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Posted on September 16th, 2007 in Bedroom Bling, Carnal Confessions, Photos, Reviews, Sex Toy Care

The Pleasure SwingI’ve been looking forward to this particular review for some time. After several requests for this product, and thanks to the generosity of the awesome people at Pleasure Me Now, I bring you The Pleasure Swing!

Jack and I have had a LOAD of fun testing this bad boy out. Oh My Lord! Likely the most fantastic couples ‘toy’ ever manufactured I can’t say enough totally awesome things about it.

First of all I offer some tips in instillation. For those of you intimidated by putting up something intended to be heavy-duty load bearing, you can always buy a stand for it. If you have a tall partner (like mine) that might limit the amount of positions you can do.

Have a little confidence, putting this thing in is not rocket science :D

Tools You Will Need:

A good stud finder (you buy these at a hardware store. Fork over the extra bucks for a good one)

An electric drill (contrary to the instructions that come with the swing, you cannot put this thing up without drilling a hole first)

Two drill bits – The thinnest one you can find and another that is just slightly thinner than the eye-bolt for the swing

Tacks and some newspaper (if you have a textured ceiling)

Alright, here we go, now pay attention:

1. If you know which direction the ceiling joists in your house run, all the better. If not, maybe check out your unfinished basement. They will be the same all through the house. If you don’t, study how your roof looks from the outside. If there are peaks (as in like this) on the front of your house, it’s likely the joists run from side to side. If the peaks are on the sides of your house (like this) then they probably run from front to back. If you really can’t figure it out, that’s ok too, that’s why you bought that stud finder.

2. Go to the room where you want to put up the swing. Bring your tools and a stool. If you have a textured ceiling take the tacks and newspaper and tack pieces of it up (overlapping) on the area where you want the swing to go. This will allow your stud finder to slide smoothly over the rough surface. If you have a smooth ceiling, ignore that part.

3. If you know which way your joists are going, run the stud finder back and forth across the ceiling in the opposite direction that the joists are going. When your stud finder detects a joist, mark the spot where the edge of the joist starts. Come from the other direction with the stud finder to locate the other edge, mark that as well. Now you can find the center of the joist, hooray! If you don’t know which way the joists run start by sliding your stud finder along the ceiling from side to side. If it beeps every 16 inches or so, it’s likely that your joists are running front to back. If it doesn’t beep at all try sliding it from front to back. Once you establish which way they are running, proceed with the steps described above.

4. Once you know where the center of the joist is, you will want to drill a test hole, to make sure you’ve found the joist. Take the smallest drill bit you have and drill in between your two markings. You should feel the drill bit hit something more solid once you get through the drywall. Once you’ve drilled a little ways into the solid part, pull the bit back out and you should be able to identify some wood particles on it. That’s a good thing. IF you don’t feel that you’ve hit something solid, try drilling a quarter of an inch to the left or right of the hole.

Sex Swing Positions5. Now that you’ve found the joist for sure, get out the big drill bit and drill a hole deep into the joist. Don’t worry about compromising the integrity of your joists, I promise they can handle this sort of thing. The reason you need to pre-drill rather than just trying to screw the eye-bolt into the ceiling is because screwing something like that into wood without a pre-made hole will cause the wood to split and splinter, which is bad.

6. Once the hole is made, start screwing in the eye-bolt. Tighten it as much as you can and then I suggest attaching the swing to it and then using that to turn the eye-bolt some more until the ring portion is just about touching the ceiling.

7. To test it out begin by laying across the support slings and put some weight on it. With someone spotting you, get into the swing and bounce up and down a little. Watch the ring for a lot of wiggling back and forth or if it seems to be pulling out of the ceiling. If you somehow have failed to screw it into a joist, it’ll pull loose pretty much immediately. Time to start over if that happens. If not, you’re set to go!

Once we got it all set up, I climbed in (with a stool and some assistance). Jack is very tall and I am not, so I need to use a stool to get into this thing. That’s perfectly ok. I do not suggest getting in to it without a little assistance.

So basically the longer sling part goes under your rear, the shorter one goes across your back (around the shoulder blade area) and the two smaller slings are for your feet/legs. There are a LOT of positions you can chose from, creativity with it is half the fun. The swing itself comes with a little booklet that suggests a few good positions to get you started.

