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Posted on September 3rd, 2008 in Are You Gonna Eat That?, Bucket List, Does All Her Own Stunts, Made In Ontario, Photos

I haven’t allowed myself time to blog as of late due to wanting to make the most of the final week of summer, not to mention my birthday weekend, which was all kinds of fabulous really.

Tickets to Bedouin Soundclash and Blue Man Group for September comprised part of my birthday gift from Jack.  He also went halfers with me on a new bicycle, so that V and I could start riding together.  I’d seen a specific model in the states that I really wanted, but we couldn’t find it here and I didn’t want to wait until our next trip to America, so I went with my second choice, a Raleigh Matterhorn.

106. Buy a bicycle

V and I went for a spin last night.  Probably my first bike ride in almost ten years.  We rode down to the nearest 7-11 and picked up a jug of milk, which I carried home in the crate we rigged up on the back carrier rack.  It was pretty funny, and even though the ride wasn’t all that long (around half an hour total) my legs were burning by the time we got home.  Clearly I am WAY out of practice.  I am really excited about biking more while the warm weather lasts though, and it’s certainly going to help me get back in shape.

On Friday night Jack took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  V was kind enough to watch the kiddos for us so that we could have a date and some time to ourselves.  We decided to try this Japanese place I’d heard good things about.

I decided to seize the opportunity to accomplish a list item, and ordered a hot sake before our meal.


It tasted a bit like vodka, and plum, and finished very much like a strong wine.  It was interesting to try, but I don’t think I’ll make a habit of drinking it, LOL.

435. Drink sake

It was really nice to get out together and have a date.  After we had eaten we went to a local pub and had a drink together.  We were actually planning on spending a few hours there together, but the service was so dreadfully slow we gave up after our first round and went home to drink instead.

The three of us stayed up late into the night of course, talking and laughing and playing Yahtzee.  It was a very good way to begin my birthday weekend!

On Saturday we celebrated with cake and with buying my bike and some accessories (like the aforementioned rear rack, and a kickstand).  Later that evening V and I went out to a bar I’d been wanting to check out, and we had a great time there.  The atmosphere is right, the drinks are cheap, and there are plenty of attractive males to look at.  We danced some, but spent most of the night sitting on the patio, enjoying the very warm night, and meeting a number of new people.

When we stumbled out into the street after the bar closed, the first mission on our minds was street meat, followed by finding a cab ride home.

We wandered through a sea of people downtown, until we came across a hot dog cart.  I loaded my sausage down with sauerkraut, bacon bits, ketchup, and mustard.  We wandered down the street in the hoped of hailing a cab while we ate.  Eventually we found one that wasn’t occupied and made it home, where we discovered that neither of us had house keys.  I called Jack on his cell phone and he came down to let us in, and then promptly went back to bed.  I followed soon after, falling into bed beside him around 4am.

Sunday was a laid back kinda day.  V and I went to Mississauga in the afternoon to do some shopping.  I picked up some things at Lush, including shampoo for my dreads and some skin care items.  V picked up shampoo at the Aveda store, and we looked at shoes and clothes together for a while.  When the mall closed we got a table at Earl’s and had a martini while we waited for Jack and the kids, who were meeting us there for supper.

It was dusk by the time we finished eating, which was perfect since we were going to the Chinese Lantern Festival that evening in Toronto.  It was a fairly quick drive to Ontario Place from where we were, but traffic and parking nearby were horrific due to the exhibition in Toronto.  We found a spot sort of nearby, and we didn’t mind the walk at any rate.

The lantern festival wasn’t cheap by any means (we had a coupon for $3 off per person and they let our littlest one in free, and it still cost us $83) but it was SO worth it.

 You can click on any of the following photos to see them full sized.





Eiffel Tower



Chameleon Up Close

Baby Deer








Church Of The Saviour On Spilled Blood

Dragons Encircling The Pearl

Undersea Display

Killer Whale



Sea Horses

Spotted Dino

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Big Ben

Porcelain Pagoda

Taj Mahal

Statue Of Liberty


250. See the Chinese Lantern Festival in Toronto

Honestly, if you have the opportunity to see it, GO!  It’s not the kind of thing you go back to every year, but certainly a ’see it once’ at least.  Also, the kids had a ball, and loved every minute of it.

We all grabbed ice cream at the end before we headed home.  The little ones were exhausted, so we bundled them into bed as soon as we got into the house, and then us adults sat up watching re-runs of 90210 until 3:00 in the morning.

On Monday, my official birthdate, we all went for brunch buffet around noon, and then V and I put the final touches on her bathroom and unpacked most of her things.

That evening we opened a bottle of Ice Cuvee that I’ve been saving, to celebrate.  That bottle was followed with a few glasses of Merlot, and by the end of the night V and I were feeling pretty good, LOL.  It certainly wasn’t as wild or busy as past birthdays, but it was lovely just the same.

Nia gave me the most hilarious pin and magnet, which I will feature here in future Favorite Things.

This Friday Jack and V and myself are going to the Journey concert in Toronto, and then on Saturday Jack is taking to see the Hamilton Ti-Cats (my favorite CFL team) play on their home turf.  Sunday I have tentative plans to go for drinks with a new potential Dom, so lots to look forward to for the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes or left comments here!  It was much appreciated :)

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  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Shasta,
    I’ve always wanted to try sake and it’s on my bucket list too. Love all your pictures of the Chinese Lantern Festival. It looks amazing! I’ll have to find out if Vancouver has something like that. Glad you had a good birthday! I hope our gift from our store arrived. Havn’t heard from you in a few days. Miss you!

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  2. RupertNo Gravatar Says:

    Aw man! Sorry I missed it! Happy belated birthday! I’m a bit behind on my reading…


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