Vancouver – Day 3 & Day 4

Posted on October 29th, 2009 in Body Mods, Collar And Cuff, Does All Her Own Stunts, Life List, Photos, Tie Me Up

I woke up early Saturday morning, packed up my things, left a goodbye note for my siblings, who were sleeping off our late night out, and then walked to the 7-11 on the corner for a coffee.  Caffeine in hand, I walked to the skytrain station, bought my ticket, and waited for my train.

I got on the wrong one, but at least going the right direction, and took it to the next stop.  I figured out which train I needed then and caught the right one on my second attempt.  The skytrain ride was good.  I drank my coffee, sent some pictures to Aiden, and watched people getting on and off at various stops.  Eventually I got to where I was headed and waited at the station for padme and Master Anakin to pick me up.  I was a little nervous as we hadn’t seen each other in over a year, and also I wanted to make a good impression with Master Anakin.

I only had to wait a short time before they arrived and padme and I exchanged hugs, loaded my stuff into the back, and then off we went to the mall.  Padme had an appointment to get her makeup done in preparation for Rascal’s that evening, and so after Master Anakin dropped us off at the mall we visited for a few minutes before she had to go to her appointment, and then I wandered around the shops while I waited.  I came across a Body Mods kiosk, which is my absolute favorite place ever to buy body jewelry (even though I don’t currently have any piercings).  I looked at some of their captive bead rings for Aiden’s PA piercing because he mentioned wanting to go up a gauge.  The sales girl and I dug through three different boxes worth before I picked out a black ring that I felt would be the appropriate size, and what I thought was the right gauge.  Unfortunately as it turns out his current ring is NOT a 14g, but a 10g, which is what I bought, and so he really needs an 8g.  Irritating.  Anyone need a 10g captive bead ring?

After her appointment padme looked even lovelier than normal :)  She and Master Anakin took me back to their house for a bit before we headed out to do a little sight-seeing.  They surprised me by taking me to the Harbor Center, which is a tall tower in downtown that overlooks Stanley Park and the city, and the ocean, and the mountains.  It wasn’t the clearest day, but it didn’t matter, the view was beautiful.

The City From Above

Downtown Vancouver

From Harbour Center In Vancouver

Every time I am back out west I really enjoy seeing the mountains again. You have no idea how badly I miss living close to them.

We didn’t linger too long in the tower, as they wanted to take me to see Stanley Park while we still had daylight. Master Anakin drove us over to the sea wall and although it had started raining the leaves were still beautiful and the city looked kind of charming through all the mist.

Stanley Park

Vancouver From Stanley Park, In The Rain

After we’d driven through the park and seen everything we wanted to see, we went to a different part of the city where we planned to do a little shopping and have dinner. It really started coming down while we were walking up and down the street. Eventually we escaped the rain inside a sushi restaurant for dinner. The food was excellent and we all had a really good time eating and talking. We laughed a lot too.

After we were all full and happy, we skipped next door to The Cupcake Store, which padme and I were very excited about. I got myself a red velvet cupcake, which is my favorite kind, and had it boxed up to eat later on. We dashed through the rain and back to the car. Padme wanted to take me to Little Sisters, which is an adult store, before we went to Rascal’s. Let me tell you that Master Anakin is an excellent driver in the city. Driving in Vancouver seems a lot like driving in Toronto. It’s kind of an extreme sport unto itself, and even worse in the horrendous rain that was pouring down. The streets were like lakes and there were people running through water that was deeper than their shoes, it was kind of funny actually.

We browsed through the things at Little Sisters, and I saw about 20 books that I want to buy (of course) and some neat toys as well. They had quite a few BDSM toys there, and I was happy that Aiden wasn’t with me because I found the most horrible looking paddle, made out of a lexan-type material. It was really long and narrow with those holes that reduce wind resistance. I was almost compelled to call yellow just standing there looking at it.

It was getting close to time for Rascal’s so we dodged rain drops on our way back to the car and jumped in. Fortunately as we were driving we either got out of the rain or it stopped, because by the time we got to the appointed place, it had stopped.

