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Durex: Because You Don’t Know Where She’s Been

October has been a great month for sexy fun. I’ve been well-beaten and bruised several times over, each incident better than the last!

It mostly began Thanksgiving weekend, after we’d had our fill of turkey. Deja got out her violet wand and used it on Jack, and then let Jack use it on me, which he seemed to enjoy a great deal.

Then it was time for some cupping! I’d never tried cupping before, and Jack seemed very interested. I stripped down and Deja coated my back in massage oil. She applied the first cup and I was caught off-guard by how painful it was. I hadn’t expected it to hurt so intensely. She used the type of cups which are made from plastic, with a one-way valve at the top. You attach a handle to said valve and use it to suck the air from the cup, creating a vacuum that draws the skin into the cup, pulling blood to the surface and creating very deep bruising. There are other cupping sets available which are glass globes, you wipe the inside with alcohol, light it on fire, and then quickly apply the cup to the back. The fire burns up the oxygen, creating a vacuum that is less severe than the manual pump cups.

Cupping On My Back

She encouraged Jack to give it a try. He quite giddily applied cups to my ass and lower back, getting FAR more enjoyment from the experience than I was.


Then Deja did the most horrifying thing ever. She wiggled one of the cups and then slid it across my skin, making me howl with pain. It felt like she’d sliced me open, and then the pain was in a new spot. There aren’t any photos of it, but there were ‘trail’ marks on my back from where she had moved the cups.

It didn’t take me long to hit my limit, and I begged for them to remove the cups. Deja obliged, grudgingly, but not before she slid a few more of them around for good measure.

Jack was thrilled, and now insists that if I want a violet wand, he must also have a cupping set.

Things were quiet for a couple of weeks, until The Everything To Do With Sex Show last Saturday. Jack and I had plans to go on Saturday evening, and I had offered to ’stunt bottom’ to Deja in the dungeon for a while.

I loath going to the show on weekends, because it’s always packed with people! This year was no exception. It was crowded, and I found it difficult to really look at anything.

Since I’ll use any excuse to dress up, I wore a long PVC skirt, which has slits up to mid-thigh on both side. I paired that with a pair of knee high boots and a blue silky top that looks like lingerie. I also wore a pair of cuffs, but didn’t bother with any panties.

Jack and I looked around for a while, browsing past most of the traditional sex toy booths, since we have plenty of that stuff around here. I did find a couple of really hot bras at Maximum Woman (which is where you have to shop when you have ‘plus sized’ breasts). Jack insisted I get them for myself, and I am glad he did, since I am short on attractive bras.

New Bra

Since I needed to wear panties for the dungeon demo, I also picked up a couple of pairs of those, including these, which I thought were too cute.


Aside from the underwear, the only toy I bought at the show was this whippy crop, which I hope will get some use in the very near future.


Once we’d seen everything we wanted to see, I met up with Deja in the dungeon. I was giddy, but nervous, especially since there was a considerable crowd in there (at least 50 people). She knew that I was feeling a bit awkward, and assured me that she would blindfold me to help with the stripping down in public like that.

We were setting up to play on the cross, which was situated close to a speaker, so I wouldn’t be able to hear anything going on behind us. I was grateful for that as I wriggled out of my skirt, took off my top and bra, and stood beside the cross in my boots and panties. She clipped me to the rings and then started warming me up. I did my best not to think about all of the people watching me. I really wanted it to be a good scene.

I don’t clearly remember the order of things. It wasn’t an especially hard scene, although it must have lasted at least half an hour. There were points where I hollered, where she flogged me so hard it took my breath away, and where I yelped in pain. It was our first ‘real’ scene together, and she was wonderful about checking in with me (especially since she wouldn’t have heard me safeword over the pounding music). She ran her nails over me, many times, and pulled my hair.

Meanwhile Jack was watching from the audience. During the flogging a girl in front of him remarked to her friend “There is no way she is enjoying that” to which Jack volunteered “Oh trust me, she’s enjoying it very much.” The girls looked at him with some confusion, so he explained that I was his wife and that I did indeed like being beaten on.

Deja informed me that the climax of the scene was about to begin, and then she laid into me with two floggers at once. I grunted and strained against the cross. Before I really got my wits about me, it was over and Deja was unhooking me and cursing herself for not having brought a blanket. I wanted to suggest that she ask Jack for his coat, but my brain and my mouth couldn’t seem to get coordinated enough for the effort. She forced me to sit down and then allowed me to get dressed while I pulled myself together. I had some water and exchanged looks with Jack, feeling very happy with how the scene had gone.

When finally I felt steady I went to the rope which seperated the crowd from the equipment and gave Jack a kiss. A man standing nearby, who had been watching with interest, asked me if I was alright. I said that I was, and then he asked if it had hurt. It did, I told him, but in a good way. Obviously, since I was grinning like an idiot.

I thanked Deja for the scene, gave her a hug and a kiss, and then Jack and I wandered over to the foodcourt to grab something to eat.  He told me how very proud he was of me for being so brave.  He knows how I have struggled for years with body issues and insecurity.  It was a serious stretch for me, but I think I am finally starting to find my way into feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

My tank top did nothing to hide the welts that Deja had raised on my back with a particularly stingy flogger of hers.

Sex Show Stripes


After another look around I picked up a couple of chocolate penis’ for V and I, as is our Sex Show tradition. Then, tired but satisfied, we headed home. I had V snap a pic of the welts on my rear end before bed.

Sex Show Welts

It was a good show this year. Better than the one V and I went to last year here in Toronto. Maybe that’s just because I got to play this year ;)  The goodie bags left something to be desired (unlike last year, which was great) and as I said, the crowds made me crazy, but all in all, a good time was had.

One Response to “Durex: Because You Don’t Know Where She’s Been”

  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    I really enjoyed your post and I LOVED your pictures!! It sounds like you had a great weekend and lots of fun at the Sex show. I love those cute panties you bought. So adorable! The whippy crop looks like a lot of fun too! :) I’m glad you got to try cupping. I’ve done that before and it’s pretty intense and a neat sensation! Thank you for sharing your pictures. Very hawt!!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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