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So I’m Easy. Is There Really Any Virtue In Being Difficult?

My regular laptop is in the shop having it’s LCD screen replaced, and I’ve been lacking the patience to pick my way through a blog post on the tiny keyboard of my Asus Eee PC.  However, I figured I’d better put something up here before I lost all of my readers, heh.

The friend from Alberta whom was out for a visit left on Tuesday night.  We had a really good time together and I was sorry to see her go.  I really hope she’ll come out again, and she invited me to stay with her the next time I go back to Calgary for a weekend to see my friends, which I appreciate.

I do have lots of photos and adventures to share, once my laptop comes home, since this tiny thing will not support my camera software nor allow me to upload any pictures from it.  That will have to wait.  Besides, I feel as though I am still recovering from the whirl-wind week that she was here, so having a few days to gather my thoughts isn’t the most unfortunate circumstance.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Nia.  We went shopping for Thanksgiving/Halloween decorations and then she came over for a late lunch and coffee.  It was so nice spending some time with her, we have a lot of similarities when it comes to depression and OCD, and so she can relate to me on that level, which is just what I needed.  We had a really good conversation and I feel so lucky to have both her to talk to.

Today Jack and I had our weekly lunch date.  I am really happy that we are able to meet during the day and spend some time together, just talking.  Often, even at home after the kids are in bed, we are so worn out that we just cuddle up and relax.  When we meet for lunch we’re both more energetic and we have no distractions like laundry or dishes or bills.  I know that I really look forward to having lunches with him, and he’s told me that it’s the highlight of his week, so I’m glad we decided to start having weekly dates.  It also gives me an opportunity to ask him questions about how things are going at work, and to listen to all of the issues and people he’s dealing with.  I genuinely enjoy getting a glimpse into that part of his life, and his work can be fascinating if you’re interested in such things, which I am.  Naturally he also wants to hear all about whatever I want to share, generally getting him caught up on the kids school-related things and whatever grandiose idea I’ve got stewing.

Tomorrow I begin serious preparations for Thanksgiving.  I’m doing a turkey and trimmings and the whole nine yards.  I actually bought pie pumpkins so that I could make one from scratch, LOL.  Yes, there are special pumpkins for pie-making, not just any old pumpkin will do.

Deja is joining us for Thanksgiving dinner, and I’ve invited Nia and one of her boyfriends, if they end up wanting to join us (HINT HINT Nia, ditch the ‘rents and come over here for tofurkey and homemade honest-to-god-not-from-a-can pumpkin pie).  I’m also baking some autumn themed cookies for the kids to take to school next week, and also as a treat for some of my pals at the kink munch on Tuesday.  I’m already having fantasies of Varick asking me if I have cookies for him and then saying “NO!” while rolling my eyes.  I’m going to make up some little packages of cookies for my most favorite people and he certainly isn’t one of them.

Once I get my laptop back we’ll be back to regular posting.  Hope you can wait around until then :)

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  1. CaracalaNo Gravatar Said,

    I love the idea of lunch dates. I’ve heard of people doing weekly or monthly “date nights” but that just doesn’t seem to always fit the schedule. To have them for lunch, though….yeah, it makes sense that it’d be more energetic and beneficial.

    I might just have to steal your idea on this one. ;-)

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  2. niaNo Gravatar Said,

    i had so much fun too Shasta :) i’ve missed hanging out regularly since i’ve been feeling so shitty. i must remember when i’m feeling crappy that Shasta time makes everything feel much better :)

    the Pooh-Bear has still not arrived, and i’ve gone from expectant to disappointed, to all out pissed. if he pushes back his trip even another half day, i’m going to tell him to just stay in the States, that i’m going to your house instead :P

    seriously though, i don’t think you really want me. the washing machine in my building is on the fritz, and i’m taking home about 5 loads of laundry. i’d either have to bring it with me, or go topless & panty-less for the weekend. on second thought…

    xo nia

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  3. PNo Gravatar Said,

    I wish I could be there for your Thanksgiving.. Your cooking is so awesome! I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful time. Mmm turkey..

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  4. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Said,

    I hope you and Jack and your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! You are one of the best cooks that I know. I loved your cooking while I was out in Toronto. :)

    The weekly dates are a really neat idea. Too bad Master Anakin works so far away and I don’t have a car. That would be a great way to connect with him and be able to go on a date with no kids around or worries. I think that’s really terrific you and Jack are able to do that.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all your pictures and I always enjoy your posts!!

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