The Beach Of Savage Desires - Chapter Two

Posted on August 26th, 2007 in Carnal Confessions, Sensual Sundays

My darling reader Esined has treated us to the second part of a hot little story she has written. Feedback in the comments section is appreciated. Chapter One can be found here. Enjoy!

SundaysButtonKainny woke up shivering and noticed the sun was lower and she was in the shade. The breeze was making her bare skin cold. She put her clothes back on and went out to explore further to find food. Her stomach was growling loudly and she was feeling weak from not eating since the day before. It made her dizzy. She smelled smoke and came to a small clearing in the woods. The lack of food and probably being in the sun made her feel faint and before she could fight it, the world went dark again.

When she came to, she noticed she was naked and her hands were tied above her head, sitting in a swing with her legs apart. The swing made some movement possible, but not enough to escape. She looked around and saw she was in some kind of hut with a fire glowing in a small clay fireplace. Rarab meat was being grilled over the fire and giving off a wonderful scent that made Kainny stomach growl. Too hungry to care what kind of predicament she was in, she called out. “Hello!? Is anyone out there?”

MinaShe looked to the door of the hut that was covered with a colorful cloth and saw a shadow moving in front of it. She recognized the shape of the shadow, Mithra! She sighed in relief seeing a familiar person and not some monster. The Mithra came in and went straight to the fireplace and took the food and put it in a clay bowl. Kainny observed this Mithra and noticed how beautiful she was. Her fur was a light color of mocha and her hair was a striking color of bright red, brighter that on any other Mithra she ever saw. She had seen several redhead Mithra’s in Jeuno, but their coloring was leaning more towards auburn and warm brown tones. Her eyes were beautiful also, as blue as the water from the beach, bright and shiny, like jewels.

Her attire was unlike the Mithra attire she was used to seeing in Jeuno or even Kazam. It looked more primitive, skins and fur, most likely from the animals in the Jungle. Kainny asked, “Where am I?” The Mithra just stared at her but did not answer. She came over with the bowl of meat, and Kainny noticed that she must have prepared it while Kainny was busy looking at her. The Mithra started feeding her and Kainny out of hunger ate greedily.

She noticed that the Mithra was also observing her and somehow begun to feel aroused by being under this wild cat’s scrutiny. This feline was looking at her all over. Looking at her eyes, her lips as she took the food into her mouth, to her breasts, her smooth belly and finally down to her center, which was exposed by having her legs spread apart. She seemed more curious of that area than any other. The feline then returned to the table and poured a liquid into a cup and brought it to Kainny’s lips. Kainny drank the sweet nectar greedily yet again and realized that she might have been dehydrated as well as hungry from being under the sun all day. As she drank the juice, some of it dribble over the side of the cup and ran down her cheek, to her neck, all the way down to her exposed breast, stopping at her taut nipple.

The Mithra set the cup back down the table and returned to Kainny’s side. Kainny assumed that she would bring a cloth back to wipe the juice off of her. Instead, the feline took her head down to her breast and started licking the juice off her nipple and breast. Kainny arched against this warm tongue licking her from her nipple to her mouth. The Mithra was licking her mouth and Kainny parted her lips and began kissing her. She looked to see a look of surprise and then pleasure within those deep blue pools. Kainny could hear her start to purr. She began to feel aroused and felt her womanhood becoming moist with arousal. The Mithra’s soft furry hands were touching out of curiosity her bare breasts and body. Kainny started panting and she noticed that the feline smelling her all over her body. Her soft tiny whiskers were tickling where she was sniffing. She became focused on Kainny’s exposed womanhood and was sniffing in the area purring louder. She timidly started licking her inner thighs, torturing Kainny with pleasure, as she made timid mewing sounds.

Kainny could feel her warm breath so close to her spot and started whimpering wanting to beg and thinking; Oh! Please lick me! Lick me! Suddenly she heard a roaring sound that made the redhead Mithra become alarmed and shrank away. Kainny hearing this roar became very concerned that they were being under attack from a predator. She noticed that it had gotten dark and that the sun must be setting. Her encounter with this sexy cat had distracted her to the point that she had not realized time going by. Looking at the Mithra she saw that she was scared and trying to keep calm. Kainny was getting scared also.

She then saw what she thought she would never see in her whole life, a Manthra! He had a mane of a lion but was black as night. His dark eyes were the eyes of a predator and he was tall. He was almost as tall as an Elvaan and muscular, but lean and stealthy unlike those big clumsy Galkans. He had an intimidating presence and his eyes glowed in the hut that was getting darker as dusk was nearing. Kainny could not help but flinch as his eyes set upon her. Many other Mithra’s were at the door of the hut peering in, seeing if their male cat was pleased with their offering of her. That is when it struck her. Kainny was a mating offer to their leader.

He growled a deep growl of what seem to be approval, looking Kainny over. He then turned around and growled ferociously at the curious Mithra’s peering in. They all left in fright, including the pretty redhead. He turned around and faced her. Kainny could not help herself as she flinched under his scrutiny. He looked like he was about to devour her.

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3 Responses to “The Beach Of Savage Desires - Chapter Two”

  1. padme amidala Says:

    Great story, Esined. :) I really love the sensual Sunday series. It’s one of my favorites. :)
    Hope your having a good weekend, Shasta.
    padme amidala

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  2. Esined Says:

    Thanks Padme ^^ for the comment.

    I do wonder if any of my stories are at all any good and I am so happy Shasta wanted to post my stories!

    Reply To The Above Comment

  3. Hardin Says:

    I’m drawn in! I want to see what kind of man equipment the Manthra has . . .

    Reply To The Above Comment

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