We were a little early, so we waited outside and then in the entrance until we were allowed inside. They sure do an amazing job of decorating for Halloween there! It was really awesome :D I was super impressed!

The three of us found a table and then padme and I dashed off to the bathroom to get changed into our outfits. I was wearing a pink bob wig that she had bought for me to go with my pink tutu. Plus I had on a black top and stiletto heels. I wasn’t dressed AS anything specific, but I don’t think that matters. I also wore a leather collar that locks closed, at Aiden’s request, so that nobody would pester me about playing with them. We hadn’t really clearly negotiated my playing with others, but he did express discomfort with anything of the sexual nature, so I thought it best to stick to the safe side.

Padme looked really cute and sexy in her goth schoolgirl outfit. She and Master Anakin are so cute and sweet together. It’s completely clear to anyone who has spent any time with them how very in love they are with each other, even after almost 13 years together, and it’s inspiring to see :)

I was able to meet some of padme’s friends in the community, and we all had a drink together and checked out everyone else’s outfits and costumes. There was a vendor there selling some really nice looking toys, and Master Anakin bought one for padme as a birthday gift. It’s a small paddle with leather on one side and some sort of textured rubber on the other side. Apparently it’s quite stingy!

Eventually the two of them went to play, which I was so hoping they would, since I can certainly relate to not having sitting that often and wanting to take advantage of kid-free time. I chatted with one of the people I’d met that evening, and we watched a lot of the scenes and discussed BDSM in terms of the differences between communities from city to city. Rascal’s reminded me a lot of the play parties I’d been to here.

One scene was particularly beautiful to me. I won’t go into details, as it’s not mine to share, but at the end the Dom was sitting in a chair and she was knelt between his knees with her head against his stomach and he was holding her in his arms and stroking her hair. It was just a really special moment for them and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse. That’s what it’s all about, if I had to sum up why I like this lifestyle with one image, it would be something like that. Then he made her lick his boots and that was pretty awesome too ;)

Padme and Master Anakin played for quite a while, and from where I was it looked like she got quite a beating! Boy was her ass red when they eventually came back to the table!

We all sat and chatted some more, and watched some of the other people playing. Padme was busy telling me the names of people she knew, or that I might have heard her make reference to. It was nice to be able to put a few faces to names.

Eventually she begged Master Anakin to play a little more, and they set up on a spanking bench only a few feet from our table. I have to tell you, they play way heavier than anything I’ve ever done, and it was fascinating to watch. They were both clearly enjoying themselves though!

Once they were finally finished, we lingered a little longer, enjoying the atmosphere and then finally decided it was time to head home.

When we got back to their house we took some photos of our costumes and ate our cupcakes. NOM! Master Anakin had offered earlier to take the couch so that padme and I could sleep in their bed, but after their intense scene I thought it would be more polite to let him have his own bed. I also felt like I wanted to do some writing in my paper journal before I went to sleep, and I didn’t want to keep padme awake or seem rude. After they were upstairs in bed I scratched out a few pages of thoughts on the party that evening, and then fell asleep on the couch, which was very comfortable.

As an aside, it is funny to me in hindsight that I felt super comfortable around Master Anakin, even though I’d never met him before. I didn’t feel the least bit awkward walking around the house in just panties and a tank top (hopefully that didn’t make him feel awkward either). It’s just interesting how well I feel I know him after being best friends with his wife for so long and hearing so much about him, and talking online and on the phone a few times over the years.

Sunday morning came bright and early! Master Anakin made us some of the most delicious eggs I’ve ever eaten, and padme enjoyed a rare treat of not having to cook. It was just lovely sitting around the table having breakfast and coffee with them. One of my favorite moments of the trip really.

We all got cleaned up and dressed and I packed up my things. They wanted to take me to White Rock Beach before dropping me off at the airport that afternoon. The drive there was really nice, and just as I had wished, it was the one beautiful sunny day I had there. The whole time I had been saying that “I don’t care if it rains the whole time, as long as it’s nice on Sunday” because I really wanted to enjoy the beach. It was even warm enough to wear just a t-shirt.

