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Before I regale you with delicious tales of nudity, debauchery, and hot midnight fucking, I’m going to conclude the photo/list series regarding the visit from my friend.  I know, I know, you want the sex, but these posts are more or less for my own benefit, so that years from now I can look back fondly and remember the fun we had while she was here.

One of the days she was here found us in downtown Toronto on a land and water tour courtesy of The Hippo, which is an amphibious bus designed to give you a unique look at the city.

The Hippo

We had a really good time on the tour, the guide was casual yet informative, and I learned some new things about Toronto.  Going into the water was a lot of fun, and I think we both enjoyed the experience very much.

474. Take a guided tour of Toronto


Once we’d finished the Hippo Tour, we grabbed a sandwich at Richtree Market, and then sauntered over to Queen Street to do a little shopping.  I found a really nice pair of earrings, locally made, out of aluminum no less, and my friend got a pendant that she’d been hunting for.

We also happened across a portion of Canada’s Walk Of Fame, on our way back to the truck.  I snapped a few pics for Jack, whom hadn’t been by there before.  If we hadn’t been in a hurry we probably would have walked all the way around the building to see the rest of it.

Canada's Walk Of Fame

Diana Krall

We also toured the country extensively, and spent some time out at Elora Gorge taking photos of leaves and birds and of course, the water falls.

Changing Colors


Elora Gorge

477. Visit the Elora Gorge




Upon seeing the swans in the photo above, in the exact pose shown, my daughter remarked “Oh look! They make a heart! That must mean that they are in love.” It was adorable.

At The Lake

More Leaves

Covered Bridge

I was so glad to have my friend here for a week, even though she’s vanilla. It was a blast to play tour guide and a great excuse to give my camera a workout and capture some of the beauty of Ontario in autumn.

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