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Posted on February 7th, 2006 in Polyamory, Reading Is Sexy, Resources And Links

I know it’s been deadly boring around here, and I hope that I will have the time and inclination to post something interesting soon. In the mean time, I have a couple more links I’ll be adding to my resources section of the sidebar.

Adult Friend Finder - Yes I mentioned it ages ago but have been too lazy to put up a link. Basically a big personals site for singles and couples looking for sex with other singles and couples. I met K through the site, so I have to give it at least a mention, LOL.

Polyamorous Percolations - A really great resource about polyamory. Loads of articles, reader question/comments, columns, etc. So much that I haven’t really had time to browse through everything, but I highly suggest paying a visit.

Polyamory Livejournal Community - Basically a big forum where people can ask questions and get answers from other members. Lots of good discussions going on about common issues faced by people living in that type of lifestyle.

Lifestyle Playground - We haven’t had much time to properly check out this site. It was recommended to Jack by a friend. Very similar to Adult Friend Finder, but there are a lot more couples (at least in our area) than singles.

Polyamory Weekly (Podcast) - A really interesting podcast hosted by Minx, discussing all kinds of things related to Polyamory and kink in general. There is even a lot of hot erotica, so tune in as soon as possible. Archived episodes also easily available there.

The New Monogamy - Marriage With Benefits - An excellent article from New York Metro Magazine

The Ethical Slut

Polyamory? - A great wealth of information on the poly lifestyle, especially for beginners

OKCupid - Very Poly-Friendly Personals Site

Jane's Guide

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