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Posted on September 15th, 2008 in Carnal Confessions, Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Ontario, Tie Me Up

Whores3Just a note, before I begin my post about the weekend.  You may have noticed that all of the Twitter Digest posts are now gone.  I took a quick poll of my readers yesterday, and since most of you disliked having them on the blog, I removed them.  Personally, I go back and forth between liking them and being annoyed with them.  When is a good time to have them?  When should I turn them off?  Do people even read them?  Etc.  At any rate, they are no more.

Now, on to the good parts!

On Friday evening V and I drove into Toronto and down to the Sound Academy, which is located on a pier, along the shore of Lake Ontario.  I’d never been to this particular venue before, but we were both quite impressed with the interior, and then we wandered out onto the back patio and saw the lake.  After walking down a short flight of stairs you find yourself standing right beside the water, while the waves lap against the pier.  We could see a fantastic view of the Toronto skyline at night, all lit up.  The CN tower was in clear view, and the downtown looked brilliant, towering above the shores of the lake.  Unfortunately I had neglected to bring my camera, so I don’t have photos, but hopefully you get the idea.

The opening bands were great.  V and I had some drinks and really enjoyed ourselves while we waited for Bedouin Soundclash.  Both of the openers were from Ontario here, so it was a 100% Canadian concert, which I like.

We were pumped up and ready when Soundclash finally took the stage.  It was really awesome to see them preform live.  I’ve loved their music for several years now, and it was so cool to hear them play in person.  They did both of my favorite songs, and we managed to get pretty close to the stage (it was a general admission thing with no seating, so the entire audience was crowded together).  We danced and sang and oggled the bassist.  It was a great time!

At the end of the concert we grabbed a hot dog from one of the street meat carts and then headed for home.  We were both exhausted and I hardly remember going to bed.

Saturday passed quietly.  V wasn’t feeling well most of the afternoon, and wasn’t sure if she was up for clubbing.  Nia ended up having to cancel due to having a very long day and feeling much too tired to join us.  Things were not looking good, but then V decided to join me after all, so we got dressed and packed a change of clothes (since we planned to spend the night at Deja’s) and off we went.

We stopped to pick up Deja, who lives far closer to Toronto than I do, which is why we planned to spend the night there.  She and V seemed to hit it off pretty well, and by the time we made it to Goodhandy’s they were better acquainted.

It was really nice to see Todd again, who gave me a big hug when we arrived.  I introduced V and Deja and then I gave them a tour of the club.  They were both really nervous, and I had to laugh when we passed a man vigorously masturbating in the hallway on our way back from the bathrooms.

We got a table and V excused herself to go outside for a cigarette.  An older gentleman whom I’ve talked to at the club during previous visits came over and offered to buy Deja and I a drink.  Deja was obviously reluctant to accept, but since I knew a bit about this man I gladly allowed him to bring me a gin with 7up.  Deja did end up taking his offer as well, and after he brought us our drinks he took off and didn’t bother us again for the rest of the night.

V returned and we all had a few more drinks.  We watched other people, and chatted some.  Nothing too exciting was going on.  This one very unattractive man came over and sat near us.  He began talking to Deja, who was obviously uninterested and more than a tad uncomfortable.

We all went outside together, to get a little air and so that Deja could escape the weirdo.  I didn’t want either of them to have a bad experience there, so I made sure to mention that we could leave at any time.

Back in the club we relocated to a new table with a different view.  One of the regulars (I see him there all the time) was masturbating up on the balcony, which I pointed out to V, who started laughing awkwardly.  We also go to see Naked Dancing Guy, who is another regular, and generally just busts a move in nothing but a black cap and a pair of beat up sneakers.  He was wearing boxers most of the time, for whatever reason, but we did catch a glimpse of him totally nude by the DJ booth and upstairs.

Towards the end of the evening there was a threesome on the balcony.  Two men and a cross dresser.  One was giving her a blow job while the other fucked her up the ass.  That was quite a spectacle, although I wish they had come downstairs to do it so that we could have had a better view.

The creepy man had returned and was hitting on Deja, who kicked V under the table to signal her distress.  V finished her drink quickly and I went to say goodbye to Todd before we left.  The guy seemed pretty disappointed when I beckoned Deja away, but she was relieved to be rid of him.  When we got to the car she told us that he had offered her $100 to flog him, which she had wisely refused.

