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We had a fairly quiet weekend here at Chez Gibson.  On Saturday morning V was so kind as to watch the children so that Jack and I could go out for brunch.  We decided to drive to Mississuga to have dim sum at one of our favorite places.  The food was great, we both had a good night sleep so we felt fantastic, it was a really wonderful way to get the weekend started.

After trying almost a dozen different dishes, we’d had our fill.  The restaurant is located in an Asian mall, so we went next door to look for Vietnamese coffee filters.  I’ve been trying to find some for weeks, and wouldn’t you know it, we found them in the Asian grocery store, so I bought two, along with chicory coffee and some sweetened condensed milk.

We made a stop at Lowe’s on our way out of the city to pick up some bins for my arts and crafts room, which is finally starting to come together, hopefully in time for Christmas so that V and the kids and I have a place to make Christmas cards and gifts.  I do a lot of crafty type things: scrap-booking, quilting, sewing, etc, so we are using one of the bedrooms exclusively for my projects and supplies, and it’s one of the last rooms in the house that needs to be properly set up.

A package of rubber-tipped, plastic clothes pins was also aquired ;)  More on those some other day perhaps!

After we arrived at home, V and I decided to try out the new coffee filters.  She was the one who introduced me to Vietnamese coffee some years ago, so we were pretty pumped to be able to make it at home!

We got everything set up, filled the filters with the chicory coffee, poured a few tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into our cups, and then poured hot water into the little brewers.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is most commonly served over ice, although you can drink it hot if you prefer.  I got out two big mugs and filled them with ice cubes and once our coffee was done brewing, we stirred it up with the milk and poured it into the mugs of ice.

It was pretty good for our first attempt, although a little on the strong side.  Next time I’ll use a little less coffee to the same amount of water.

402. Make Vietnamese coffee

Speaking of list items, I only have 14 more things to do in 2008!  You might remember some months back I created a mini-list of 50 things I wanted to cross off before the end of this year, and now I’m well over half way there.

Over the weekend I also managed to finish reading one of the books on my list.  Different Loving is a wonderful book for people who are curious about kink and different fetishes and why people are attracted to aspects of the lifestyle.  This is not a ‘How To’ book, but a more objective look at the varieties of play that fall under the BDSM umbrella, and the appeal of each kind.  It’s heavy on the personal anecdotes, and each chapter includes several interviews with people who practice fetishism and kink.

361. Read Different Loving by William Brame & Gloria Brame

Saturday evening was spent relaxing, drinking wine, and watching movies together.  We drank three bottles between us, and then V and I shared a fourth bottle after Jack went to bed, so needless to say we were pretty far gone.  It was a lot of fun, although neither of us felt very spectacular on Sunday morning, LOL.

Jack let me sleep late, and once I got up and had some coffee, he and I went to work on his office.  We finished putting together the second filing cabinet in there and then sat down to tackle the mountain of papers which needed to be sorted and filed.

We got rid of our old desk and filing cabinet when we moved from Ontario, and since then we’ve totally reconstructed our filing methods, but all of our old papers (which were cleaned out of the former filing cabinet) hadn’t been sorted into the new system yet.  There were also piles of old bills and other paper work which needed to be shredded, since we only keep 5 years of records on hand and then shred the previous years as we have the time.

After supper Jack decided he’d had enough of the office, and V ran out to rent a movie and bring us ice cream (she’s such a sweetie!) so we all settled in to watch Made Of Honor.  Since I was still feeling motivated I hauled a whole pile of arts and crafts stuff down to the living room so that I could sort and reorganize it.  Most of those things haven’t been touched in nearly three years, since I never did get my hobby room set up in the last house, which we’d only just moved into around the time that this blog was started.

It felt really good to be so productive, and by the time the movie was over (which was really great, if you like chick flicks) I was finished shorting a good deal of my craft supplies.

My friend from Alberta is arriving on Thursday and I can hardly wait for her to get here!  We have a lot of plans for her visit, and I can’t wait to show her the house and take her on a tour of Toronto.  I’ve been looking forward to her visit for months, since we’ve been planning it since the spring time!

I have to take my laptop in this week as well, since the monitor is starting to go.  I’m hoping it’s just a loose connection or something.  As much as I would love to buy a new laptop right now, I can think of a lot of better ways to spend that much money.  So far everyone I have asked is urging me to get a MacBook, but I don’t think that MSN Messenger is compatible, and I’m not sure how it will work with some of the other programs I use, so I’m still not settled on what exactly to get.  Thoughts?  I currently have a Toshiba Satellite, it’s my second Toshiba laptop and overall I am happy with it, since I really don’t need anything fancy.  I don’t do much with my computer besides blogging, chatting, and photo management, so my requirements are that it be fast online, support MSN messenger, and have some good photo editing software available.  I have an external hard drive, so it doesn’t need to have a ton of memory included.  Help!

Also, congratulations to Jupiter, whom I selected at random to recieve the bottle of lubricant as well as some other fun goodies.  Keep an eye out for other give-aways in the near future ;)

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5 Responses to “Find Out How You Can Change Your Love Life With Our Wonderpills*”

  1. TomNo Gravatar Says:

    You can easily install a windows alongside OSX on a mac, incase you have applications that aren’t mac compatible. (MSN messenger works perfectly fine on mac’s though :) )
    The downside is you can only run one at a time (either windows or mac) if you use bootcamp (macs application to install additional operating systems)

    If you want to run both concurrently you will need to purchase (or download…) a virtual machine such as VMware or Fusion. This way you can simply run windows while you are running OS X giving you the best of both worlds!

    If you would like more detailed information on this you can add me to msn or send me an email, I am in belgium though so email would probably be the easiest ^^

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. RupertNo Gravatar Says:

    If you do get a Mac, please don’t become one of those “Mac people”. I’d rather get a root canal than spend a day with a “Mac Person”.

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

    ShastaNo Gravatar reply on October 2nd, 2008 8:21 am:

    I promise I will not become a “Mac Person”.

    For that matter, I used a Mac for almost 10 years and I did not become one of those people, so you’re safe.

    You can still hang out with me next time I’m out your way :P

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  3. niaNo Gravatar Says:

    what’s wrong with “those people”? asks nia cheekily :P

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  4. JupiterNo Gravatar Says:

    I know this is crazy but I’m just getting around to say “Yay! I won!” and “THANK YOU!”. hehe

    We have this place here that supposedly has THE best Vietnamese coffee. I really need to go check it out…

    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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