The Rules: Revisited

Posted on March 14th, 2006 in Polyamory

Changes have been made to our rules:

*The No Strippers Rule was deleted

*The No Online Dating Rule was deleted

*Rules 17 and 18 are new additions

1. We must always be home by dawn when we are in the same city.

2. No bathing with partners (something we consider too intimate at this time); showering together is ok.

3. No *sleeping* with partners (again, too intimate); cuddling is ok.

4. We must always be totally honest with potential partners about my/our marital status.

5. Only give out personal cell phone number for contact information.

6. A maximum of three solo ‘dates’ are allowed. After that, partners must be introduced to the spouse.

7. Each of us has total veto power over the other.

8. No hooking up in our hometown (don’t want to get the neighbor’s talking).

9. Never bring home a partner while the kids are at the house, *even if they are sleeping*.

10. No threesomes+ unless the spouse is present.

11. For safety, I will always make a call to my husband at an agreed-upon time during my ‘date’ (just to assure him that I am ok). In hindsight I think it would be wise for him to also place a safecall to me during his dates. Men can be victimized too.

12. No hooking up with anyone from work.

13. Condoms will be used *every time* (oral sex being the exception).

14. We must always *call* the spouse before We engage in sexual activities with anyone.

15. In the event that a date is brought to our home, there will be no sex with him/her in our bed. There is a guest room for those purposes. Exceptions can be made if both of us are present and it is a threesome/group sex situation.

16. No hooking up with ex-lovers (they are ex’s for a reason remember).

17. No unnecessary text messaging during ‘dates’.

18. Special days and holidays will be spent with spouse. Examples: Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Thanksgivings, Birthdays, Etc.

Published by Shasta

3 Responses to “The Rules: Revisited”

  1. SemperSexualis Says:

    Huh. Yeah, since I don’t have to abide by your rules I don’t have them memorized… so I have no idea what changes have been made. How disappointing for me. *sob*

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  2. padme Says:

    I’m curious what changes you have made..I’ll go check it out. Hope your doing ok, Stiletto Girl..

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  3. Stiletto Girl Says:

    OH I know I should have specified the changes. Basically I deleted the rule about no sleeping with strippers (that rule was drafted at my insistance, but it was based on my own insecurities, which I have since dealt with). I also deleted the rule about no online dating/seekiing out partners, becuase it’s really become a non issue (read: I’m ok with it and I wasn’t before). Uh, the other deletion was a blurb about pics of potential partners. Also, the last two rules are new additions. Hope that helps :D

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