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Blogging: Because Homework Is Boring

I don’t know about all of you, but I had a really great weekend!

On Friday night Jack and I drove down to Hamilton to see The Blue Man Group preform there. We were thrilled to get out for a date, and we’ve both wanted to see these guys preform for years.

Blue Man Tickets

We had fairly good seats, and we really enjoyed the opening performer, David Garibaldi, who paints portraits to music. He did the most amazing paintings of Bono, Jimi Hendrix, The Blue Man Group, and Mick Jagger. You can see what I mean by checking out the Performance Videos here. The paintings he did were for sale after the show, which Jack and I considered purchasing because they were just so awesome. I wanted the Blue Man Group one, or the Jimi Hendrix painting, but at the moment we couldn’t really justify dropping $1500 on a piece of art when we don’t even have a place to hang it yet. When we do have a place, I’d like to buy this painting, if it’s still available.

The Blue Man Group is almost indescribable. Their sense of discovery and child-like curiosity is completely enchanting, and they are certainly some of the best and most innovative musicians I have ever seen. Their show is entertaining for all ages, but they tossed in some subtle adult humor which made me laugh so hard I nearly peed. It was without a doubt the best live show I’ve ever been to, and I will gladly buy tickets for their next tour when they come around this way again.

Sadly, no photos, since I forgot to bring my little PowerShot and instead grabbed the big SLR camera, which was not allowed in. They didn’t search my purse, so I am sure I could have gotten away with it, but I didn’t want to risk missing part of the show just to run my camera all the way back to the parkade, so I left it in the car. I did attempt a couple of shots with my Blackberry, but they are just awful. Oh well :(

Here’s some official video of the Megastar Tour. Click the link and then select the ‘Your Attention’ video.

222. See the Blue Man Group perform live

We drove home with throats sore from yelling, feeling totally elated by the entire experience. Honestly, GO SEE THEM if you possibly have the means.

On Saturday we spent most of the day relaxing. The kids played outdoors with the neighbourhood children and we did a bot of tidying and organizing in the house. It was nice to take it easy and spend some time as a family.

After the kids were in bed, we opened a bottle of wine and sat down for our regular family meeting. We have family meetings once or twice a month in order to touch base with each other, express our feelings, and brainstorm ideas for keeping the household running smoothly. This particular meeting was a great success, and we all felt great after hashing things out and coming up with a plan of attack for finishing things up in the house.

While I’d been rooting through boxes that day, I’d come across a box of cigars that Jack had been given as a gift some time ago. Since smoking a cigar WAS on my list, and we were already into our second or third bottle of wine, I decided to open one of these up and have a go.


It was an interesting experience. Not really like smoking a cigarette, but something to try at least once I suppose. V and I shared it on the deck, under the stars, while we sipped our wine. Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of this box, LOL, but I was glad to find it and cross something else off the list.

450. Smoke a cigar

Jack had to call it a night sometime after the third bottle had been emptied, so V and I ended up drinking until around 5am. V invited me to spend the night at ‘her place’ in the basement, since we haven’t had any sleepovers for a while. We drug ourselves into bed and passed out almost instantly.

On Sunday morning a phone call from Nia roused me from bed just in time for me to start getting ready for the gathering she had invited me to later that day. I got showered and dressed and pulled together a dish for the pot luck and headed over to her place.

She and her friends were kind enough to invite me to be a part of their fall ritual, to celebrate the second harvest, say goodbye to summer, and welcome autumn. It was really wonderful to spend an afternoon in the company of such welcoming and friendly people. I had a great time, and I hope to attend other such gatherings in the near future. Thank you SO much Nia for letting me join you guys. It was a really special experience, and I was so glad to be allowed to celebrate with you guys.

288. Participate in a Pagan celebration/ritual

After I got home from my outing V and I dashed over to Staples to pick up some supplies for making the house and our schedules run more smoothly. We bought a big office-style calendar and different colored markers for each of us. We also bought notebooks for the correspondence courses we are starting next month in preparation for University. I also picked up items to make a reward chart for the children so that they can earn TV time, outings, and other treats. The system has worked very well for us in the past, and now that they are old enough to understand rules and such a lot better, we are sure this is going to go over well.

Before supper Jack and I went grocery shopping while V took the kiddos to the park. Jack and I really enjoy going grocery shopping together. With three adults and two rapidly growing kids in the house, we generally have to restock the fridge, freezer, and pantry once a week. I’m becoming very into meal planning and eating as healthy as possible. At least 2/3 of our groceries are fresh items which only last us the week anyway, and we hardly eat anything processed.

By the time we got home the kids had eaten supper and were almost ready for bed. I grilled up steaks for Jack and I, and then he had to run to his office to pick up some paperwork before his trip out east this week.

While he was out V and I sat down with the calendars and laid out all of our upcoming events and ‘To Do’ items. It can be very precarious with Jack working and now I work some, and V is getting a job, and then she and I are taking these classes and will have a lot of homework, and the older kid has homework…it’s mind-boggling after a while. Now that we have it all down on paper, it seems far more manageable, and it’s easier to schedule date nights for Jack and I, and outing for V and I, and family things.

Jack left this morning for a business trip, which is lucky for him since I started my period late last night, LOL. I didn’t have hardly any PMS, and only a few cramps on Friday night after we got home from Blue Man. Periods have been SO much easier since I’ve started eating right and exercising more.

At least now that V is here, I don’t have to sleep alone while Jack is away :)

One Response to “Blogging: Because Homework Is Boring”

  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Shasta,
    I’m glad to hear you had a good weekend last weekend and that concert sounded really neat! I’ll have to see if they are ever coming to Vancouver. I would love to try a cigar sometime. Maybe one day. :)
    Hope you are doing ok!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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