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I’ll Be Their Unicorn Any Day

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Jack and I ended up having to postpone our dinner plans at Susur until later this week.  It was unfortunate, but not nearly the end of the world since we are indeed still going for supper there, we just have to wait a few days longer to do so.  It’s actually worked out for the best because I am getting over a head cold and if I’m going to spend $140 on a meal, I’d like to be able to taste it.

I apologise as well for the password protected entry that I posted some days ago.  I really do not intend to make a habit of such things, because I really enjoy being able to share parts of my life with all of you.  That said, there were times over the past 2.5 years when I was unable to blog about particular people or topics due to the sensitive nature of the circumstances or individuals.  This was distressing to me, because at the end of the day, blogging is something I do for myself, to work through thoughts or feelings, or even to keep an accurate recounting of events.  Jack and I often refer back on the blog where there is discussion about a certain time or place and we can’t remember what or when, we’ve even used it to figure out who was driving the vehicle when one of those pesky photo radar speeding tickets arrived in the mail.  Perhaps this doesn’t mean much to anyone who doesn’t blog, but for me being unable to retell certain feelings or events due to people in my life who would read it means that there were a lot of really important words I never managed to type out. 

Yes, I could have kept them as separate word documents or even written them in my paper journal, but for some reason that just never materialized.  Would it have under different circumstances?  Had I been able to blog about it more openly would I have gotten around to really doing so?  Maybe, maybe not.  The point is that the option wasn’t always there, and now that I have moved (to Wordpress publishing tools with paid hosting) I have a way to write what is on my mind and sometimes keep it to myself.  I don’t do this to exclude everyone, and if you feel strongly enough about reading it you’re welcome to e-mail me about getting a password.  I promise I won’t do it often, since that’s not what this site is about, but I can’t promise I’ll never take advantage of that particular option.

On to more interesting tales now that I’ve cleared that up :)

Last night Nia and I went to another Sex Party at Goodhandy’s.  We met up with her playmate, who clearly needs a name I’m thinking, before we went to the bar, since things never really get going until after 10pm.  Before I continue lets come up with something to call said female friend…hmmm…Flavia.  Makes me think of flavour, which I’m sure she has since Nia spends so much time between her legs.  Hee Hee

So Nia and Flavia and myself arrived at Goodhandy’s and were immediately greeted by Todd, who remarked that now the party could really get started (since the party girls had arrived!  Woot!).  We got drinks and he encouraged us to go and watch the two very attractive young male models/porn stars who were masturbating on either side of the stage.  Being quite keen to encourage them we did just that.  An ex-boyfriend of Nia’s from years and years ago also decided to join us on our night out, although I’m not going to bother giving him a name at this point, so we’ll just call him Nia’s ex.  The four of us sat and chatted, and enjoyed our drinks, us girls frequently gazing at the naked eye candy on stage.  While we were sitting there the lovely couple whom I played with at the last party came in to the club.  They saw me right away and came over to give me hugs and say hello.  She was wearing this very hot corset and I remarked on how fabulous she looked.  I was hopeful that they would be inclined to play again later in the evening but I didn’t want to be pushy.  We agreed to run into each other again later, and off they went.

Meanwhile Flavia and Nia and the ex-boyfriend decided to kick off the spontaneous orgy, or at least a very hot and public threesome for the enjoyment of the crowd.  Some of the males who were watching got a little close, and had to be asked to back off a bit, but nobody had to be thrown out.  Todd is particularly protective of anyone who chooses to play and asked me to let him know immediately if anyone was being bothersome to our group.  In fact throughout the night the bouncers approached me several times to ensure that none of us were being harassed.  It really adds to the atmosphere when you know that you can be comfortable and that the staff there take their jobs very seriously when it comes to ensuring that everyone is well behaved.

One of the male models, who had since put on at least some of his clothes, approached me and introduced himself.  He was really, really attractive, and I was very tempted to accept his invitation to get naked with him.  As much as I wanted to say yes, especially when he asked so charmingly in that yummy accent of his, I politely declined.  Don’t ask me why, I just wasn’t in the right state of mind I suppose, and having intercourse with strange men is not generally a service I provide, no matter how gorgeous they are.

He wasn’t the only one I turned down.  Another of the regular models/porn stars, who was clearly drunk, approached me as well, introducing himself and asking if I wanted to play with him.  I let him kiss me a little before I said no.  Even though he was adorable I don’t like to fuck drunk boys, especially as I said above, drunk boys I don’t know.

The male half of the couple I mentioned early happened to be standing next to me at the bar sometime later in the evening, and leaned over to ask me a question.  The conversation went like this:

Him: So my girlfriend wants to know if we’re going to have Round 2 tonight?

Me: I don’t really know that it’s up to me actually (meaning it was up to them) but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t say no.

Him: Alright, I’ll tell her that

Then I smiled and returned to my friends, expecting to see them sometime shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately I didn’t, although they caught up to me as they were leaving, and after giving me hugs she remarked that she hoped I could play next time.  Confused I said that I could have played, but had assumed they didn’t want to.  He seemed surprised and asked me to clarify what I had said at the bar.  When I told him that I’d meant to imply it was up to them, there were groans of disappointment all around.  We had a bit of a laugh about it, although clearly we were all quite sad that the miscommunication had prevented a good time for all.

“We’ve been talking about you for the past 29 days!” he remarked, smiling but obviously a tad frustrated over the entire situation.  I reassured them, her in particular, that I had certainly not intended to reject that and that certainly I had been eager to play.  Turns out neither of us wanted to be pushy about anything, and in the process, had missed out.

