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Rock Me Mama Like A South Bound Train

Yesterday morning Nia came over to watch the young ones while V and I went shopping with Varick.  More specifically, to a leather store, in the hopes of finding him some suitable fet wear for this weekend.

That earthy smell of tanned animal skin nearly knocks you over at the door.  I just love that smell, because I generally associate leather with bondage, which I associate with being beaten on, which makes me happy.

V wandered off to try on some jackets while Varick and I looked over the leather pants.  I picked out a couple of pairs and sent him to try them on.

He was a good sport, and I must have made him put on half a dozen pairs of them.  None of them fit right, which isn’t too surprising since (A) it wasn’t a fet wear store per sae (B) he is shorter and really slender.  Not shorter as in shorter than me, but shorter as in shorter than most males.  Plus the cut of the leather pants was designed to provide comfort while riding a motorcycle, not for prancing around at kink events.  They were too big in the ass, or too loose in the thighs, or whatever else.  It was disappointing.

We gave up and decided to grab lunch before we dropped him off and went home.  There was a really cute little cafe where we stopped for a bite.  I could tell that V was less put off by him than she had been the first time they met, which was a relief.  I really appreciate having her support and encouragement while he and I work at sorting ourselves out.

Nothing heavy was discussed, and although he wasn’t his ‘usual self’ he certainly was a lot better.

Tonight we are going to Forbidden, and I am really excited.  Yesterday V and I stopped by Wal-Mart so I could pick up a few things for camping.  Such as bug repellent and a set of mini speakers for the iPod so that we can have music out in the woods.  I am charging up my phone, camera, and GPS in preparation.  This morning Jack helped me lug one of my big storage lockers, full of bondage gear and the like, down from our room and into the back of the van.  According to Varick, Deja has a number of items on the list to teach him this weekend, so in his words, I am in for ‘quite a workout’.

Later today I am picking up groceries for camping.  Varick just told me to get whatever I liked and he’d split the cost with me, so I have a rough meal plan figured out which should suit him just fine (he’s a tad picky that one).  I’m going to ask him to pitch in for gas as well, since I am bringing ALL the equipment.  I am also seriously suppressing my usual penchant for feeding everyone within five miles.  Usually I bring enough food for 30 people, but I have promised myself that I will only bring reasonable quantities, and only as much as I think Varick and I will eat in two days.  You have no idea how difficult this is for me, since I often like to make extra in case people wander over to be fed.

At any rate, this weekend should give me a much better idea as to where things are going with Varick and I, if anywhere.

I won’t be posting this weekend, but I am taking my phone, so I shall see about Twittering as much as I can.  I will probably be tied up a good portion of the time there (both literally and figuratively) but I shall do what I can to keep you all posted!

One Response to “Rock Me Mama Like A South Bound Train”

  1. RupertNo Gravatar Says:

    Have a great time!!! Don’t get too skeeter bit!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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