Age And Treachery Will Always Overcome Youth And Skill

Posted on April 13th, 2010 in Does All Her Own Stunts, LARP, Made In Ontario, Photos

My body is tired, I ache all over, and I should be washing/unpacking/putting away all of our camping gear, but I had a GREAT weekend at LARP.  I’m so glad that we ended up going after all.

Friday was sort of chaotic, due to the fact that last week was kind of rough and I completely neglected my normal routine of packing and preparing everything WELL in advance.  Aiden and I were both finishing up costuming on Friday morning, and then there was a mad dash to load everything and get out of here on time.

My costume is comprised of a really big brown cloak, which I made myself, brown or black draw-string pants, and whatever combination of tank top/t-shirt/long-sleeved sweater I can arrange.  Aiden and I are now both playing the same race (Darklings) which requires any visible skin to be painted black, and then yellow or gold veins are to be painted on top of the black.

Here is a photo of us from the event we just attended (I would be the shorter one with the shield):

Aiden And I

The strange protrusion on the one side of my cloak is my sword.

At one point over the weekend Aiden and I went into a local Wal-Mart, in full costume, because I needed drier footwear.  You should have seem the looks we got, particularly from little kids, who seemed to be either afraid or in total awe.  It was funny.  Oddly enough, people don’t often seem to stop us to ask questions about why we are dressed up.

It was really fantastic getting away for a weekend and totally escaping from real life.  I didn’t have to answer any phone calls, check any e-mail, and I even turned Twitter off on my cell phone, so that I wouldn’t have to plow though dozens of updates the two times I day I bothered to check it.  I still carried it with me, in case Jack had an emergency, but I forgot it was even with me most of the time.

Friday night was a lot of fun.  We went adventuring with out friend Dex, and built a fire, and met some new people.  Aiden and I are playing a married couple in game now.  A very unhappily married couple I might add, so there was a lot of fun role play fighting and cursing at each other.

We turned in at around 4am and it was damned cold.  Fortunately it warmed up in the morning, and we were up by 10am to start the day.  Darklings are damaged by the sun, so there was a lot of wandering around with our hoods up.  We ended up adventuring a lot of the day with Aiden’s ex-girlfriend, which was unexpected, but actually a lot of fun.  I am glad that she and Aiden seem to have buried the hatchet as it were, because she LARPs with us and now it won’t be awkward.  We joked and laughed a lot, and I think were we not moving, she and I would likely become good friends eventually.

On Saturday night there was a major battle, after which Aiden and I happily went to bed.  It wasn’t as cold the second night, and I woke up feeling really well rested, even though I was stiff and sore from the night before.  When you are at LARP there generally isn’t a lot of time for cooking, and so we lived on bottled water, cold hot dogs, and granola bars pretty much the whole weekend (oh, and quite a few coffees) but next time I will be better prepared with sandwiches and whatever else I can make up ahead of time that we can eat without a lot of fuss.

I also learned that taking the time to stretch after battle is probably in ones best interest.  As is packing adequate blankets, and clean socks.  OMG you have no idea how many pairs of socks Aiden and I went through in just two days.  I would say that bringing five or more pairs for each person is about right.  No fewer than five, that’s for sure.

On Sunday there was one more battle, and then it was time to pack up and go home.  It’s kind of a rude shock going back to normal life after spending the weekend in a fantasy world.  I was really excited to have a shower though.

Aiden and I hadn’t really been intimate all weekend, for one because we were both beat tired whenever we were in bed, and for another because my period was just ending.  There’s also the matter of being covered in mud and black make-up, it just doesn’t inspire a lot of sexiness.

Fortunately once we were back home, and in the shower and mostly cleaned off, we were able to make up a bit for lost time, and had some fun under the hot water, and then later in bed together.

I can’t wait for the next event, in four more weeks.  I am planning to make another cloak in the mean time, because my brown one is lovely for the night time, being a super heavy wool blend, it kept me warm and cut the wind, but it was hot in the day time.  Particularly with having to keep the hood up all the time in the sun, it got a little warm.  I would like to make something a little lighter weight, maybe in dark grey or forest green, for day wear.  Plus one can never have too many cloaks in my opinion.

Anyway, it’s time to stop procrastinating and turn my attention to the remaining smelly laundry that needs washing and the camping gear that needs to be put away.  I’m hoping that Aiden and I can make it out to the local kink munch this evening, but it may be awkward if I don’t have any clean pants to wear.

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