My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels

Posted on April 25th, 2010 in Migration Paths

This post was originally written on Friday, April 23.  I haven’t had an opportunity to post it since then.

I’m writing this from around 40,000 feet above the state of Michigan, on my way to Calgary. Jack and I were able to book a last-minute expedition out west to hunt for a new dwelling. Aiden is holding down the fort back home with the kids and the dogs, for the weekend.

It’s going to be an intensive schedule, as we have requested viewings at around 40 houses, and we only have 2 days to see them. Nobody can accuse us of being unambitious ;) Seriously though, we have to make the most of our time, and fortunately I’m rather decisive, so I can generally make up my mind about a house in less than 20 minutes.

We don’t have any spare time for socialization, save for a few hours tonight after we land. V is meeting me at the airport, and you have no idea how excited I am to see her. It’s been almost a year, and this morning I got a little shoked up just thinking about how I’ve missed her, and how happy I will be to hug her and talk to her face to face.

Tomorrow evening is her boyfriend, M’s 31st birthday party, and she hasn’t told him we are going to be in town. I am hoping we can surprise him, even if we are late to the event. It would be great to see him too.

I really hope I fall in love with a house during this trip. I feel like a lot of our current stress will be alleviated once we have a place to move into. The details are slowly beginning to come together. Moving boxes arrived from the moving company this week, and so the pre-pack can begin. Also the cleaning and the preparation for sale. Before we know it, we will be loading up the truck and making the trek out to Alberta.

Wish us luck this weekend!

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