Emotional Angst Is More Exciting Than This

Posted on March 14th, 2006 in Does All Her Own Stunts

dockI’ve been reading over my posts and I came to the depressing realization that most of what I write here is about all the crappy things that are happening.

When we started in on this I didn’t want anyone to think that everything is all happy and chipper all the time, and I ended up making it seem like it’s always hard and yucky.

I use this blog as a place to reflect and examine my emotions. It’s easier for me to pour all my thoughts out here and then look at them objectively, rather then let them swirl around in my brain. It seems that when all is well and things are on an even keel, I don’t have a lot of intense emotions or thoughts to write down here.

The past week has been nice and calm, nothing thrilling for blog fodder, just normal day-to-day.

Saturday night I went to V’s for a visit and we stayed up till 4:00 am talking about all manner of things. At least three hours (likely more) was devoted to discussing Jack and K and everything that is currently going on with all of us. I wish I could have written down everything that was said. V and I think almost exactly alike, in fact we often joke about being joined at the brain. When her and I get going on something, we can cover a lot of ground and come to some pretty insightful conclusions on the topic. I always feel SO MUCH better after I talk to her about things, and she can offer me a lot of perspectives that I may not have considered myself. Since she has absolutely no life experience specific to my current situation she can retain a lot of objectivity. She is fully supportive of me, and all three of us really, and she doesn’t feel that this arrangement is headed in any sort of negative direction. If she felt otherwise, she would be brutally honest about it, which is actually very reassuring to me, because naturally there are moments when I have doubts about this.

Other than that, nothing really significant has happened.

So, things with Jack and I are fine and normal and good, things with K and I are fine and normal and good. Really, nothing exciting to see here. It’s all good.

Speaking of exciting though. Something VERY exciting, at least to me, is happening tomorrow. There will be an announcement here on the blog. I’ve been keeping it a big secret for a week and a half, and finally I get to share it with all of you!

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  1. padme Says:

    Glad things are going good for you, Stiletto Girl. I am dying to know what the announcement is..I’ll be back to check your blog tommorow! HUGS

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