They took me down to the pier and I looked out on the ocean. Even though I’d seen it other times on my trip, this was the first time I was close to it. “You know I haven’t seen the ocean in 10 years” I mentioned as we walked along. I actually hadn’t even realised that until just then. It made me sad in a way, because I love the ocean, I always have, and yet I rarely ever get to see it. Someday I’m going to live next to it though, it’s on my list.

The First Time I Have Seen The Ocean In 10 Years

Near the pier were a pair of seagulls, and one of them (the brown one) was really squawking and kept swimming in front of the other one and getting in his face and biting/pecking him. We watched them for a minute and then I said “Look, she’s hassling him, HA HA. Hmmm, reminds me of another brat I know” and I shot a meaningful look at padme. We all laughed at that, and padme gave me a hard time about getting her in trouble with Master Anakin a few times recently.

She's Nagging Him

We took tons of photos. Master Anakin even snapped a picture of me taking a picture, which is so funny to me. He also took a picture of me the day before sending a photo to Aiden on my cell phone, LOL. I really appreciated that actually because I’m usually always the one holding the camera, so I hardly ever have photos of myself.

White Rock Beach

The Beach

He took pictures of padme and I together at the pier. Then we went down to the beach and strolled along. They helped me collect shells and pretty rocks to take home with me.

529. Collect sea shells on the beach

Grooves In The Sand


After The Tide

It was a really wonderful time, and I never wanted it to end. I think I would be at the beach all the time if I lived closer. There is something so calming about the air and the waves.

After our walk on the beach we went for fish n chips at a place right there by the pier. The food was excellent, and we had a great conversation over our lunch. I knew it was getting closer to when I had to go, and as much as I missed Jack and Aiden and the kids, I was very sad to be leaving. I love Vancouver, I wish I could have stayed longer, but had my favorite people there too. Maybe some other time.

When we arrived at the airport some time later, they came in with me and we had a coffee together and watched the planes landing and taking off. Padme and I were both a little quieter, and the mood was a little sadder. Eventually they needed to go pick up their kiddos and I needed to get to my gate. We hugged goodbye, and I thanked them both profusely for their hospitality, and that was that. I went through security without issue and found my departure area. It seemed unreal that I was leaving when in many ways it felt like I’d only just gotten there. I missed padme and my siblings already, and it was painful to go.

The flight home was nice enough. I did some reading, worked on some writing for Aiden, and napped a little. When I landed in Toronto, I was glad that my luggage came down quickly. Aiden was waiting for me at the gate, although he had his back to the door, so I was able to sneak up and pinch his bum before he realized I was there.

It was so much colder in Toronto! I told him about my trip during the drive to my house, and then we talked about what he’d gotten up to over the weekend. I was happy to see him again, and I couldn’t wait to see Jack and the kids and my hounds.

I had such a good time on my trip, and I hope I don’t have to wait long to get back to Vancouver and the mountains and the ocean.

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  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    I really loved reading your blog post and remembering your trip out to Van. We sure squeezed a lot into your 24 hours that you were here. We had so many places we wanted to show you. There are tons more the next time you come back. Van is a beautiful city to live in. I’ve lived here my whole life and I love the beach and mountains. I was so happy to be able to show you a few of my favorite places like Stanley park and the Lookout and also White Rock.

    There was a few really special moments for me also. I really enjoyed having fish n chips all together in White Rock looking out at the ocean. I also enjoyed our breakfast that morning. Sushi was awesome too! I was very sad to see you go. It took me several days to come down from your trip here.

    Master Anakin loves to take pictures so I wasn’t surprised he took many of you and also of us together. I have printed my favorite picture of us together and hope to put it into a frame. We weren’t able to get that done in Toronto so that was really nice to have this time when we got together.

    We’ve had some really great memories together through the years. My trip to Toronto…your trip to Van…I will always remember them. You are my very best friend and I wish you didn’t live so far away but when we do see each other, we are able to really enjoy the moments we have. Having coffee with you in person is always one of my favorite moments. :)

    I’m glad we were able to help you cross something off your bucket list. Next time we’ll take you to the wooden roller coaster at playland and you can cross that off!

    I really enjoyed your post and reading about the trip.

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