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Posted on June 6th, 2007 in Body Mods, Budge That Pudge

Lily PadsThis morning I woke up feeling pretty icky. My throat was sore and I was still tired. Not the best way to start the day.

However, I fixed myself a healthy breakfast and then enjoyed a few cups of lovely English Breakfast loose leaf tea with a little honey and lemon juice. My throat doesn’t hurt now, but it still has that strange ‘thick’ feeling, if you know what I mean.

Ah well, as long as I am better by the weekend so I can get my tattoo finished!

I’ve gotten off to an awesome start with my new eating right and exercise plan. Yesterday I got to do a couple hours of good walking, and this evening I am going to put in one of my Windsor Pilates DVDs. Some people might think pilates is pointless, but if you do it right, man do your muscles ache afterwards!

This Friday I have tentative plans with P, who recently returned from a trip to Greece. I am looking forward to hearing some of the stories from her trip. I am planning on taking her to one of my favorite ‘adult’ stores here in Calgary (or possibly two, depending). That should be a lot of fun. Afterwards we might go for drinks or just grab a coffee somewhere, we shall see.

Saturday I have my tattoo appointment to get it finished. I am really excited about that! Everyone loves the tattoo so far, I’ve gotten a lot of great compliments on it. After that I have been invited to a birthday party (along with V and T and some other friends of mine) but I am not sure that I will go. Jack may want to make plans with friends of his for Saturday night, and that’s perfectly alright with me :)

V might be coming over this evening to visit and likely spend the night. I have some new toys I want to show her!

I’ve got some really neat reviews coming up for the men in my audience so keep an eye out for those ;)

Happy Hump Day!

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