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Posted on March 1st, 2010 in Does All Her Own Stunts, Featured, Made In Ontario, Mating And Relating, Three's Company

Good Morning!

While I normally harbor an unnatural love of Mondays, on this particular morning I am fighting a sinus/chest infection or something of that nature and so am not as peppy and upbeat as usual.

I did have a lovely weekend, however, and so that makes up for the fact that I’ve run myself somewhat into the ground and therefore am now slightly ill.

On Friday night I had plans to do coffee with my friends G and S (of Horny Geek).  The weather, however, had other ideas and unfortunately I had to cancel due to the roads being awful.  Hopefully we can reschedule for sometime soon, perhaps when the forecast is more agreeable.

Instead I went to bed rather early, read some, and then fell asleep until Aiden got home from work and woke me.  He and I had been at odds all week, as discussed in my previous post, and so we ended up having a bit of a spat and then talked it out late into the night.  After things had been settled out, we made love and then went to sleep for a scant three hours.

He had to work for a bit on Saturday morning, and so after seeing him off I did some writing and then helped Jack and the kiddos shovel out the driveway.  We have had quite a bit of snow recently and it has been perfect for snowballs, hee hee.

When Aiden arrived home shortly after noon, he and I were able to take a nap for a couple of hours, because we were both exhausted due to lack of sleep the night prior.  One of our friends from LARP was celebrating her birthday that night and Aiden wanted to go.  I asked if I could come along too, since she’s really more his friend than mine, although I kind of expected that she assumed he would bring me.  There was some miscommunication between he and I regarding what time he had wanted to leave for the party, and we ended up having another argument, although this time he was the one being stubborn.  Eventually we worked it out and although we left later than he had wanted to, we weren’t late by any stretch.

There was pre-drinking at the apartment of the birthday girl, who needs a name for simplicity sake.  Lets call her Anya.  I already knew all but two of the other guests (through LARP) and Anya seemed quite pleased to see me.  Everyone hung out for a bit and had some drinks before we walked over to a nearby gay bar in The Village.  Aiden and I hadn’t originally planned to spend the night, but it didn’t take much for Anya to convince him that we should just crash at her house.  We drank and danced a little, and just generally had a really great time.  I flirted shamelessly with the only other “straight” guy (and I use that term loosely in this case) in our little group, much to Aiden’s amusement.  He really isn’t my type, but I’m kind of a tease, and it was all in good fun.

When we were thoroughly intoxicated, we walked back to Anya’s, and hung out for a few minutes longer before everyone passed out.  Unfortunately Aiden and I were sleeping on a futon, which proved to be less that comfortable, and so after dozing for around three hours, I woke up and found it almost impossible to get back to sleep.  Aiden woke up shortly there-after and after a bit of whispered discussion, we decided to head home, even though everyone else was still sleeping and we couldn’t really say a proper goodbye.

The drive home seemed long and we were both completely exhausted.  Jack and the kids were already up when we got in, but after tucking Aiden into bed for a nap, Jack came up to our room and laid down with me and we fell back asleep until around noon.

After I got up I went to wake Aiden, as we still had to go over to his former apartment that afternoon to pick up the last of his things.  I crawled into his bed and we cuddled and sort of dozed and then had sex before getting up to shower.  I made brunch for everyone and then he and I headed out.

We moved a couple of pieces of furniture, to be stored at his parents place, and then loaded up the rest of his stuff.  The Olympic hockey game between Canada and the US was in it’s final moments, so we watched the tail-end of it with Aiden’s former roommate and had a coffee with him and his girlfriend who is moving in to the apartment now.  They have only really been dating since early January, so it’s kind of an interesting situation, but who knows, maybe they will be ok.

It was getting later, and so we bid them a good evening and grabbed something to eat on our way out of town.  Aiden was really tired, and so we didn’t even bother to unload his stuff when we got back to the house, I just sent him straight to bed.

Jack was feeling rather nauseous when we arrived, and so although it was technically still Aiden’s night to sleep with me, Jack asked if they could switch since he was feeling so unwell and wanted to be looked after.  I got him to take a Gravol and then we went to bed, and he is off work today because I’m pretty certain he has some form of the flu.  He is all achy and his temperature is slightly elevated this morning so he is going to spend the day in bed.  He is supposed to be flying out to Calgary for work this week and then spending the weekend with P, so it’s important that he recover quickly.

Even though I am fighting a cold or some sort of gross infection, I feel recharged.  The weekend was exhausting, but exactly what I needed :)

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