I’d Like To Double YOUR Entendre

Posted on September 20th, 2010 in Brazilian Waxing, Budge That Pudge, Featured, Made In Alberta

The worst part of major life upheavals, in my opinion, is how long it takes to find a regular schedule again.  With the kids back in school, things are beginning to fall into a rhythm.

Jack works shorter hours now, and seems very happy in his position here.  Even though it was a bit of a change from his previous experience, he has tackled the challenge with enthusiasm, and is genuinely pleased with his decision to take the transfer out here.

Aiden was recently promoted at his job, to a position he’s been gunning for since he started with this company.  It’s very exciting for him and I am so, so proud.  His co-workers were surprised at how quickly he moved up, but he’s very ambitious, so I didn’t find it the least bit shocking.  He works looooong hours, which irritates me at times, but it won’t be forever, and he really enjoys his job, so I can’t exactly blame him for taking all the overtime he can get (the money is nice too).

I’m still working at getting the house in order, but it’s coming along.  I’m also focusing on getting in better shape, and just last night Aiden commented that he can tell I am losing weight, which made me feel great!  I can tell that watching what I eat and walking the dogs several times a day is really making a difference, and I’ve already lost at least ten pounds this summer.  I’m planning to pick up a rec center pass this week so that I can use the pool, gym, and indoor running track that they offer.

Over the weekend Aiden and I drove to Edmonton to visit his twin brother and sister-in-law.  We had a really good visit with them, and went to West Edmonton Mall for a few hours on Saturday.  Aiden and his brother play Warhammer 40K and Aiden has been encouraging me to play, so he bought me the codex for Chaos Daemons.  I think the best part is getting to paint the miniatures, but I am sure playing will be a lot of fun too.  Jack says he wants to play too, which will be awesome!  Geekery abounds in the Gibson house.

This week should be fairly quiet.  I hope to get some work done on the house.  We have an appointment with our new family doctor, which is just in time for my annual physical.  I need to have my IUD checked, and there were some irregular cells on my last pap, so it’s important to have that looked at again.

Speaking of my IUD, I still love the hell out of that thing.  My periods are extremely light or non-existent, I have minimal PMS, no cramping, no suffering during my cycle at all.  It’s wonderful!

Recently V and I signed up for pole dancing classes together, and I am very excited about getting started at those.  It’s a 6-week level 1 class, but the studio offers up to level 5, which entails very advanced pole work.  There are also lap dancing classes that I would love to attend at some point.  Jack is already hatching plans for installing a pole in the house somewhere, so that V and I can “practice” here, LOL.  It will be a fun and sexy way to continue getting in shape.  I’m so glad to be close to V again so that I can do these sorts of activities with my very best pal.  She and I always have an awesome time working out with each other and I’ve missed our pool and gym time together.

I’m due for a waxing appointment next week, and Aiden has agreed to get waxed as well!  Jack is going to wait and see how it goes for Aiden before he agrees to the torture, LOL.  Maybe I will put up a couple of photos afterwards, if I’m allowed.  I’ve never seen a man get his bits waxed before, so it will be an interesting experience.  More on that next week.

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  1. temptrassNo Gravatar Says:

    fair warning!: pole dancing is HARD!!!
    but do not be discouraged! muscle memory is fabulous!

    i suppose if you’re taking a proper class they’ll get you going at a nice slow pace, but i’ve been attending drop-in classes, so they have ‘levels’ but within the level there’s no ‘class 1 is point A and class 7 is point G’ – does that make any sense?

    anyways, it was SUPER hard the first time i went. and i came home with MANY bruises. but the second week was SO much easier – i couldn’t get over the difference!

    and i only say all this, because nobody ever told me and i really wish they had!

    you’re gonna have a blast!

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