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Head Honcho Masturbator Review

Head Honcho MasturbatorWell boys and girls (mostly boys and girls with boys in need of toys) I bring you another guys sex toy review. This toy arrived courtesy of Pleasure Me Now, much to Jack’s delight. The Head Honcho is their best selling masturbator sleeve, so we were eager to try it out and see if it lives up to it’s popular reputation.

The Head Honcho is made out of clear jelly. Personally, I am not a big fan of jelly toys. They have a tendency to become ‘milky’ which means they have reached their best before date. Generally they come equipped with a funky smell and a slimy feel.

However, a good washing with antibacterial soap will take care of the smell and the feel, and taking good care of it will lengthen it’s life span.

Cock Shot!After it arrived I washed this toy good, inside and out, and noticed a small problem with it. There is an opening at one end (for insertion of the penis of course) and the other end is closed. I left it to dry overnight only to find plenty of water droplets left inside. This is a bad thing because it can cause a stale smell inside, possibly bacteria growth and mildew as well! Yuck!

Solution? Turn it inside out after washing to allow the inside to dry. Then flip it back right-side in and let the outside dry well before putting it away. Don’t forget to rub a drop of water-based lube all over the surface (inside too) to help prevent drying out, and I recommend storage in a sealed zip-top plastic bag. Make SURE the toy is completely dry before you lube it up and put it away.

All of that aside, how was it??

After I squirted a little lubricant inside for him, Jack slid his penis into it and started pumping away. The end of the toy stretched tight over his cock head on the down stroke, which looked somewhat odd but apparently provided very pleasurable friction and stimulation to the end of his penis.

Self-Love MomentThe inside of the Honcho is sort of ribbed, which makes it feel more realistic. As compared to the Pearl Stroker, Jack found this toy felt more like the real thing. It was tighter around his cock, and the fact that the end isn’t open added to the sensation.

Jack isn’t exactly partial to masturbators, generally preferring to forgo the hassle and mess and just using his hand. However, he enjoyed this toy and felt that using it once and a while for something ‘different’ from the regular self-love routine would be quite nice.

As a woman, if you’re not sure of yourself when giving hand jobs, using one of these can help take some of the pressure off. It’s difficult to squeeze too hard through the thick jelly, and the added stimulation the sleeve provides can spice it up a bit!

It’s also small and light-weight, easy to take travelling (put it in your checked baggage, not your carry-on, to avoid any embarrassment at the security gate).

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

2 Responses to “Head Honcho Masturbator Review”

  1. Cherrie Says:

    Obviously not something I have any experience with, so I asked HArdin. He has a couple of sleeves like this, but he doesn’t care for them, preferring to use his hand for solo entertainment. It’s hard for me to see the advantage of one of these–after all, the hand is made of human skin, and how can jelly replicate that or the warm, smooth feel of a real pussy?

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. Shasta Gibson Says:


    I suspect this product is popular amongst single men who do not have an active sex life. When the ‘real thing’ is not available, and one gets bored of their own hand, a sleeve offers a change of pace.

    That’s my assumption anyway ;)


    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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