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Real Friends Let You Draw On Them (And Light Them On Fire)

I can’t get up the gumption to write much about the days before I left Ontario, but I figure I should at least record the fire play incident, if only for posterity.

Mz. F and Varick accompanied me on Thursday evening (June 26th) to Deja’s house, to watch Secretary and do a little fire play.

Due to Jack’s feelings on the safety of fire play, I regrettably had to bow out of being the practice subject for Varick’s lesson. Fortunately, a friend of Deja’s was willing to put his naked body on the line so that Varick could learn.

Mz. F and I sat on the floor in Deja’s dungeon, while preparations were made. Deja has loads of experience with such things, and the casual attitude with which she handles it all certainly put all of us at ease.

The session began, Mz. F and I observing wide-eyed. If you ever get the opportunity to witness fire play in action, do it. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before.

Varick was extremely nervous at first, and who can blame him? He reluctantly took one of the wands from Deja and gave it a go, and I must say, he did quite well. His confidence grew as both of them applied the alcohol and lit it afire in tandem. It was an interesting and amazing sight.

I’ll admit I was deeply envious of the man on the table. Mz. F encouraged me to give it a try, even against Jack’s wishes, and a couple of times offered to call him to assure him that it is safe.

I could tell that Deja was feeling badly for me, so she beckoned me over and offered to do a little strip on the inside of my arm. I really didn’t think that was a big deal, since I’d done that myself a ton of times back in junior high with hairspray and a lighter (we were often bored, LOL). She used the wand to paint a stripe of alcohol on my skin, and then she lit the wand and waved it over my arm, swooping over the trail of flames as soon as it lit. She did that several times over until all of the alcohol had been burned off. I imagine how the sensation would feel on my stomach, breasts, back, and ass. Mmmmmm. It didn’t burn at all, the final swipe was quite warm, but my skin wasn’t even red afterwards.

419. Try fire play

Deja coaxed Mz. F into getting a little on her arm as well, and she seemed just as enamored as I was. I hope that some day Jack might come around and allow me to experience a little more in the way of fire play, but I certainly won’t push my luck again and just go ahead without asking him.

After the scene was finished Deja gave Mz. F a bit of a demo with the violet wand, which she totally fell in love with. We spent the better part of half an hour playing with that.

Unfortunately Varick and I didn’t get to play at all, due to how late it was. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement, but at least I was able to cross something off of my list.

When I talked to Jack later that evening about the fire play he was quite angry with me, and understandably so. I hadn’t really thought that just a little on the arm would be a big deal, but as he pointed out even breaking the rules a little bit is still wrong, regardless.

I became angry because it seems as though my judgment of the situation isn’t enough for him. I was insulted that he felt I would knowingly engage in something very dangerous just for thrills. I just wanted him to see that it’s not nearly as bad as he thinks it is.

We have of course worked that out since, although he’s still not thrilled over the idea and I don’t intend to dabble again until I have his permission to do so.

It was an interesting experience none the less and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be my last ;)

One Response to “Real Friends Let You Draw On Them (And Light Them On Fire)”

  1. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    I have always been curious about fire play. Thank you for sharing your experience with it. Hopefully one day I will be able to experience something like that. I really should put that on my bucket list. :)
    love padme

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