This swing is incredible. Out of all the sex toys I’ve tried it is without a doubt my favorite. The position we use most is me on my back in the swing, the lower sling on the top part of my butt and the other around my shoulders. I put my feet in the smaller slings so that they rest in the arch of my feet and then I stretch out my legs so that they are in a big V-Shape. Jack stands between my legs and pushes his cock into me and just goes to it. Since the swing does most of the work he hardly has to pump and yet he can fuck me harder and faster than is generally possible in a more horizontal position. It’s also very easy for him to play with my nipples or pussy, or for me to do either of those things as well. If I bend my knees towards my chest it allows for even deeper penetration. WOW!

We have also done doggie-style in it, and oh my! It felt incredible, and I was able to easily use one of my vibrators on my clit while Jack had sex with me. You may wanna throw a towel down under you though, LOL.

There are still a lot of positions we want to try. It’s also fantastic for oral sex. We have it set up in close proximity to our bed, so Jack can sit on the edge of it and lick my pussy while I am in the swing. Any chair would do though, which makes it way more comfortable on the neck than it usually is laying between someones legs (in my humble opinion). If you wanna get creative you could also try having the man sitting in the chair and the naughty lass bouncing up and down in the swing upon his cock. This would be ideal for someone with a disability because there are a lot of ways to have intercourse that do not require physical train on either person.

The slings are very easy to clean. They care easily unclipped from the top bar and rinsed gently in a sink or tub. Use a little liquid laundry detergent as well if you wish. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Sex In A Swing!I really like that it’s very easy to take the swing down and put it back up. Do not remove the eye bolt from the ceiling between uses. That will seriously compromise it’s ability to bear weight. Simply unhook the swing and if you are worried about questions hang a fake plant from the eye bolt. You could also claim to use it for resistance band exercises, for hanging clothes you need to keep from wrinkling (that you intend to wear the next day) or for unwrinkling clothes with a steamer. There are loads of ways to explain a great big eye bolt in your ceiling, just go with it.

Besides being awesome for sex, this thing is just plain fun! I like sitting in it just to bounce up and down. V calls it an adult jolly-jumper. For a sex party one of these is a must! I have a little pet fantasy about setting it up for a naughty gathering and then just hanging out there all night letting whomever wants to have a go! Yes, a naughty, naughty slut am I.

For the price, I would happily purchase one of these things because honestly, it’s worth every penny and then some. It’s good up to 200 pounds with the fun spring, but it can hold up to 400 if you take that part off. The padding makes it comfy to sit in, and it’s brilliant for bondage! There are DVD’s available as well with useful suggestions on positions and technique, so even lack of creativity is no excuse not to own one of these fantastic products.

A swing makes a totally fabulous gift for a friend or lover! I promise you will not be disappointed with this product, and I certainly give it a great big Shasta Seal Of Approval!

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

Published by Shasta

8 Responses to “Sex Swing Review”

  1. Bob Says:

    Two comments: First, this brings new meaning to the term Swingers Club. Second in regards to installation – I think there are two kinds of stud finders . . . :)

    Reply To The Above Comment

  2. Rupert Says:

    Yeah, that looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Wonder what my wife would do if I set up one of those in my basement?

    Prolly sleep through it, like usual.


    Reply To The Above Comment

  3. padme amidala Says:

    Great review Shasta! Love the pictures too. ;) I have always wanted to try out a sex swing. I saw one set up at the sex show in Jan but I was too shy to give it a go. Maybe I can try yours out when I come out to visit you? *winks*
    Hope you had a good weekend!
    padme amidala

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  4. having my cake Says:

    Looks like a great toy.

    Have to admit to being a little perturbed that you can purchase a ‘good stud finder’ at local hardware stores over there. There are a lot of women over here who would pay very good money for a device that can weed out the fuckwits :)

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  5. Esined Says:

    lmao @ having my cake’s comment!

    If only my apt was not so small… *sigh*

    That looks totally fun!

    Reply To The Above Comment

  6. Cyrano Q Says:

    Thanks – I’ve always wanted to try one of these. In fact, you’ve given me an idea …

    Reply To The Above Comment

  7. Stiletto Diaries » Blog Archive » You’re My Favorite, Don’t Tell The Others Says:

    [...] bath in the jacuzzi, and a massage afterwards. There was also mention of the Tantra chair, and the sex swing. Yum. Jack was pleased that I would have company in his absence, since he knows I get lonely when [...]

  8. DannyNo Gravatar Says:


    My wife and I ordered that sex swing awhile ago and I have to say it is a LOT of fun. The deeper penetration from using it makes your sexual experience soar.

    Reply To The Above Comment

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