Why Is It That Every Time I Need To Get Somewhere, We Get Waylaid By Jackassery?

Posted on March 18th, 2010 in Emotional Angst, Migration Paths, Three's Company

Just when it seems that all is quiet on the home front, and we are beginning to settle into a rhyme and rhythm that suits everyone comfortably, fate tosses us a curve ball.

Karma is rarely without a sense of humor.

For the third time since our move to the eastern end of the country, we find ourselves once more at a familiar fork in the road.  To one side there is the promise of a way back to Alberta.  A chance to go “home” to all that is familiar and comfortable and filled with people we love.  To the other, there is continued opportunity here in Ontario.  Staying put, where we have begun to put down roots and build something solid for ourselves.

Why does this keep happening?

The first chance we had was a solid no.  The second chance brought a tentative yes, and then an enthusiastic yes.  That opportunity fell through for reasons related to the economy, and not our unwillingness to relocate.

This time…I don’t know which way to go, and we only have until Monday to pick our destination and let the chips fall where they may.

Third time is the charm?

I’m trying not to let all of the people and things that I miss about Alberta cloud my judgement.  The very notion of being closer to V again makes me want to begin packing immediately.  The mountains, the places where I grew up, my friends…all of it tempts me to decide impulsively, but I have to keep things in perspective.

There will be drawbacks to moving, to be certain.  It won’t be the most stellar career move for Jack.  He won’t make less money, but he won’t have a lot of opportunity for advancement in the department or in the company overall.  He’s only 35 and that seems like sentencing himself to stagnation for the immediate future.

The mechanics of moving kids and dogs and 16 metric tonnes worth of stuff across the country isn’t exactly the most appealing of prospects either.  Our move would be funded by the company, the truck and movers provided for us, but there is still much to do ourselves.

Preparing our current property for sale is a hurdle of considerable proportions.  The very idea of getting it staged for listing makes me shudder with angst.  There is SO MUCH TO BE DONE!

What of Aiden, you might wonder?  He has only just moved in with us, and now we are facing the very real possibility of uprooting and trekking across the country.  Is he willing to come along with us, leaving most of his family and all of his friends behind?

The short answer is yes, he will come with us if this is what we decide to do.  The long answer will wait for a time when it becomes important to the conversation.

I suppose it’s fortunate that we are without elaborate plans for the weekend, as I suspect much of it will be spent pacing, and debating aloud, and drawing up extensive and complicated Pros & Cons lists.  There will be gnashing of teeth.  Oh yes, PLENTY OF GNASHING.  Probably with a side of heavy sighs and exchanged looks of frustration and sadness.

Neither road is perfect, and neither is particularly less traveled.

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2 Responses to “Why Is It That Every Time I Need To Get Somewhere, We Get Waylaid By Jackassery?”

  1. VNo Gravatar Says:

    I miss you terribly, but know that I support whatever decision you guys collectively come to.
    Good luck and call me if you need a fresh perspective.

    <3 V xoxox

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  2. temptrassNo Gravatar Says:

    i don’t know you in person, and you have no idea who i am, i just happened upon your blog one day and have been reading ever since (love it, btw!). so really, anything i have to say is purely speculation…

    but i was born in alberta and now live in ontario. i no longer have friends or family in alberta, they are all here, but i would do anything to go back, and if an opportunity just dropped in my lap, i might die from excitement.

    though i do fully recognize what a massive task it would be to uproot everyone and relocate. i’m lucky that at this stage in my life i’m still ‘just me’ and i wouldn’t have to uproot anyone else. i think if i did have to, it would weigh very strongly on my decision (ie- what’s best for me vs what’s best for everyone else).

    it’s a really tough choice i bet.

    i don’t envy your predicament, but i do envy the opportunity to even have the choice!

    best of luck in your deciding process.

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