We drove back to Deja’s place, even though we were all still wide awake and feeling ambitious.  So we had some more drinks and we helped Deja set up her massage table so that we could do a little playing!  I really wanted V to see what fire play is like, and since Jack had given me permission to do fire play with Deja, I thought I would take advantage.

I stripped naked and got onto the table and stretched out on my belly.  I could feel Deja apply a strip of alcohol down my spine, and then a moment later there was heat, and then cool, and then heat, and then cool, until all the alcohol was burned away.

She repeated this process many times over on different parts of my back and legs.  V was really impressed while watching.  It was so cool to be able to share that experience with her.  Deja dripped alcohol down my ass and then lit it, which made me squirm.  Apparently it looked all kinds of awesome with my butt all lit up like that, LOL.

Eventually I turned over on my back and Deja went to work on my chest and breasts and tummy.  It was a tad unnerving watching my front side be set ablaze, but I trust Deja completely, so I just did my best to keep still.  Having my nipples set on fire was totally awesome.

V let Deja do a strip of fire on her arm as well, and then invited her to try doing some fire play on me.

“Do you trust me?” V asked, half kidding, while she stepped around the table beside Deja.

“Of course I do!” I said, grinning.

Deja showed her how to use the fire play wands and her hand to put out the flames after lighting them.  You can’t let it burn for very long or it’ll leave a mark (or worse).  V did a few strips across my chest, and she caught on right away.  It was a neat experience, and I’d like the chance to do a little fire play myself.  I am going to get Deja to show me how to make the wands for it, and give me a lesson.  It would be awesome to be able to do it to other people.

After the fire play, Deja got out her Violet Wand to show V.  I dread the wand, but I also love it.  She turned it on and ran it over my skin, which made me squirm and yelp.  V thought the wand was brilliant, and really loved how it felt.  Deja hooked up the body probe, which is basically a metal rod that one person holds onto and then the current runs through them and into anyone they touch.  V started poking me and shocking me and I pretty much had a giggling fit because that’s what I do when I love and loath something.  Deja gave her these metal fingernail type things, which only intensified the effect.  It was really wild, and I was so glad that V was really enjoying herself and getting into it.  We had a riot.

When I was all out of breath and they were done with me, I got into my pajamas and we all sat around chatting and laughing.  We talked briefly about doing some cupping, but decided to save that for another time.

We started scheming for the last weekend in September.  Jack and I had planned to go to Deja’s for the evening so that she could show him what fire play was all about.  I’m hoping that Nia might be able to babysit for us so that V can come along as well.  I’d like to try cupping then, and also maybe do a little fire play myself on Jack.  He expressed an interest in wanting to try doing it on me, so there will be fun all around!

V and I got to sleep in Deja’s dungeon that night.  It was a really neat experience falling asleep surrounded by paddles and bondage furniture, and every manner of kinky item.  Deja has a beautiful dungeon.  The walls are painted and textured to look like stone, and she has some really creative lighting fixtures and candle sconces everywhere.  I’m highly jealous but maybe eventually I’ll have such a room as well.

We got ourselves rounded up sometime after noon on Sunday and then headed for home.  Before we left I invited Deja to spend Thanksgiving with Jack and the kids and I, since V plans to go back to Calgary to visit for that weekend.  I hope she will take me up on the offer.  It would be lovely to have her over.

It was a really great weekend, and I’m so glad to know Deja, and to be learning so much from her.  I was also really happy that she and V got along so well.  They both agreed that we should all hang out more, so we have plans to go to Deja’s for movie night this Thursday.  I’m really looking forward to that!

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  1. AmyNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Shasta, I am glad you have decided to stop using the Twitter Digest posts. I will be honest and say that after checking your blog on occasion, and only seeing those or having to weed through them, I stopped checking your blog. (which is funny because I always check your twitter updates, go figure) I am happy to see things are getting back to normal and you are doing product reviews!! I have bought a few products on your recommendation, and have yet to be disappointed.

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  2. adamNo Gravatar Says:

    violet wands rule!

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