Handy Slapper Review

Posted on April 3rd, 2009 in Bedroom Bling, Reviews, Sex Toy Care, Tie Me Up

Swag Fetish FridaysI hope you’ve enjoyed the recent increase in BDSM equipment reviews as much as I have.  It can be difficult to accurately rate or comment on some of these items, due to the fact that what might be considered quite stingy to me could barely even register with heavier pain sluts.

The Handy Slapper, provided by Babeland, is a 2-in-1 toy with all sorts of sadistic potential.  It’s fairly small in size, which is something I always consider when it comes to toys that I pack around with me to events.  I really don’t want to be hauling one of my regular toy boxes around with me, so I have to be choosy about what I take in my travel toy kit, and so toys that are small but effective are most appreciated.

The handy slapper is made out of two layers of stiff latigo leather that have been riveted together.  This particular kind of design creates a heavier product, and the dual layers will generate an enticing sound when they come into contact with something, like your backside.  Noisy is one word for it, but I quite enjoy the sharp smacking it makes as it falls.

Handy SlapperA devious addition to this slapper is the handle, which it so much like the end of a quirt, I feel as though I own two of them now.  Jack finds this feature quite fantastic, particularly for eliciting yelps of pain from yours truly, while he uses it on my breasts and nipples.  It seems to be just the right length and weight for such methods of torture.

I would describe both ends as rather stingy, although the handle end more so, for obvious reasons.  The sensations are not really the same, although they are both sharp and cover only a small area, as opposed to something broader, like a paddle.  The diminutive size lends itself well to applications that a larger slapper would be unsuitable for.  Breast and nipples, as mentioned above, as well as cock and ball torture, the insides of thighs, the bottoms of feet, and the pussy area of course.  Any place where you want to…ahem, make an impact while still retaining enough control over your implement to land exactly on target.  On the other hand, this would not be my tool of choice for prolonged wailing on someones ass or back.  Other toys will achieve quite the same effect with far less effort.

Overall, we really liked this toy.  It’s heavy enough to withstand years of use, and I was pleased with the craftsmanship.  I would rate it as a medium to heavy toy, in terms of intensity.

To keep all of your leather in good condition, or if it requires cleaning (toys that are used for impact play, and come into contact with fluids, particularly blood, should be cleaned after use) I would recommend a soft sponge, and some saddle soap (which is available at tack stores or online).  Follow the directions on the bottle, allow the leather to thoroughly air dry, and then oil it with a leather preservative (also available at tack stores and online).  Please note that most BDSM gear is unfinished leather, so take that into account when you look for advice on cleaning and stain removal.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

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