If You Accept Surrender, I’ll Give Up Some More

Posted on July 29th, 2009 in Carnal Confessions, Does All Her Own Stunts, Featured, Made In Ontario, Mating And Relating, Polyamory, Tie Me Up

You’d think that a long drive across America would be the perfect opportunity to get some writing done, but for reasons unknown, the ideas I’ve been mulling over just don’t want to gel into anything useful.

While I ended up having to cancel my date with Kade on Saturday night, I did get to spend almost nine hours with Aiden on Friday night.

He arrived at my place just in time for us to head over to the drive-in theatre, to watch the new Harry Potter movie together. We’d been planning out movie date for a week, and in the days leading up to this outing, somehow we ended up making a little wager with each other. I think it started when he was threatening to tease me during our date (which he did!) and then I said something about how he could tease all he wanted but he’d never make me beg.

Well apparently that became a personal challenge. After some friendly back-and-forth about it, he insisted that he could indeed induce me to begging, while I maintained that he couldn’t possibly manage it. To make it even more interesting, we agreed that if I won, I got to have him for the September long weekend, for whatever purposes I wanted. If he won, I would have to play sexy maid at his apartment, followed by 69ing (which I don’t hate, I just fine it terribly distracting). Yes, I know that either way neither of us was really going to ‘lose’ per sae, but it was all in fun anyway.

We made it to the drive-in and found a spot. I’d pulled all but the front seats out of my van and then filled the back with blankets and a giant pillow. We got some popcorn at the snack bar and Aiden got a green slurpie (green is apparently his favourite flavour, as he nearly throttled me over a green sucker at Tease). I had initially parked with the front of the vehicle facing the screen, and then about 20 minutes into the movie I started thinking “This is stupid because we can’t cuddle and what was the purpose of all that stuff in the back?” So I turned around, we opened the back hatch of the van, and curled up together under the blankets.

I really enjoyed the cuddling and stroking and nuzzling. The movie was ok (no spoilers, I promise) but I think after having read the books, watching the movies are always going to be something of a let-down. They added things that weren’t even in the book, and removed some parts that I felt were kind of important to the story. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either.

As the credits rolled we started making out, and then there was debate about staying for the second movie (The Hangover). We decided that we probably weren’t going to actually watch the movie anyway, so we left and headed back to my place. Jack and the kids and the dogs were already in bed, so we were on our own. We grabbed coffee (he’s an addict like I am) at Tim’s and then quietly let ourselves in. Rather than heading straight to the spare room in the basement (which Jack and I have decided will now serve as a ‘dungeon’ of sorts) we cuddled on the couch together and talked and made jokes and generally enjoyed each other’s company. I think we stayed there for nearly two hours, even though time seems to pass so quickly when I’m with him. I teased him about losing the bet, even though I know he didn’t even try. He felt like he should let me actually watch the movie, and the prospect of spending the long weekend with me is apparently rather appealing.

At around 2am we headed down to the basement, which I’d made sure to get set up earlier that day. The bed frame down there is lovely for bondage, and it’s far enough from the rest of the bedrooms (on the second floor) that sound doesn’t carry upstairs.

I stretched out on the bed, while he looked over the toys I’d laid out. After he’d fastened on my cuffs, he stripped me naked and then tested out a few of the toys on my rear and back. I’d selected mostly toys I like, but I put in a few that I love to hate as well, just to make it interesting.

Before he really got down to it, he clipped my cuffs to the quick-links I’d set up for that very purpose, and then ran his hands down the length of my body. I think at some point near the beginning he bit me a couple of times, hard enough to leave purple bruises on my skin in the days after. I inhaled sharply every time I felt his teeth on me. There’s something so raw and primal about it.

After that everything gets fuzzy. We played for over an hour. He cropped, paddled, flogged, strapped, spanked, and whipped me. I know at one point he was holding onto the back of my neck while he was working on my upper body, and even though he was just making sure that he didn’t hit me too high, I really loved the sensation of being held down like that. Yum!

He also had a lot of fun with the wheel, which is one of those things that I hate, but that some part of me seems to want to play with anyway. He seemed particularly pleased when he could get me to wriggle around excessively. It was a really wonderful scene. While I’ve played with more experienced Tops (he’s still really new) I don’t usually get to play with anyone that I have an intimate relationship with, which for me adds A LOT to the experience. BDSM is like foreplay for me. While I can do a scene with someone casually, that I’m not involved with emotionally or sexually, I don’t enjoy it the same way. His inexperience didn’t show at any rate, and I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the scene, particularly when he would fuck with me a little by rubbing my backside with one toy and then hitting me with another. Every time he rattled that horrid little wheel I would get all twitchy. At one point I thought perhaps he was taking off his belt to smack me with it, but no such luck! I don’t think he knows about my little fetish for belts…

By the time he rolled me onto my back to play with my front side, I was totally subbed out. He remarked later that he’d asked me a couple of questions during the scene and I hadn’t responded. Generally I have a difficult time talking, and even when someone asks me what color I am (referring to the green/yellow/red safeword system) they normally have to repeat the question. My brain loses the power to form words unless I’m being prodded for an answer.

While I was laying on my back he stripped off his own clothes, followed by kissing and more biting (God bless that man). He nibbled the insides of my thighs and then blew cool breath over my girl bits, which were slick from being turned on for sooooo long. I thought he was going to lick me, but I think he was determined to torture me at least a little bit. Such a cruel tease!

Then he flipped me back onto my front, or more specifically onto my hands and knees, and pushed his cock into my pussy. One of my favourite positions ever, because it lends itself so well to hair pulling (which he did, much to my delight) and biting and being held down by the back of my neck. Mmmmmmm.

Let me tell you, that man makes some hot noises while he’s giving it to a girl. You all know how I dislike it when a guy is too quiet, or worst of all silent! Every time he groaned into my ear I got tingly. So, so hot.

We must have kept at it for ages.  Eventually he came, grunting above me, before we collapsed together on the bed.

“I should go soon” he said sleepily, while I curled up against him.

Instead we ended up spooning and dozing for an hour, before his watch began beeping at around 5am.  Reluctantly we got up, he got dressed, I wrapped myself up in a blanket, and we drug ourselves upstairs.

We said goodbye, I told him to drive safely, and then we kissed before he left.  I went up to bed and crawled in with Jack, just as the sun was waking up. 

It’s too bad that I didn’t get to see him again before we left, but I’m so glad that we got to hang out that night.  Plus I have the September long weekend to look forward to.  I have a whole month to scheme up plans for what I’m going to do with him ;)

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