Manatees Are Selfish

Posted on May 31st, 2010 in Are You Gonna Eat That?, Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Alberta, Migration Paths

The new house passed building inspection (our inspector actually commented that it was the best house he had seen in a while) and it’s all ours.  We take possession at the end of June, and should be moving in sometime during the second week of July.

I am absolutely in love with the place.  V joined us for the inspection, and she and I spent the better part of three hours planning and discussing what to do in each room.  We talked about paint and furniture and storage possibilities.  It was wonderful.  I cannot wait to move in there and “nest” as she calls it.  I look forward to unpacking and settling in, with her help.  She’s always my go-to girl whenever I need her, and I am so very lucky to have such an amazing best friend.

I’m getting ahead of myself, of course, LOL.  On Friday night I flew into Calgary, and Jack met me at the gate with a dozen roses.  Such a sweet gesture.  We went out for dinner, and then headed over to V’s place, where she joined us after a late shift at work.  It was so good to see her!  We had a couple of beers, and stayed up rather late, but I’ve missed her terribly.

Saturday morning Jack and I got up early, as we had a brief meeting with our realtor, to sign some paperwork.  We grabbed Starbucks on our way over, as we were both rather tired, and once we were finished signing our lives away, we went for a proper breakfast at Denny’s.  The day before we had agreed to turn Twitter off on our phones, and ignore them completely (with the exception of child-related messages/calls) so that we wouldn’t be distracted during our time together.  It was really nice to have Jack’s undivided attention all day :)  I think we should have “phone-free” outings more often.

Once we were full, and sufficiently caffeinated, we went to Camper’s Village to pick up a new tent.  After doing a lot of reading and research, I settled on The North Face Double Headed Toad 44, which is a 4-person, 3-season tent that should stand up to just about anything we can subject it to.  Jack and I share a mutual love for all things camping related, and we had a great time browsing through the store, admiring all of the fantastic gear.  I really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to testing out the new tent when Aiden and I go camping.

After we had finished there, we headed out of the city to the CrossIron Mills, which is home to one of only three Bass Pro Shops in Canada (the other two are both here in Ontario).  MOAR CAMPING GEAR!  Such a very cool store.  The mall itself was also amazing.  Tons of stores, and a vast food court, where Jack and I sat down for a while to relax and enjoy a coffee.  We spent at least a couple of hours wandering around the mall and looking at things, holding hands, and talking.  There hasn’t been much alone time for the two of us lately, and it was really wonderful having nowhere to be, and no rush, or limits on how long we could be out and about.

Once we had seen enough of the mall, Jack took me by the new house, just to see the outside and peep in the windows a little.  I was really excited to see the inside on Sunday.

We grabbed a milkshake and a burger from Peters’ on our way back to V’s place, to hold us over until supper that evening.  They still make the best milkshakes I’ve ever had.

After V arrived home from work, we got ready to go for dinner at the Barbecue Steak Pit in Bragg Creek.  We made it just in time for our reservations, and the four of us had a delicious dinner together.  It’s probably been three years since the last time I’ve eaten there, but the food was just as fantastic as it’s always been.

Once we had eaten dinner, we headed back to Calgary, and on the way I mentioned wanting to look for a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, since it’s been banned here in Ontario, and I knew it was available in Alberta.  I read about it recently, and became immediately enamored with the bottle, which is a glass skull.  At the first liquor store we checked, they were out of stock, but the helpful sales girl printed us a list of every liquor store in Calgary that had carried it in the last six months.  We checked a second store (also out of stock) before V and I decided to just start dialing each store on the list.  We must have called a dozen places between us, and everyone seemed to be out of stock.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone to that much trouble for a bottle of liquor before, LOL.  Finally V talked to a gentleman who had three bottles in stock, and promised to stay open a few minutes past his regular closing time so that we could drive over and pick up our much-sought-after prize.

V and I each purchased a bottle, for a cool $50, which is probably the most I’ve ever spent on 26oz of vodka.  We were thrilled with our find, and once we were back at V’s, we eagerly cracked open a bottle and everyone had a drink.  Not only is the bottle super awesome, but it contains the smoothest, most delicious vodka I’ve ever tried.  In fact, I think it’s ruined me entirely and now I will never be able to drink any other brand (which is fine, because I want to amass those bottles like it’s going out of style).  We all really enjoyed it, even M, who only drinks once every three or four years.

Much later, in the wee hours of the morning, we retired, only to get up semi-early on Sunday to attend the house inspection.  Jack went on ahead, while V and I grabbed coffee and breakfast before meeting him at the house.  We eagerly toured each room, squealing and chatting excitedly the entire time.  It’s a beautiful house.  Five bedrooms, an impressive kitchen, a den, a formal dining room, and the basement isn’t even finished yet!  We are going to have MORE than enough room.  It’s gorgeous.

After we had spent hours planning and scheming, while Jack and the inspector went through the house with a fine-toothed comb, and gave it his stamp of approval, the three of us grabbed lunch together and discussed all of our grand plans.  It was nearly time for us to leave for the airport, but I really enjoyed some last-minute time with V.  It was far easier to leave, knowing that I will see her again in just over a month.  It wasn’t our usual mournful parting, but a joyful “See you soon!” as we departed in our respective vehicles.

We caught our plane back to Toronto, and made it home around midnight.

This morning I got up early to see Aiden off to work.  I missed him over the weekend, and I am looking forward to spending some time with him this evening when he gets home.

All in all it was a first-rate weekend.  This coming weekend Aiden and I were supposed to go camping, however, due to some scheduling conflicts with Jack, we’ve decided to postpone until later in June.  Instead I think we will spend this weekend at the zoo, and perhaps take in the Borden Air Show.

The kids had a ball with Aiden while we were gone.  He took them to visit his parents and swim in their pool, and his mum spoiled the hell out of them.  He also took them for a nature scavenger hunt, and generally kept them outdoors and well entertained (not to mention totally worn out) all weekend.

Speaking of worn out, I think it’s nap time for yours truly.

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  1. tonya cinnamonNo Gravatar Says:

    that vodka sounds good :)
    glad all is falling in to place for everyone !:)

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