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Posted on May 25th, 2010 in Mating And Relating, Polyamory, Three's Company

With the move and all that it entails, and consumes, I haven’t written in some time about how the co-habitation is going.  At least not in any specific way.  I’ve probably inserted tidbit here and there, while discussing some recent happening of our daily life, and mainly these days we just continue to move forward in our own, different way.

Obviously, as we all continue to reside under the same roof, things are working out to some extent.  For the most part actually, we all function very well as a group.  Sometimes we have our moments.  Last night, for example, Aiden had given some instruction to Luke regarding dinner, and Jack, not having heard this exchange, gave a different and opposite instruction.  He hadn’t really intended to undermine Aiden’s authority, but sometimes it happens, so we make our best effort to learn from it and move on.

The children seem to tailor their behavior to fit best with whomever happens to be home at the time.  I think that is rather typical, however, and so I don’t let it keep me up at night.  They are generally pretty good rugrats, and I try not to complain, because I have worked in many environments that involved younglings, and let me tell you, some of them are so horrid that you find yourself entertaining the thought of holding their heads underwater.

Parenting conflicts aside, and the ongoing struggle to balance equal time between the males, we have worked out a fairly amicable rhythm and routine to life.  Often my day begins as the sun is coming up, when Aiden is getting ready for work.  The coffee maker turns itself on at around 5:20am, and we drag ourselves out of bed shortly after.  We talk a little and eat breakfast together, and I make his lunch, and then see him off at the door.  The children, and eventually Jack, decend from upstairs after I’ve spent 30 blessed minutes of time with myself (today it’s being devoted to this post) and then there are more breakfasts to be made, clothes to be laid out and changed into, and lunches to be zipped into backpacks.  The kids and I see Jack off at the door, and sometime later I hustle them out to the van and drive them to school, only to arrive home already feeling that the day is half-spent.  Truthfully by that time I’ve already been awake for over three hours, and the first thing I want to do is sit down with a cup of coffee and collect myself before the day actually begins.  Normally this involves pouring over or creating a vast “To Do” list for the week, which is then broken down into days.  Sometimes if I am feeling particularly scattered, I go so far as to organizing the list for that day into a time-line.

Errands, housework, and other tasks eat up the rest of the morning and early afternoon, until it’s time to fetch the kiddos from school.  Aiden arrives home shortly after we do, and everyone is ravenous, so if I’m really on the ball they all get a snack.  Sometimes I am distracted and just force them to fend for themselves.  Aiden and I talk about our days, while setting the eldest child to his homework.  Often we will take a shower together, and then he will entertain the brood while I wrangle dinner.

Jack never really arrives home at a regular time, but when he does, the kids are eager for his attention.  If we’ve already eaten, he will have his dinner, and if not, we all eat together, and then he talks to the children about their day.

Eventually the kids are bundled off to bed, and the adults heave a collective sigh of relief.  Some nights we watch TV, or Jack completes work-related tasks while Aiden and I talk about LARP, or work on some other project we have going.  Some nights there are outings, for one or two of us, and some nights I have to volunteer at the kennel.  There are almost always deviations in the schedule.  It’s rarely as tidy as I’ve made it out to be.  Often our house feels like a three-ring circus, with children and dogs leaping about, talking or barking at full volume, all four of them competing for attention, and the adults attempting some kind of discussion over top of them.

When it is finally time for bed, I either retire downstairs with Aiden, or upstairs with Jack, depending on the schedule or whatever has been negotiated for that particular night.  There is cuddling and quiet conversation before sleep, and then always-too-few hours of rest before we get up and do it all over again.

And so it goes, the weekends being an entirely different animal, wherein we toss the whole schedule out the window and run about willy-nilly.  Or at least the children do.

It wouldn’t be the ideal way of living for some, or even most, but I secretly love the level of insanity we often maintain.  Time passes so quickly, and I can’t even tell you the last time I was bored.  It was probably years ago.  Life is not always exciting in the ways that I want it to be, and some days I tire of the current state of constant packing, but boring?  Never!  I like it that way, because bored people are boring people, and I never want to be boring.

So far I think I am doing a pretty good job.


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