tips, stories, or ideas on how I might go about finding the mysterious G-Spot. I would love some input from both men and women.