They’re Probably Up There Making Love…Or Playing Dungeons & Dragons…Or Both. At The Same Time.

Posted on January 25th, 2010 in Does All Her Own Stunts, LARP, Life List, Made In Ontario, Three's Company

It’s Monday!  I realized, while driving the eldest minion to school this morning, that I haven’t blogged in over a week, but I promise that I have good reasons for that.

Last weekend I went out with friends on Friday night and saw Daybreakers (pretty good movie, but unless you’re really into non-sparkly vampires, I would wait for the DVD).  Afterwards I went to Aiden’s house and spent the night, and the following morning we attended a FetFair together, along with a friend of his who is just coming out in the scene.  Aiden bought two new floggers, one of rope and one of soft, buttery deer hide.

That evening we also went to a play party together, where we socialized and spent time with our friends (we didn’t play).  Recently Aiden has taken an interest in needle play, and so I found someone within our social circle, whom came highly recommended, to teach us.  Likely those lessons will begin within the next month, or as soon as our respective schedules allow.

On Sunday Aiden watched the younglings so that Jack and I could go out on a date and celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.  We did a little shopping and then had dinner at a restaurant in town that we’ve been meaning to try for the better part of a year.  It was really nice to get out with no kids.  I can’t properly remember the last time he and I went out like that.

Aiden hadn’t been feeling good over the previous week, and decided to take Monday off of work.  He’s had some stomach issues, and at first he assumed it was the flu or something of that nature, but it’s persisted for longer than a normal flu should.  He ended up taking Tuesday off as well and spent almost 10 hours waiting in emergency to see a doctor.  They did some blood work, which came back normal, and examined him, and then encouraged him to follow up with his family doctor to be tested more thoroughly.  So we don’t really know for sure what is going on with him yet, but his symptoms have eased off a bit since then.

As his car died back in late November, we decided to use his time here to our advantage and shop around for something new (to him).  We spent two days checking out various and assorted car lots, and reading through the most recent copy of the Lemon-Aid Guide, before he finally settled on a Chrysler Neon (yes, I know, but it will do for the time being).  It’s a standard, which he didn’t know how to drive, so I took it for a spin to try it out before he bought it.  I had almost forgotten how much more fun it is to drive a stick, heh.

We brought it home on Friday, and that evening I took him out and taught him to drive it.  He caught on really quickly (we’re still working on the roll-back issue when stopping on an incline) and I think he’s already spoiled, because on Saturday he complained that my automatic was boring to drive, LOL.

Speaking of Saturday, I went my first LARP event over the weekend.  I was anxious about it all last week, and I felt under-prepared, but off we went Saturday morning.

It wasn’t as awkward as I expected.  It was not one of their typical events, as due to it being winter, it largly took place indoors.  There was some excellent combat outside in the evening and during the morning and early afternoon the following day, but mainly it was RP (role-play) based in terms of character interaction.  That suited me as I’m still not very confident with a weapon (although I did actually participate in some of the combat, and I didn’t die) and it gave me a chance to meet and get to know some of the other characters.

I play a darkling, which is a kind of fae with black skin and gold veins (wearing lots and lots of black make-up was interesting).  They don’t like the sunlight and generally don’t interact a lot with other creatures.  That worked well for me as I could act as quiet and broody and I wanted, LOL.  I had a great time though and I can’t wait to go to another event.  There is also nothing quite like going through Tim Horton’s for coffee while you’re still 100% in costume.  We got some interesting looks (Aiden plays a goblin who is bright green and scampers around in chainmail and a loin cloth) but it was amusing.

After we got home on Sunday (the kids thought we looked fabulous as we were still in costume) we showered, ate supper, and got kids to bed.  Then Jack patiently tolerated Aiden and I re-telling stories from the weekend, even though I’m sure most of it was a vague mystery to him.  It was kind of strange really, because even though Aiden and I were together most of the weekend, I felt like I’d missed him, because IG (in game) we hardly know each other, and spent a lot of time doing separate things.  We didn’t even sleep together at the event because for one it was kind of “pass out where you can find space” and for another because you’re still technically in character while you are sleeping and darklings do not go around cuddling with strange goblins whom they hardly know.  Plus when I get in the game I don’t feel like I’m hanging out with Aiden, I’m hanging out with his character, so it’s kind of an unusual sensation.

536. LARP

In case anyone is curious, when we are in game together, we put our Master/slave relationship on hold.  As mentioned above, we are in character, and so I can be as mouthy and badly behaved as I like (and believe me, I took full advantage of that, HA HA!)  If anyone asks about my collar, I tell them that it’s OOG (out of game) as in not part of my darkling costume or persona.

This week will be spent finding Aiden a new job and moving some of his stuff into the house.  Blogging may be light during this transition time, as adding an extra person to the house and working their schedule into the rhythm of things can take some adjustment.

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