I Know It’s Difficult To Hear With Your Head Up Your Ass

Posted on February 21st, 2010 in Emotional Angst, Three's Company

72 hours to go.

Somehow it seems shorter when I think of it in hours, rather than days.

My mum and I are still getting along just fine, but between you and me, I’m ready for her to go home.  It’s not that she has done anything terrible, it’s just that her presence interferes with, well, almost everything.  I can’t really relax at all when she is here, which just exhausts me.

Yesterday she wanted to throw in a load of wash, which was fine.  She has been forbidden from using my washer and dryer, because EVERY TIME she comes here, she shrinks or discolors something.  She never reads labels and just washes everything on “normal” when a lot of our collective garments require special care.  Once she ruined several of Jack’s very expensive work shirts, and when I got angry with her, she refused to even acknowledge that she had done anything wrong.  At the time Jack and I were living in a tiny condo, and we didn’t have the extra money to replace $200 worth of shirts, and she acted like it was no big deal.

So, I put her wash in and then walked away.

I can only speculate that after she put her things in the dryer, she decided to completely disregard my repeated requests that she not wash anything but her own laundry here, and put a load of Aiden’s things into the wash.

Later I discovered that not only had she washed some of his clothes, but she had thrown them into the dryer without even paying attention, and thus shrank three brand new shirts that he was given for his birthday.


Two of them were from us, so they will be easy enough to replace, but that’s beside the point.  I asked her not to do something MANY, MANY TIMES and she went ahead and did it anyway.  Today I installed a lock on the laundry room door, because it is clear that she doesn’t respect me enough to follow very simple instructions: DON’T WASH THE FUCKING LAUNDRY!

It’s not like the dirty clothes were in her way.  It’s not like she asked “Would you mind if I threw some of this in for you?”

She just went ahead like a pig-headed pain in my ass.  I seriously wanted to throttle her.

Instead I calmly informed her that she had again disrespected me, explained that the shirts had been ruined, and then went and hid in my room for a few minutes so that I wouldn’t completely lose it on her.  Again she refused to take responsibility for being an utter jerk, and passed it off like it was nothing.

Once I had composed myself, I was totally pleasant with her for the rest of the evening, and today.

Speaking of today, while she has been mostly easy to deal with, she DID take a few minutes to lecture me on doing too much for Aiden.  Yesterday he and I drove to his old place to pick up the rest of his things (we didn’t get it all, but one more trip should do it).  We got home and unloaded all of it into the garage, and today I began sorting though a few of the boxes, because he gave me permission to help him get rid of things he doesn’t need.

“He will never get a girlfriend of his own if you do everything for him” she said, while I tossed utensils into the discard pile.

She also remarked on the fact that I make his lunches, stating that I should “make him do it himself”.  Despite the fact that she was setting out to annoy me, I couldn’t help but chuckle inwardly.

Instead of becoming defensive, I refused to engage her, casually remarking that she should perhaps mind her own business.  She must have realized that she was pushing my limits because she left it alone after that.

My mum is rather a suspicious creature by nature (I come by it honestly) and so I am quite certain that she wonders if something not-quite-right is going on here.  Fortunately I don’t care, and in fact, I’m glad to give her a juicy topic to gossip about and speculate on with my other relatives.

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