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Shasta & V Do America - Day Six & Seven

As much fun as we had in Chicago, we were glad to get the hell out of there (as far as traffic went).  We paid FOUR TOLLS on the way out, damn them.

We didn’t see a lot between Chicago and Michigan, where we camped that last night.  Passing Climax was amusing, as was driving though Kalamazoo (I didn’t actually get any photos). Of course it wouldn’t be America without more pylons.

298. Visit Kalamazoo




If Only It Was So Easy To Find...

Interstate 69

We camped out at a KOA outside of Flint that evening. Since we didn’t have far to go the following day, we decided to have some fun. We drove into Holly and ended up at a little bar and grill. There was about a dozen locals inside, all of them mostly loaded, and very friendly. We had some food and some drinks and even danced a little.

A far older man made a pass at us and hinted at getting an invite out to our campsite. That made us pretty uncomfortable, so we left right away, since we had plenty of mix and gin for the evening.


After some struggling, we got a fire started (we were unprepared really for proper fire building) and mixed some drinks and proceeded to get completely loaded. There was a playground right across from where we were camped, so we thought it would be fun to go try out this weird teeter-totter. Basically it was shaped like a half-moon and you stood on either end and by shifting your weight forward or back, you made it go up and down.

Drunk girls+teeter-tottering=interesting times

I think I nearly bounced V off her end a few times, with my enthusiastic leaning.

Then I decided to try out the slide. There was a huge puddle at the bottom of it (there was actually three slides together) but I didn’t care. I think V tried to scoop some of the water off before I went down, but it didn’t help much.

V decided to come down the second time, and I took a different slide with plenty of water at the bottom. I was wearing this long white skirt, and I mustn’t have been paying much attention at the end because I slid right off the bottom and landed on my ass in the dirt (mud).

Well, that was the end of that. My feet were coated with dirt and my skirt was soaked and filthy. We were giggling like idiots the entire time of course.

V suggested I just strip off the skirt and sit by the fire in my panties. But I wasn’t wearing any panties, so I figured what the hell and just sat there with no bottoms at all. We were so drunk we didn’t even care, LOL. V took a photo of my bare ass, covered in dirt and debris, but I don’t know yet if I will ever post it. Maybe if you are really lucky ;)

I rinsed off my feet and legs with some water and we laughed by the fire into the wee hours. Eventually we were about ready to pass out and drug ourselves off to bed. I hardly even remember crawling into my sleeping bag, and V was way drunker than I, and tossed and turned most of the night.

We woke up the next day feeling pretty sluggish. I think we were both so relieved that we were almost home.

V went to take a shower and I packed up some of our things. It felt like we were moving in slow motion but we got everything loaded and off we went. We stopped in Holly to get subs and then headed back to the interstate.

The remainder of the drive out of Michigan was uneventful and we were so relieved to finally see a sign for the Canadian border.

Almost Home!!!

Bridge To Canada

Getting Into Canada

They practically waved us through immediately at the customs stop. They only asked where we had come from and checked our ID’s and asked what we bought in America. I was glad that they didn’t bother detaining us or anything unpleasant. We were both pretty tired and just wanted to get to the house and relax.

I coaxed Varick over to help us unload the trailer, which didn’t take us too long. We had supper together and forced him to watch Mary Poppins with us before bed. He complained a fair bit, which I think annoyed V. She’s not exactly keen on him, but that’s a story for another post.

It was quite the trek we took. Seven states in as many days, camping most of the way, with a ferret and a u-haul. Pretty much all of our memories are good ones, even the scary moments when the wind in Wyoming threatened to blow us into the ditch, and the traffic in Chicago which was insane, even by my standards (and I drive in Toronto all the time).

All in all it was a most excellent adventure, although not one I’d like to repeat any time in the near future. Thank you America for your hospitality and cheap gas. Although we did end up with hives, so fuck you Michigan.


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