She gave me her number and I promised that I would make my very best effort to attend the next party that they are able to come to as well (which unfortunately isn’t until the end of June, due to other life commitments they have).  We wished each other a good night and they left, followed shortly by the four of us.  Nia was staying in Toronto with Flavia, and I assumed her ex was as well, so I bid them farewell and drove home to my husband, falling into bed exhausted sometime around 4am.

The entire way home I stewed with annoyance over the missed opportunity, and debated in my head the proper thing to do at this juncture.  She gave me her cell number, which I didn’t ask for, she offered.  I really want to call her in a day or two and apologise again for the miscommunication, and assure her that I wasn’t rejecting them.  Then I kind of want to ask if they ever play away from Goodhandy’s?  Like could we all meet up for coffee or something and maybe get to know each other better?

Advice please!  I have no idea what the best course of action is in this situation.  I really, really want to see them again, since I find both of them very attractive (now that I had a chance to get a good look at him).  To any couples out there who are swingers or poly, what would you like a girl you are clearly interested in to do if she and you were in this situation?  The future of my interaction with them, and thus the potential for more hot stories about our fun, depends on you.

Today was a day for relaxation and recovery.  Jack took the kids and I into Mississauga to go to the new Earl’s restaurant that just opened there.  Earl’s was one of our all time favorite places back in Alberta, so we were very excited to hear that one was being opened in Square One Mall this month.

Before we had dinner Jack indulged me with a shopping spree at Lush.  I picked up a couple of small chunks of Ice Blue and Sea Vegetable soaps, which I have heard are good for dreads, so that I could try them both and see which one I like better.  After some more browsing I decided to pick up a couple of their massage bars, which I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet.  When you buy two of them you get a free tin to keep them in, so I went with Wiccy Magic Muscles (for all those sore spots after hitting the gym) and Fever, for those sensual massages I sometimes give to Jack before bed.  Yum!  The girls who worked there recommended I try the Mask Of Magnamintywhen I enquired about trying something new for my skin.  I wouldn’t say that I am prone to breakouts all the time, but I certainly notice them more before my period, so this is apparently just the treatment to have on hand for those times.  No visit to Lush is complete without picking up some bath bombs for the mammoth tub we have.  This time I picked up a Sex Bomb(so good, one of my favs) a couple of Waving Not Drowning and an All That Jaz.  I had to pry myself out of there before I really got out of hand, but I was very pleased when I left with my bag of goodies.

Dinner was really yummy, and afterwards we took the young ones for ice cream.  It was actually a really nice way to end the weekend.  I think I’m going to have a nice hot shower before crawling into bed tonight, since I’ve spent to much time writing about the weekend, and eaten up all the time I had intended to use for having a bath.

This week I am hitting the gym every day, and Thursday night is Susur.  I’m planning to call that nice couple once you guys give me some feedback on how to handle that conversation :P  Or even if you don’t, LOL, since I don’t want to miss out again.  Should be a fairly quiet week overall, and I’ll keep you posted on developments for next weekend!

4 Responses to “I’ll Be Their Unicorn Any Day”

  1. AdamNo Gravatar Says:

    Ooh, I know this one! In the swinger lifestyle, you’d be what almost every couple is looking for. That is, the single lady that isn’t interested in stealing somebody’s husband.

    My best advice from stories I’ve heard (since we’ve never met our Unicorn) would be to do exactly what you mentioned, call the number she provided. Unless the situation is unusual, the guy isn’t really going to be much in the conversation except to give the expected approval of whatever the ladies cook up. Swingers pretty much always say that the ladies make the rules. Since you would be talking with the wife directly, that cleans out a lot of the awkwardness.

    The only thing I can think that might get in the way is if they only play at the club. We’ve met some couples that do that. In that case, patience may be a virtue.

    By calling you’ll at the very least be showing your sincerity.

    Otherwise, just be a friend to them both, but especially her. My wife really enjoys the connection that she makes with women that are in non-traditional relationships, since we aren’t either. Instant camaraderie and understanding all around.

    Really, “dating” with a couple isn’t any different that with one person. It’s always about being yourself, and being considerate and honest to the people you’re with. You just have to keep the feelings and needs of both in mind when making decisions, which can be hard if anyone isn’t communicating (or if the communication isn’t getting through, like at the club).

    So there’s my 2¢ worth, from our experience. I wish you luck and am terribly jealous of the couple!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. niaNo Gravatar Says:

    call her!!! do it soon! absolutely!

    if nothing else sweetie, to make sure she is absolutely clear that you have been talking about and enjoying again and again in your mind the fun you had with them the first night you met, and how ecstatic you are to have run into them again!

    definitely make a date. even if they only play at the club, let her know how important it is that you make sure next time you meet there is no miscommunication, and that your dear friends nia and flavia be able to see her spectacular bum while her face is in your lap :D

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  3. padme amidalaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Shasta,
    I think you should give her a call. You never know until you try. :) I’m glad to hear that Goodhandy’s was so much fun. I can’t wait to go there in June for a party. :) I can’t wait to hear how Susur goes too for you. I know you were really excited about going there.
    I think it’s neat you can write password protected posts. I’m a bit jealous because I don’t think blogger allows you to do something like that. I can think of many times I wanted to post but couldn’t because I wanted to make it private.
    Hope your having a good day!
    padme amidala

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  4. JadeNo Gravatar Says:

    I don’t swing, but I do agree with the others! Call her!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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