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Aneros MGX Prostate Massager Review

I am really excited about this review, even though the toy wasn’t for me. I am enjoying featuring more male-oriented toys for my guy readers (and their wives/girlfriends/boyfriends). These toys make great gifts for that special man in your life! Thank you for making this review possible.

Now for something totally interesting and fabulous. Many of us know how enjoyable prostate stimulation can be for men. Not all men mind you, but most of them really get off on it. There are a lot of toys out there designed to stimulate that important part of a guy, but this one is really exceptional. Developed by scientists specifically for hands-free prostate and perineum stimulation. The shape of the end is deceptive, as it appears to be a long, curly handle. This is not the case, in fact they warn you not to use this toy manually, but the way it was intended. The end is specially designed for perineum stimulation, and to make insertion and removal easy.

The Aneros MGX works with the male version of kegel muscles. Once the toy is inserted you are to clench and release the muscles involved in stopping the flow of pee, and/or the muscles involved in having a bowel movement. Doing so moves the curved end of the toy against your prostate and rhythmically puts pressure on your perineum. The resulting sensation is incredible.

It takes some practice to get used to it. However with continued use your muscle control will improve. This has several benefits. Not only will you have better control over the toy and the stimulation it provides, but also strengthening of the kegel muscles will improve your endurance during sex and your ability to delay ejaculation.

Besides using the Aneros during masturbation, we also tried it during sex (specifically me on top). While Jack found it somewhat distracting to remember to clench and release while I was rockin’ away on his cock, he said that with more experience and practice this toy would be a brilliant addition to intercourse. I think that most positions, which do not involve the man sitting up or otherwise putting pressure on his buttocks, would be appropriate while using this toy.

The Aneros comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. While Jack personally found the MGX a little small (as someone with more anal experience) I think it would be the ideal size for someone new to anal play and prostate stimulation.

Cleaning is easy, just a little antibacterial soap and water. The Aneros is made out of a totally safe plastic material, and doesn’t have any hard to clean grooves, nooks, or crannies.

Here is a hot little video of the Aneros in use! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did :P

Women may also enjoy this toy, although it won’t provide the same sort of pleasure (women lack a prostate of course, and their perineum is not as sensitive). However, if you buy one for your lover and you are curious about anal play it would make a wonderful and gentle beginner toy.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

4 Responses to “Aneros MGX Prostate Massager Review”

  1. padme amidala Says:

    Interesting review, Shasta. :) This sounds like it would be a good toy for Master Anakin. I’ll have to add it to the christmas and birthday list for him.
    I’m really glad we have chatted today. You’ve been on my mind a lot. ;)
    padme amidala

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. Hardin Says:

    I haven’t tried the toy, but I do want to encourage you men out there to work out your muscles by doing the Kegel exercise. The PC muscles control the angle of your erection, and if you let them get soft and flabby you’ll find your cock will soon become the same way. Train yourself to squeeze the muscles when you’re sitting or standing and not doing anything–waiting for a stop light or standing on an elevator. You’ll notice a difference!

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow…That vid makes it look awesome. Do you know the person who did this video ? I’ll give it a twirl or should I say SQUEEZE, RELEASE, SQUEEZE RELEASE…… etc.. After using it as far as orgasm what then if you keep at it ? Does your hard on remain ??
    I just have to save up my South African rands to afford one of these and then wait for delivery to Africa…;->

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  4. Shasta Gibson Says:


    No I don’t know the person in this vid. It was sent to me by the retailer that sent me the toy. If you wish to continue using it after you orgasm, you may. It will not magically keep your penis erect however.

    Please come back and let me know what you think of it after you try it! There are several sizes and shapes of Aneros prostate massagers you can chose from by the way so make sure to check those out and pick one that suits you best.


    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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